How to Stay Out of Your Lawyer’s Office

by Don Personette

You’re very busy. Do you really want to spend some of your precious time meeting with agency lawyers to sort through an avoidable mess? I worked for almost 30 years as a lawyer for the Secret Service, including nearly three years as its chief counsel. Here, I offer five suggestions for how to ... Read & React

Celebrating the Legacy of a Public Service Legend

Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Paul Volcker.
by Donald F. Kettl Professor, University of Maryland School of Public Policy

It was a treat to step away from the “you can’t make it up” headlines last week to attend the Nov. 9 symposium celebrating former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Paul Volcker’s contributions to public service and his 90th birthday. The entire event was inspiring (it can be viewed online) but ... Read & React

Whether You Can Work Well From Home Depends On These Three Things

by Ben Waber

Companies typically view workplace in terms of cost: “Cramming more people into smaller desks (or providing them with no assigned desks at all) is cheaper, so we should do more of that.” Most people, on the other hand, view where they work as a matter of convenience or comfort: “I can work just ... Read & React

The Management Lessons Retired Astronaut Scott Kelly Learned in Space

 Scott Kelly on a Dec. 21, 2015 spacewalk outside the International Space Station.
by Leah Fessler

Given the lack of gravity, personal space, or guarantee of surviving any given day, one would think space stations would rank among the more stressful, conflict-ridden workplaces. But according to retired US astronaut Scott Kelly—who spent 520 days in space over four different missions and was ... Read & React

The Agency Conducting Your Background Investigations May Change

If you live in Washington there are frequent jokes about things moving at the pace of government. Another adage is that to the extent things do change, there’s a good chance they’re changing back to the way they were done in years prior (government doesn’t so much reinvent itself as it merely ... Read & React

Employees Often Perceive Their Organizations To Be More Or Less Diverse Than They Actually Are

by Jared Lindzon

When it comes to having diverse leadership, perception doesn’t always align with reality. Media attention and reports targeting certain industries can serve to create misconceptions about their relative diversity while inadvertently allow other industries to fly under the radar. When the ... Read & React

Arianna Huffington's Solution For Women Who Don't Know What To Wear To Work

by Leah Fessler

While men can easily repeat the same suit without anyone noticing (as former US president Barack Obama did for eight years), women often spend excess time and money searching for fresh, appropriate workplace attire. Arianna Huffington prefers not to. Instead, the Huffington Post founder and ... Read & React

It’s Time to Improve Government’s Use of Metrics and Analytics

The final report by the Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking promises to refocus attention on the use of performance data. This is not new of course; the use of metrics has evolved over more than two decades across all levels of government. Even with extensive experience, the Commission was ... Read & React

The New Normal: The Government Must Do Better With Major Disasters

by Tim Manning and Peter Tyler

Last week marked the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Sandy—at the time, the second most damaging hurricane to hit the United States. Tens of billions of dollars worth of infrastructure was damaged, and the rail system into New York City is still being fixed. As it does after each catastrophic ... Read & React

Going Into The Office Will Help Your Career

In certain professions (I’m looking at you, developers and designers) the ability to work from home is a perk regarded above all others, save a paycheck. Employees, however, should consider their professional goals before gleefully signing on to a commute that ends at their own kitchen table or ... Read & React