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House Passes Bill Exempting Some Feds From Retirement Tax Penalty

Legislation would allow law enforcement officers and firefighters to access TSP savings before age 55 without 10 percent tax.

The Odds of Getting Off GAO’s High-Risk List Aren’t Good

Former Defense comptroller says the “crisis in the civil service” should be added to the catalog of government’s problems.

A Top Spook Reunion, Of Sorts

Former CIA directors and deputies get together to criticize publication of covert operatives' names.

What EPA Wants You to Know About Nail Salons

Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy wants people to pay attention to industry health risks.

Three Lies About Meaningful Work

Where you work is not the dominant driver anymore.

John Kerry addresses reporters as he and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov held a news conference in Sochi Tuesday.

John Kerry Is In Russia to 'Maintain Direct Lines of Communication'

The Secretary of State went to Sochi on Tuesday to meet with Vladimir Putin for the first direct talks in two years.

Rep. Mark Takano, D-Calif., introduced the measure in the House.

New Bill Would Give Thousands of Feds Collective Bargaining Rights

Proponents say negotiations would help government provide better services.

The Mechanics of Preventing Procrastination

A new study finds that thinking about far-off events in terms of days, rather than years, makes people get started sooner.

VA Psychiatrist Wins Settlement After Complaints About Openness as Lesbian

Office of Special Counsel facilitates department plan to improve manager training.