Jeb Bush Does Not Understand Productivity, But No One Really Does

Let’s be clear: Jeb Bush’s pronouncement   that Americans need to work longer hours to help boost US productivity makes no sense at all, and not just because it’s politically tone-deaf. While often used as a fancier-sounding word for effectiveness or efficiency, productivity has a specific economic ... Read & React

Are You Sick of Employees Bringing You Problems?

“My people don’t get it.” “My staff just isn’t motivated.” “I’m sick of my employees bringing me problems instead of solutions.” How many of us have heard people we work for or with say these kinds of things? Probably all of us have heard at least one of the statements at some point or another (and ... Read & React

11 Ways Bad Bosses Flub Your Performance Reviews

Performance evaluations: Done well, they're great for the employee—and the employer. Too bad so many are handled poorly. Here are 11 things to avoid when you create and deliver performance evaluations: 1. Don't talk about development plans you aren't absolutely sure you can deliver. You may want to ... Read & React

Men Are Both More and Less Intelligent Than Women

At a recent cocktail reception in Manhattan, a friend sketched two bell curves, one much wider than the other. The narrower one placed slightly to the right. He explained to me they represented the distribution of male and female intelligence. He speculated that male intelligence was the wider ... Read & React

Here's Our Chance to Fix Government Once and for All

by Steve Goodrich

The federal government is on an unsustainable fiscal path that threatens our national security and social safety net. While many cuts and changes have taken place, government has yet to address the effective management of programs that serve the American people. Landmark bipartisan legislation ... Read & React

The 4 Keys to Building Rapport With Your Team

Emily, a sales manager in a large organization, was having significant challenges with her team.  Communication with team members was inconsistent, and she continually struggled to motivate them. Her team was regularly missing their monthly objectives, and failed to provide meaningful status ... Read & React

Let's Demolish HR and Start Over

by Howard Risher Workforce Management Consultant

The future of the human resources function is up for discussion in the business world. That’s clear from the cover of the July-August issue of Harvard Business Review, “It’s Time to Blow up HR and Build Something New.” The level of dissatisfaction has been known for years. These articles are the ... Read & React

The #1 Dysfunction Preventing Wise Investment in Employee Engagement

You say you are bothered by the fact that employees are "checked out." You claim you want them to innovate. You discuss over and over the fact that they just seem to sit there, taking up space, not doing nearly as much as they could or should. But what, exactly, are you doing about it? The fact of ... Read & React

If You Want Happy Workers, Stop Treating Them Like Children

Recently, there’s been something of a happiness backlash against America’s obsession with feeling happy at work. That’s because some companies have been going about it in the wrong way, working on short-term solutions that tend to treat employees more like children than adults who add real value to ... Read & React

Why Budget Forecasts Should Include the Next Big Disaster

The White House made a bold move last week to minimize the economic burden of climate change. Specifically, the Office of Management and Budget is asking federal agencies via the revised Circular A-11 to “consider climate preparedness and resiliency objectives as part of their FY17 budget requests ... Read & React