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Navy secretary says shipbuilders need long-term focus

Agency plans to build its fleet by more than 30 ships over the next three decades.

Supplemental funding package keeps growing

Senate panel adds money at a rate of $80 million per minute in a two-hour session; exceeds Bush’s request by $15 billion.

Investigators call cargo security program unreliable

Customs and Border Protection bureau lacks evidence that program targeting high-risk containers is effective, GAO says.

Legislators concerned by potential shortfalls in base closure funding

The Army and the Air Force could come up short billions of dollars by the 2011 cutoff for carrying out BRAC recommendations.

Feds see drop in jobs defended against contractors in 2005

Last year’s public-private competitions will save $3.1 billion over five to 10 years, OMB says.

FAA-union negotiations over labor contract stall

The agency's last offer will become final if Congress doesn't intervene within 60 days.

Push for new travel IDs continues despite concerns

Starting two years from now U.S. citizens, Canadians and Mexicans will need passports or alternate documents to cross land borders.

As the Wall Crumbles

Intelligence and law enforcement agencies topple the information barrier.