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Carly Fiorina speaks at a campaign event in New Hampshire Wednesday.

Carly Fiorina Gets Shut Out of Debate

An intense lobbying effort from the former Hewlett-Packard executive didn’t convince ABC News to let her into the next Republican debate.

Play of the Day: 'Please Clap' for Jeb Bush

The Floridian is having trouble exciting his supporters.

At her confirmation hearing Thursday, Beth Cobert said she would strengthen the agency’s cybersecurity and information technology systems.

OPM’s Cobert Confronts Subpoena En Route to Confirmation

Senators and House members play tag team seeking more documents on cyber breach.

An aerial View of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The Story of the Former Fed Who Tried to Launch a Cyberattack on Nuclear Scientists

He sent emails he thought were infected with viruses to Energy Department employees involved in developing nuclear weapons.

Changing Stakes on Claiming Social Security

Congress puts a stop to two popular strategies for maximizing benefits.

Colin Powell, left, and Condoleezza Rice both served as secretary of State under President George W. Bush

Clinton Email Dispute Ropes in Her Predecessors Powell and Rice

House Oversight chairman plans new probe that ranking member calls partisan.