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TSA searches for solutions to shore up rail security

In a test program, passengers and baggage at a suburban Maryland rail transit station will be screened for explosives for 30 days.

White House officials call for renewal of anti-terrorism law

Bush administration officials on Tuesday criticized the "misinformation" that has proliferated regarding the 2001 USA PATRIOT Act.

War on terror eclipses homeland security effort

Two and a half years after 9/11, the Bush administration remains primarily focused on waging a war on terrorism abroad. The effort to establish, organize, fund and manage the Homeland Security Department has taken a back seat.

OMB boasts progress in eliminating government waste

In a report to lawmakers released Tuesday, the Bush administration touted agencies' progress at spending taxpayer dollars more efficiently.

House, Senate panels set to take up defense issues

Issues on the table this week include the overall size of military forces and the 2005 round of base closures.

Events will honor federal employees for public service contributions

Military and civilian agencies to host Washington Mall events May 6-9.

Study shows homeland spending boosts other programs

A new report shows that nearly one-third of the money earmarked for homeland security in fiscal 2004 paid for non-homeland security activities.

Los Alamos steps up purchase card oversight

Los Alamos is taking steps to prevent purchase card fraud similar to that exposed by two whistleblowers in the fall of 2002, according to Energy Department investigators.

Congress weighs creating nation-building agency

A bipartisan group of senators makes a push for 250-member civilian "response-readiness corps" that would be deployed on short notice to crisis areas.

Key Democrat plans series of bills on homeland security

A top member of the House Homeland Security Committee presses its Republican members to pass a strong homeland security authorization bill.