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U.S. Attorney Dana Boente said software companies overcharged the government.

White House CIO’s Former Software Firm Violated False Claims Act

VMware and Carahsoft agree to pay $75 million for overcharging agencies.

Justice Updates FOIA Guidance to Confirm Requesters Still Care

Goal is to preserve agency resources while maintaining communication.

Retirement Backlog Drops, But It’s Still Higher Than Expected

There are nearly 3,000 more claims in the queue than the agency hoped to have at the end of June.

Timeline: Government Data Breaches

Since April 2013, six hacks targeted OPM and its contractors.

Happy Belated Independence from Government Day

A curious reinterpretation of the Declaration of Independence from a would-be GOP presidential contender.

The Must-Pass Highway Bill Dominates Jammed July

Congress has a packed three-week schedule before the next recess starts—and road funding expires.

Asking for Forgiveness, Not Permission

Rewarding good judgment creates a happier, more agile workforce.

Female Navy officers attend a meeting in April in San Diego.

The Navy is Tripling Its Paid Maternity Leave

The service is going to grant the most generous maternity leave policy of any of the armed forces.

Clinton: China Hacks Into 'Everything That Doesn’t Move'

The former secretary of state has some decidedly undiplomatic words for Beijing.

Play of the Day: Trump's Comments Have Not Gone Over Well

Late-night hosts break down the meaning around "somebody's doing the raping."