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A Simple Mental Trick Can Help You Figure Out Who’s Telling a Lie

If it comes down to which person to believe, sometimes your best bet is to trust your gut.

Play of the Day: Trump's Cabinet Praises Him

A room full of fawning administration officials was caught on video Monday.

J. Edgar Hoover’s Oversteps: Why FBI Directors Are Forbidden From Getting Cozy With Presidents

Hoover abused his power as FBI director to serve presidents' interests. The reforms that followed were set up to prevent it from happening again.

What We Know About Trump's 'Tapes' Tease

If they exist, the Secret Service doesn’t have them, and the president still isn’t ready to talk about them.

Lawsuits Widen to Challenge Trump's Washington Hotel Arrangement

Justice Department defends president as two state attorneys general file complaint.

House Republicans Push for Expedited, Consolidated 2018 Spending Bill

Democrats want regular order, say there’s not enough time to pass omnibus legislation this summer.

White House Denies that Trump Vacancies Impair Agency Reforms

Management adviser talks up consultation with career staff, says there will be a “not insignificant” announcement on agency reorganization plans this week.

Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., introduced the Democratic bill.

House Democrats Introduce FAA Reform Bill to Counter Air Traffic Control Privatization Plan

Proposal would move agency’s funding stream out of the federal budget process, revamp procurement system.

When Is a Leak Ethical?

Leaking classified information violates the law. But it doesn't mean that people are abandoning their ethics.

Shakeup at GSA as Two Executives Resign

Merging technology services with acquisition leaves Tom Sharpe without a job.