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Lawmakers poised to pass emergency communications bill

Bill would require DHS to set goals and timeframes for achieving redundant and sustainable systems that work across jurisdictions.

Senator concerned contracting report may have been tainted

Official with ties to subcontractor on fighter jet program took part in discussions on report suggesting procurement strategy.

Forward Observer: Hobson's Choices

Ohio lawmaker manages to kill weapons programs that don’t make sense to him without being called weak on defense.

FEMA outsources identity verification for disaster assistance

Agency also plans to issue checks, rather than debit cards.

Report: Cabinet pay falls compared to senior executives

New GAO study looks at salaries over 36 years and finds a drop of at least 27 percent in Cabinet officials’ pay, adjusted for inflation.

House committee pushes changes to IT security law

Agency CIOs could receive new authority for enforcement.

More nations should get visa waivers, researchers say

Expanding program would reduce consular service needs, helping the State Department save money and resources, panelist argues.