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Workers from the Puerto Rico Health Department and CDC review Zika-related data.

HHS Secretary Links Zika Emergency to Puerto Rico's Debt Crisis

Burwell's trip to San Juan highlights economic challenges of mosquito control.

Yellow tape is strung around the Inland Regional Center after the shooting in San Bernardino in December.

The FBI Arrests the San Bernardino Shooter's Brother

Syed Raheel Farook, his wife, and a third woman were charged Thursday in an investigation of marriage-fraud conspiracy.

Why You Should Care About the Long Term

Weighing the costs of long term care – and the insurance that can help pay for it.

The Kabul Sardar Kabuli Girls School

It's Unclear Whether U.S. Investments in Afghan Education Are Paying Off

Watchdog faults State, Pentagon and USAID for weak assessments of $759.6 million in spending.

Fentanyl disguised in pill form has been cited in overdose deaths.

The Chinese Are Outsmarting the FDA by Making New Opioids

One new iteration of fentanyl skirts Chinese export laws and isn’t on the American banned substances list.

The NSA Doesn't Know How Many Americans It Is Spying On

Congress wants to know: How many Americans are caught up in the government’s digital dragnets?

Indiana Women's Prison is located in Indianapolis.

Hillary Clinton Wants to Reform the Way the U.S. Incarcerates Women

"Mass incarceration's impact on women and their families has been particularly acute — and it doesn't get the attention it deserves."

Trump’s Incoherent 'America First' Foreign Policy Plans

The Republican front-runner delivered a formal address on his doctrine on Wednesday, TelePrompter and all.

Play of the Day: Ted Cruz Picks a Running Mate, Despite Not Winning Anything

The Texan tapped Carly Fiorina to be his VP pick, but he's getting creamed by Donald Trump.

Washington, D.C.

Learning From Government’s Best (and Worst) Workplaces

The Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey faces an uncertain future.