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8 a.m. Is the Most Anxious Hour

Crisis Text Line's data troves reveal the times of day and days of the week when we feel bullied, depressed, or alone.

The Iraqi parliament this week approved the new cabinet of prime minister Haider al-Abad.

Things Are Breaking Obama’s Way in the War Against the Islamic State

As Americans see the group as a threat, Obama can point to positive dispatches arriving from the frontlines.

Shutdown-Averting Spending Bill Would Allow Fed Pay Raise

House GOP measure would keep government open through mid-December and would not block Obama’s proposed 1 percent raise.

OPM Terminates Controversial Background Check Contractor

Falls Church-based USIS had been suspended after breach in computer network.

Two Government Agencies Are Feuding Over How Red States Should Expand Medicaid

GAO has "long-standing concerns" with the way the Department of Health approves Medicaid waivers.

You Don’t Need a Standing Desk, Just Do This Instead

Five minutes an hour of walking really helps for those of us sitting at our desks all day.

The Pentagon Sept. 11 Memorial was dedicated in 2008.

American Fears of Terror Attack Surge Ahead of September 11th

A new poll reveals that a striking number of Americans believe that the country is less than safe now it was before the 2001 attacks.

Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers, R-Ky., unveiled the bill Tuesday.

House GOP Funding Bill Would Keep Government Open Through Mid-December

Stopgap measure reauthorizes the Export-Import bank through June 2015, and includes $88 million to fight Ebola.

Obama Prepared to Strike Islamic State Without Hill Approval

Ahead of a Wednesday prime-time address, the White House makes clear he won't go to Congress.

Play of the Day: ISIL May Have A Plagiarism Scandal

Did the Islamic State steal its ideas from the US?