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Hundreds of passengers wait in the TSA security line at Nashville International Airport in April 2016.

Five Ways to Reform Government With a Focus on the Customer

Agencies must submit their plans to the White House Office of Management and Budget by the end of June.

Rep. Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas, has been working on the reforms as a means to end the “too big to fail” protections for large banks and allow more capital to flow to community banks and small businesses.

House Passes Financial Reform Bill that Remakes Consumer Bureau

Agency long opposed by Republicans would be subject to annual appropriations.

James Comey's 'Shock and Awe' Testimony

By any normal reckoning, the FBI director’s account should have been stunning. But Americans have grown far too used to abnormal behavior.

Studies Find High Achievers Underestimate Their Talents, While Underachievers Overestimate Theirs

In general, people are bad at gauging their own success. In one behavioral study, 80% of drivers rated themselves as above average—a statistical impossibility.

The Incompetence Defense

Republican senators suggest Trump is innocent because he didn’t try very hard to obstruct justice, or because he was bad at it.

Bears Ears National Monument, Utah.

Will Bears Ears Remain a National Monument?

If Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke decides to revoke its status, it would be the latest example of the federal government setting aside land in conjunction with tribes, only to break the agreement.

Play of the Day: Comey Wrote Everything Down

The former FBI chief's notes may just end up in a book about Donald Trump.

A shortage of immigration judges is delaying the Trump administration's goals of deporting people found to be in the country unlawfully.

It Takes the Government More Than Two Years to Hire an Immigration Judge

GAO report shows how a backlogged system could jam Trump’s deportation priorities.

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., is set to take over leadership of the panel.

Republican Panel Picks Gowdy to Chair House Oversight Committee

S.C. congressman would replace Chaffetz after he resigns at the end of June.

The Unanswered Questions from James Comey’s Testimony

Here are the Trump-Russia investigation details that the former FBI director will only discuss behind closed doors