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When Do Most Americans Think They'll Actually Retire?

Workers would like to retire by 65, but only those making $100,000 or more expect that they'll do so.

Unions to Uncle Sam: Extend Credit Monitoring, Cover Losses Related to Data Breach

Government has obligation to further help millions of employees affected by massive security lapse, advocates say.

The Obama Administration Isn't Pressuring Anyone to Stop Selling Confederate Flag Merchandise

Josh Earnest said Tuesday the president welcomes the decisions from Wal-Mart , eBay and other retailers.

Jeb Bush: Obama Should Fire His 'Political Hack' OPM Director

The presidential contender joins a handful of lawmakers in calling for the resignation of OPM Director Katherine Archuleta due to her handling of a massive data breach.

Students at an Army officer training school in England decontaminate the facility after a simulated mustard gas attack in 1942.

How an NPR Librarian Outdid VA Researchers in Finding Mustard Gas Victims

Agency fell short in efforts to trace World War II veterans exposed to mustard gas during experiments.

Report: Working Moms Have More Successful Daughters and More Caring Sons

A Harvard Business School study says working mother's guilt may be real, but increasingly it's being proven unwarranted.

 Peter Neffenger testifies on Capitol Hill earlier this month before the Senate Homeland Security committee hearing on his nomination to head the TSA

Senate Confirms Neffenger to Rescue TSA

Coast Guard veteran welcomed by Homeland Security secretary.

A B-52 Stratofortress strategic bomber conducts a training flight in Hawaii in 2014.

Study: America Needs New Small Nuclear Bombs

CSIS’ Clark Murdock argues that only such weapons can deter rogue states from seeking nukes of their own

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia speaks in Washington in 2014.

How Scalia Could Undo a Big Part of Obama’s Environmental Legacy

The fate of a air-pollution regulations may be in the hands of the conservative justice.