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Does President Trump Understand the Role of Inspectors General?

Dismissive presidential tweet on the watchdogs will make their jobs harder, observers say.

Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., received 176 pages of documents, but more than one-third of that was a photocopied version of the 1978 Civil Service Reform Act.

House Democrats Request Subpoena Over Interior's Senior Executive Reassignments

Oversight committee ranking member says Trump administration is stonewalling his efforts to investigate personnel actions.

HUD Secretary Ben Carson.

HUD Spent $31,000 on a Dining Set for Carson's Office

A senior official at the agency says she was demoted for refusing to spend above legal limits for the secretary's office redecoration.

President Trump waves from the steps of Air Force One as he leaves for Mar-a-Lago earlier this month.

The Air Force One Deal May Be Less Rosy Than Claimed

The White House’s “fixed-price deal” may still leave the taxpayer on the hook.

Agencies Reveal New Priority Goals

Some of them look a lot like the old priority goals, but there are some bold new additions.

ICE Broke Contracting Rules in Establishing Its Largest Detention Facility

The agency bypassed normal procurement procedures for expediency, IG says.

4,000 Feds Soon May Need a New Health Insurance Plan

Scathing inspector general’s report on an FEHBP insurer’s refusal to submit to an IT audit imperils the company’s contract.

Don’t Confuse Strategy With Outcome

Luck plays a big role in life and it is tempting to try to draw conclusions from a single success or failure.

Women Report More Rudeness at Work From Other Women

Women say other women—more than male coworkers—are the source of incivility at work, research shows.