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Budget assumes agencies will collect unlikely amount in fees

Congress may prove reluctant to enact key fee hikes incorporated into the 2007 budget, leaving money even tighter than it appears.

Interior looks at options for expanding offshore drilling

Department proposal seeks to avoid interference with military training and testing.

HUD irks managers with bar on teleworking

Policy forbids employees with supervisory responsibilities from working away from the office; other agencies have less strict rules.

White House unveils list of programs slated for cuts

List of 141 programs facing termination or reduction hits hard at Education, Health and Human Services, and Agriculture departments.

Pentagon to finish personnel system tweaks Friday

Working group is nearly done simplifying performance management system.

Pentagon backs dual leaders in domestic crises

Placing a single person in charge of active-duty and Guard forces is not a good idea in such situations, Defense official says.

Postal overhaul bill finally passes Senate, heads to conference

Negotiations could be contentious; White House objects to language transferring responsibility for $27 billion worth of postal workers' military pensions back to the Treasury.

McCain, others say time is right for new earmark rules

Lobbying scandals said to provide political window for crackdown on spending for legislators' pet projects.

Senators decry slow progress on passenger screening projects

Transportation Security Administration director says comprehensive audit would be necessary to review one system, further delaying it.