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Watchdog: Budget Cuts, Lack of Centralized Authority Hurting Program Evaluation

Tighter budgets threaten attendance at professional conferences.

Obama To Pledge $3 Billion To International Climate Fight

It is "in our national interest to help vulnerable countries to build resilience to climate change," administration official says.

Can Republicans Stop Obama's Immigration Order?

"We're looking at all options," Speaker Boehner said on Thursday. Could that include a government shutdown?

Patrick Donahoe has crusaded for comprehensive postal reform.

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe to Step Down

First ever female PMG will replace embattled USPS leader Feb. 1.

Play of the Day: How Republicans Can Take on Obamacare

Stephen Colbert looks at the Republicans' plan going forward.

5 Tips for Developing Infographics to Communicate Your Value

Data visualization works only if it gets your point across.

How the Dollar Went From a Simple Banknote to the World's Currency

For starters, it never hurts to be backed by nearly all the world's gold.

Earlier this month, President Obama nominated U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch to replace Attorney General Eric Holder. Like dozens of other nominees, she awaits Senate confirmation.

As Clock Winds Down, Agencies Await Fate of Obama’s Nominees

Long-term agency planning and overworked employees are victims of Congress' political gamesmanship.

"Salida" means "exit" in Spanish.

Bilinguals Have Stronger, Faster Brains Than The Rest of Us

The building of stronger connections over time between regions of the brain implies that bilingual brains are “more resistant to damage.”