Video: Never Tell People How Old They Look

by James Hamblin, MD and Katherine Wells

Age discrimination affects us all. Who cares about youth? James Hamblin turns to his colleague Jeffrey Goldberg for advice. (Image via Blend Images/ Read & React

The Crooked Yardstick: Redefining Success

by Gerry Sandusky

Take inventory of your successes. What comes to mind? The title of your position? How much money you make? The value of your home? An award you won? If you had to measure your success, would you place yourself in the top 10 percent? Top 5 percent? Did your organization or your team meet this ... Read & React

How to Train Yourself to Speak Like a Leader

When it comes to leadership, your voice matters. Deeper-voiced male politicians are more appealing to voters, and deeper-voiced male CEOs run larger companies, stay in charge longer, and make more money. UCLA acoustic scientist Rosario Signorello has researched how to fine-tune the vocal ... Read & React

Employers Ignore Almost Everything on Your Application–Except This

It’s the holiday season, and millions of people are about to get a flood of unsolicited career advice from older relatives. Most of it will be useless. You don’t need to be told that a resume should be clear, uncluttered, and typo free. (A good summary of common, deal-breaking mistakes comes from ... Read & React

6 Key Elements of Successful Cross-Agency Collaboration

by Alan Pentz Partner, Corner Alliance

Many problems in government are best solved collaboratively working across multiple agencies. Unfortunately this can be a frustrating and unproductive experience for many government leaders. Sometimes your partners aren’t as interested in the goals as you are. In other cases they don’t want to give ... Read & React

Scientist, Curator, Mother of Two

The NMNH new dinosaur exhibit is recently opened.
by Alexandra Ossola

Recently, educators and policymakers have shifted more attention and funding to students’ education in science, technology, engineering, and math, known as STEM. Last month, for example, President Obama announced that his Educate to Innovate initiative raised $28 million to train 100,000 STEM ... Read & React

Performance Data: The Next Steps in Moneyball Government

by John Kamensky Senior Fellow, IBM Center for the Business of Government

Hope springs eternal. Two recent reports, a new book and a newly introduced bill in Congress all contribute to a steady momentum toward evidence-based decision-making. The legislation, which is bipartisan and bicameral, could have some momentum in the waning days of a lame duck Congress. It would ... Read & React

The Happier Workplace

Peter Gibbons, a character in the 1999 cult hit Office Space, has a depressingrealization one day while sitting in his cubicle. Since he started working, every day has been worse than the day before. So every day that he shows up to his office is the worst day of his life. “What about today? Is ... Read & React

The Power of Displaying Passion for Your Work

There’s something infectious and likeable about someone who displays obvious passion for their work, particularly when the enthusiasm is anchored in fixing, improving or innovating around something meaningful to others and to the organization. For professionals climbing the rungs of the ... Read & React

A New Business Strategy: Treating Employees Well

NORWICH, Vt.–Call centers are not, typically, very happy places—especially around the holidays. Workers have quotas to make, and often sit in bleak cubicles, headsets on, plowing through calls from stressed shoppers, as they count down the minutes until lunch. But the employees in this call center ... Read & React