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Who’s Your Beneficiary?

Advice on filing forms detailing the beneficiaries of your federal benefits after your death.

Tax withholding provision sparks uproar among contractors

Language slipped into tax cut package would require government to withhold 3 percent from payments for many goods and services.

Pentagon to track sexual assault responses

Victims will have option of keeping information confidential, and system will not track medical information.

Lawmaker changes position on merger of DHS agencies

Department official says overhaul could create six months to a year of "disruption, mission confusion and organizational churn.”

Report recommends better management of contracting technical staff

Agencies should formally delegate responsibilities to technical side of contracting teams, enhance training, MSPB says.

Former NSA officer alleges illegal activities under Hayden

Hints charges may involve use of space-based satellites and systems to spy on U.S. citizens.

Military bill to help vets move to civilian jobs

Under measure, Labor Department would identify at least 10 military jobs that could translate to civilian sector.

Defense agency unsure when clearance processing will resume

As applications remain stalled, the need for already-cleared workers swells.

House GOP again forced to delay vote on the fiscal 2007 budget

Negotiations will continue through the weekend but window of opportunity is closing.