Once Again, the GS System Is Failing Government

Some agencies find it difficult to compete for health care specialists and other high-demand professionals.
by Howard Risher Workforce Management Consultant

Government Executive’s April 4 story “How Poor Pay and Bad Planning Led to Diminished Medical Care for Federal Prisoners” discussed a problem that rarely warrants a headline but its impact goes well beyond the Bureau of Prisons. The article pointed out ongoing problems BOP is experiencing in ... Read & React

You Can Teach Yourself How to Be a Leader

Most people who are good at school follow a pretty straightforward strategy: study hard, get good grades, repeat. This basic approach to achievement stays the same from elementary school all the way through college. But while school is strategically simple, business is among the most complex of ... Read & React

How to Hire the Perfect Worker

In the summer of 2006, Todd Carlisle, a Google analyst with a doctorate in organizational psychology, designed a 300-question survey for every Google employee to fill out, The New York Times later reported. Some questions were straightforward: Have you ever set a world record? Other queries had ... Read & React

Closing Gender Wage Gap Is Good for the GDP

by Gillian B. White

For years, women’s pay has slowly increased relative to men’s, but, strangely, in 2015 that trend seemed to stall (or even reverse course). This apparent stagnation is discouraging for lots of reasons: More women are working and many are the primary, if not sole, earners in their households. And ... Read & React

Finding Your Center of Gravity When Things Could Spin Out of Control

This image by the Hubble Space Telescope reveals thousands of colorful galaxies swimming in the inky blackness of space.
by Raphael Hernandez

The moon and the stars lit up the desert sky and the cool breeze washed over me as I reflected on the days that had brought me to this point in time. I had made it a habit to take time to reflect in the evening after assuming a new role in the organization I was about to lead into Iraq. The ... Read & React

If You Want to Move Up, Maybe You Should Get a White Male Boss

Several of my female friends working in various industries have recently expressed a similar disheartening sentiment: “It’s not that I prefer male bosses, but they’re the only ones who give me opportunities and successfully fight for me.” The first time I heard this, I was outraged, but soon I ... Read & React

There’s New Hope for Proponents of Evidence-Based Policy

Efforts to broaden the use of data and research in federal policymaking may receive a substantial boost from a commission created by Congress last month.  The new Evidence-based Policymaking Commission, established by legislation signed by President Obama on March 30, is charged with identifying ... Read & React

Thousands of Federal Jobs Are About to Come Open, But You're Probably Not Going to Get One

Get ready for the most popular new website in Washington. In December, the Government Publishing Office will release two versions of the quadrennial United States Policy and Supporting Positions, more popularly known as the “Plum Book.” GPO will release a digital version of the book on their ... Read & React

Why Public Executives Need To Focus On Obliterating Worst Practices

Is your organization focused on implementing best practices? I’m sure it is. (If it was not, you certainly would not confess to this failure.) If, however, you need some help doing so, just Google the three magic words: “implementing best practices.” You’ll get nearly a quarter of a million hits. ... Read & React

Five Things That Changed My Life Over Five Years

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

Today is my 55th birthday. Yes, I said it. It’s part of my new policy of radical transparency. There was a time in my life when 55 sounded really old. Now that I’m there, I realize how relative that is. Old compared to what or who? It seems especially relative when I consider all that has happened ... Read & React