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Announcement comes as the Postal Service is heading into its busy holiday season.

USPS Posts $5.1 Billion Net Loss in 2015 Despite Growing Revenue

Aside from costs incurred from unique congressional mandates, the Postal Service was operationally profitable.

IRS Becoming a 'Self-Service Store,' Deputy Commissioner Says

Supervisor of exempt-organizations unit touts improvements but laments budget cuts.

Stockholm's city flag is inspired by a mediaeval seal of the city featuring St. Eric.

On Gender Equality, There Are the Nordic Countries and There’s Everybody Else (Including the U.S.)

Countries like Finland, Sweden and Denmark had the least discrepancy between the attitudes of male and female respondents on the survey.

Study: Soldiers’ Kids More Vulnerable to Abuse During and Right After Deployment

New research shows greater risk of abuse exists for infants and toddlers in the six months after a service member returns home from war.

Ex-Employees of Bankrupt Security Clearance Firm Aim to Resolve Some Unfinished Business

Former USIS workers pursue class action suit against onetime OPM, DHS contractor.

The Military Will Try to Shut Down the Islamic State's Oil Fields

The terror group gets an estimated $40 million a month in oil revenue.

The Daily Show: It 'Sucks' to Work At a 'Gutless Regulatory Agency'

Correspondent Jordan Klepper spoke to FEC agency head Ann Ravel and deemed the agency 'toothless.'

Should HUD Ban Smoking in Public Housing?

The proposed smoking ban protects vulnerable people, but also imposes more regulations on them.

Obama Slams Trump on Immigration

"Imagine the images on the screen flashed around the world as we were dragging parents away from their children," Obama tells George Stephanopoulos