Leverage Your Anxiety to Overcome the Uncertainty of Transition

By Elizabeth Grace Saunders

November 2, 2012

With political transition hours away, sequestration hanging over our heads and budget cuts on the horizon; federal employees are in a period of intense uncertainty and anxiety. Author Elizabeth Grace Saunders offers tips for leveraging that anxiety to get focused and keep moving forward, despite the uncertainty ahead.

It may seem odd for me to encourage you to “leverage anxiety.” Isn’t anxiety bad or simply some sort of mental weakness?

Well, yes, and no.

On the one hand, anxiety separated from reality can have all sorts of counterproductive effects like causing you to shut down under pressure or to frantically throw yourself into an activity. We don’t want to allow emotional compulsions to control us so in these instances working on your mental game with positive affirmations or meditation can really help. 

But when anxiety rises in you based on the recognition of a true problem, you shouldn’t ignore it, but leverage it.

I recently wrote a guest post for the99Percent.com on how to use Past, Present, and Future Focus to not get overwhelmed by big projects.

But if you’re using the techniques I describe in this post, and still start to feel anxious, you can channel that sensation into productive action in these ways:

Leveraging Anxiety over Past Focus:

Leveraging Anxiety over Present Focus:

Leveraging Anxiety over Future Focus:

Over the course of writing my book, I’ve experienced anxiety in all of these areas. But instead of denying my anxiety, I’ve leveraged it as a powerful force to take the steps that would drive me toward my goal and reinstate my sense of inner peace.

I hope you find these insights helpful in staying focused and moving forward during the coming period of transition and uncertainty. 

Getting rid of all traces of anxiety would be like successfully dismantling your house’s security system. Yes, things are quieter and more relaxed, but you won’t know you are in trouble until it’s too late.

~from “Good Anxiety–and Bad” in Psychology Today

Elizabeth Grace Saunders is the author of The 3 Secrets to Effective Time Investment: How to Achieve More Success With Less Stress and is the founder of Real Life E Time Coaching & Training. For more time investment tips, check out www.ScheduleMakeover.com.

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By Elizabeth Grace Saunders

November 2, 2012