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Army project illustrates promise, shortcomings of data mining

Maverick analysts in 2000 turned up names of some 9/11 hijackers, but methods called into question.

Panel proposes wider use of private baggage screeners

Bill would give airport owners a way around cap on federal screeners.

Treasury telecom provider drops out of contest for new contract

Bids in controversial procurement are due Thursday; Northrop Grumman decides against submitting a proposal.

House panel calls plan for tracking avian flu 'inadequate'

Committee members say the $250 million tagged for tracing the virus overseas where it is emerging falls far short of what’s needed.

Leadership Vacuum

The government is headed for a few years with no one person or political party in true control.

Forward Observer: Homeward Bound?

A withdrawal from Iraq would leave Bush with the challenge of securing adequate funding to back Iraqi forces.

Army poised to cut guard troops to protect core program

Cuts could affect 10,500 troops and save $154 in annual payroll costs, but are likely to generate significant political opposition.