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Obama Demands Agencies Cut Spending by 5 Percent in 2017

Certain priorities must be protected from cuts, OMB says.

CNN and FAA Team Up to Test Drones

The FAA is considering the technology that Amazon would use to deliver packages remotely.

IRS Inconsistent in Rooting Out Its Own Tax Cheats

Watchdog documents 1,580 willfully delinquent employees over 10 years.

An F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighter arrives at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona.

F-35 Joint Fighter Program Flies Through Flak from Watchdogs

House defense bill continues investment despite questions on engine reliability.

Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., says veterans face an unacceptable amount of red tape when applying for benefits.

Senators Want Investigation, Overhaul of VA Claims Backlog Processing

The current average wait for veterans in Baltimore is 280 days.

Hillary Clinton Just Told Immigration Activists What They Wanted to Hear

Immigration groups want Clinton to preserve her predecessor's executive actions if she's elected president. On Tuesday, she said she'd go further.

How a Quick Glimpse of Nature Can Make You More Productive

Green roofs are great for the environment. Turns out they're great for tired workers, too.

Obama spoke on precision drugs in January at the White House.

Washington's Interest in Precision Drugs is Innovation, Not Cost

As House, Senate, and White House attention shifts toward biomedical innovation, the high cost of specialty drugs remains unaddressed.