The 7 Most Powerful Women in Government

By Mark Micheli

September 26, 2012

Seven women who work for the U.S. Government made Forbes magazine's 2012 "The World's 100 Most Powerful Women" list. Many are very familiar faces. The annual rankings are determined by three factors: money (based on country GDP in The World Factbook), media (a composite of news hits and social media presence over the last 12 months) and impact (reach across industries and active use of power).

Below are the seven women on the list who work for the U.S. Government:

Hillary Clinton – Secretary of State – Ranking: #2

Michelle Obama – First Lady – Ranking: #7

Janet Napolitano – Secretary, Department of Homeland Security – Ranking: #9

Nancy Pelosi  Minority Leader of the House of Representatives – Ranking #28

Kathleen Sebelius  Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services –  Ranking #31

Margaret Hamburg  Commissioner, Food and Drug Administration – Ranking #61

Mary Schapiro  Chair, Securities and Exchange Commission – Ranking #65

See the full list of the world's 100 most powerful women at Forbes.

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By Mark Micheli

September 26, 2012