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Report: BP Tried to Lobby the EPA to Let It Continue As a Government 'Business Partner'

Vice News obtained a confidential 72-page report the company produced to convince the agency to keep giving it contracting dollars.

John Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary, outlines part of the strategy against ISIS in September.

$300,000 an Hour: The Cost of Fighting ISIS

What price will the U.S. ultimately pay to neutralize the Islamic State?

Move to Authorize Force Against ISIS Unlikely in Lame Duck

White House invites Congress to formally authorize strikes in Iraq and Syria, but neither branch appears eager to make the first move.

Play of the Day: What the Ivory Trade Has to Do With Terrorism

The Ivory trade brings the most endangered species: bipartisan agreement.

The Most Influential Books of the Past Decade

Top management picks for work and life.

Retired Gen. David Petraeus, giving remarks to CIA employees in 2011.

One Way Officials Can Dodge a Question

Activist who tried to pose questions to retired Gen. David Petraeus at an event went to jail instead.

Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., defended federal employees during a hearing on the Obama administration's request for more Ebola funding.

Senator: Good Federal Employees Can’t Be Ordered on Amazon

Lawmaker wants respect and resources for the federal workforce.

Postal Employees’ Health Care Costs Will Rise Far Less Than Originally Estimated

OPM vastly overstated increase in employees’ share of premiums, USPS says.

IG: Energy Lab Lobbied Officials for $2.4 Billion No-Bid Contract

Sandia National Laboratories used government funds in efforts to extend Lockheed Martin’s management deal without competition.

TSP Moves Closer to Offering Mutual Fund Option

Board still has more homework to do on costs and implementation, but so far supports the additional investment flexibility for feds.