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DHS will not seek full appeals court review of labor decision

Department is still weighing whether to ask the Supreme Court to overturn decision rejecting key elements of its new personnel system.

Arbitrator to weigh charge that CBP unfairly denied bonuses

Immigration employees say they have been prevented from taking language proficiency test that could have earned them extra money.

Democrats say TSA lacks adequate screening technology

Congress has increased funding in recent years for improving explosives detection technology.

Industry groups oppose acquisition panel recommendations

Advisory panel is near the end of its charter and may run out of time for debate on new criticism.

Court declines document review request in surveillance case

ACLU had asked the court to make sure the government is not redacting too much information.

Investigators sought former Head Start chief’s prosecution

Ex-official accused of misusing grant money while overseeing a Head Start program in Texas; U.S. attorney’s office declined to prosecute.

Ex-Interior employee pleads guilty for failure to report Abramoff gifts

Gifts included four tickets to a Washington Redskins game and two to a Simon and Garfunkel concert.

Borrowing From Yourself

You can get a low-interest loan from your Thrift Savings Plan account, but you might pay the price in retirement savings.

DHS agencies quick to react to new terror threat

Airport security becomes a multiagency task; TSA implements new rules prohibiting most liquids in carry-on luggage.