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To Transform Government, Start With the People

Managing talent for tomorrow’s needs goes to the heart of building the government workforce of the future.

How to Cope When You're the Oldest Member of Your Team (or Just Feel That Way)

An exercise in vulnerability helped me understand my millennial coworkers.

A brigade from the Electric Power Authority repairs distribution lines damaged by Hurricane Maria in the Cantera community of San Juan.

Puerto Rico’s Power Struggle

Amid a confusing tangle of overlapping authorities, shady contracts, and a push for privatization, nobody knows what the end of the island’s electricity and humanitarian crises will look like, or when it will come.

Analysis: Why Americans Will Never Agree on Oil Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Alaska and oil proponents are cheering a move to open up an ecologically sensitive part of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling -- a position environment supporters can't abide.

(Official Photo by Paul D. Williams)

Play of the Day: Trump Wants to Get to the Moon (and Maybe Mars)

The president lays out his plans for the U.S. space program

Pakistani traders rally in Islamabad earlier this month, condemning U.S. President Donald Trump for declaring Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

How Pakistan Is Responding to Trump

Pushed by Trump, Tillerson, and Mattis to do more to fight terrorism, Pakistan has instead taken public steps to push back in recent weeks.

Are You Making a Difference?

Don’t just settle for personal satisfaction.

Why Federal Managers Need To Become More Informed Data Consumers

Data is a business asset that can advance agencies’ missions, or serve as a drag on effectiveness.

What the 2018 Pay Raise Means for You

OPM released its pay tables for employees across government shortly after President Trump released his executive order authorizing a 1.9 percent increase for civilian federal workers.

There's a Trick To Getting Entitled Employees to Stop Complaining and Do Their Jobs

We're sorry to inform you that special treatment is necessary, according to a new study.