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Supreme Court Rules on Civil Service Law

Court decides in favor of employee, against government.

The Mars Robot Making Decisions on Its Own

Thanks to artificial-intelligence software, the Curiosity rover can target rocks without human input.

Trump's Rows of Unfilled Agency Jobs Could Bump Up Against Vacancies Act

Worst-case scenario is that decisions by acting executives are rendered invalid.

Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., is one of the sponsors of the House bill.

House Oversight Members Join Effort to Loosen TSP Withdrawal Restrictions

Companion to a Senate bill would allow participants in the retirement savings program more flexibility to manage their money.

Trump Team Starts to Fill Out OPM Leadership, With Pick for No. 2 Job

George Nesterczuk still awaits confirmation hearing for director spot.

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said DHS is "focused on stepping up efforts to counter terrorist recruitment and radicalization, including through close collaboration with state and local partners."

Homeland Security Awards Grants to Counter Domestic Extremism

Secretary Kelly had reviewed Obama-era program to vet highest-risk cities.

Doing Bold Work? Share Your Story

Nominations are open for this year’s Bold Friday presentations at the second annual weeklong Fedstival.

 Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, wants to make it harder for the Chinese to invest in U.S. technology development, including in companies developing artificial intelligence.

How Not to Win an AI Arms Race With China

A lawmaker’s proposal to curb Chinese investment in U.S. artificial-intelligence firms has more than a few critics.

9 Mistakes New Managers Should Avoid

They’re predictable—and preventable.