The Most Interesting Hurricane Sandy Images, Gifs and Memes

By Mark Micheli

October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy has arrived. The fact I’m writing this and my power isn’t out is a small, and I’m sure temporary, miracle. Below are some of the most interesting images and animated .gifs from the super storm so far:

What you were hopefully doing Monday…

Some perspective (and a reminder of the difference a year makes)—Hurricane Irene vs. Hurricane Sandy:

Even more perspective—how Hurricane Sandy would look if positioned over Europe:

High-resolution model of Hurricane Sandy’s approach:

When it comes to a “Frakenstorm,” it takes two storms to tango (how a superstorm is born):

Truly terrifying? The things people do when they’re stir crazy…

Horse Man in Northwest DC yesterday: Winner of the weirdest reaction to a hurricane? He clearly thinks so:

And now...some much needed levity

Probably the truest thing anyone has said about Hurricane Sandy:

See the Atlantic Wire's round up of images:

Stay safe everyone--you can make a donation to the Red Cross disaster relief effort here .

For more coverage on Hurricane Sandy, read GovExec’s continuous updates , track the storm in real time , and learn how to prepare and stay safe.

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By Mark Micheli

October 30, 2012