Have You Heard? Gossip Is Actually Good and Useful

by Julie Beck

While gossiping is a behavior that has long been frowned upon, perhaps no one has frowned quite so intensely as the 16th- and 17th-century British. Back then, gossips, or “scolds” were sometimes forced to wear a menacing iron cage on their heads, called the “branks” or “scold’s bridle.” These masks ... Read & React

​Millennials’ Romance With Federal Service Need Not Last a Lifetime

by Matthew F. Ferraro

­ Not every happy and fulfilling relationship is life-long, and federal service does not need to be, either. In a recent report, the Office of Personnel Management said the median amount of time millennials -- those born after 1980 -- spend in government service is just 3.8 years. A recent ... Read & React

Where Age Equals Happiness

by Cari Romm

“I’m nearly 70 years old, and I can tell you that bad things begin to happen as you get older,” said Angus Deaton, a professor of economics and international affairs at Princeton University. This is not, you may be thinking, particularly surprising information. What is surprising, though, is that ... Read & React

5 Questions for Leaders Who Would Rather Be Effective Than Right

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

During the opening session of a new leadership development program last week, I asked the participants to share the biggest leadership lesson they’ve learned in their careers so far. There were a lot of interesting answers. One participant shared one that really stuck with me because I think it’s ... Read & React

Don't Choke

by Olga Khazan

Ten seconds into the race, Lolo Jones had pulled far ahead of her competition at the women's 100-meter hurdles final during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. What happened next was, for Jones fans, heartbreaking to watch. After effortlessly flying over eight hurdles, Jones clipped the ninth with her ... Read & React

Managing the Skills Crisis

"We live in a time with more change than any previous era in history. Almost every aspect of our lives will be fundamentally reshaped during the next two decades." -- John Peterson Planning my move from the Nation’s Capital to Florida is a bittersweet experience. This could be my last posting as a ... Read & React

This is Google’s Incredibly Simple Hiring Formula

Google’s intensive studies on hiring that have changed how it works, leading to the elimination of brainteaser questions and GPA as deciding hiring factors. But the most important rule it follows is remarkably simple: to never once compromise on a high hiring bar. Once you do, each person you hire ... Read & React

Those Soul-Crushing Late Night Shifts Are Also Ruining Your Brain

by Kabir Chibber

If a colleague ever asks you to cover the graveyard shift, think twice about doing them the favor. Scientists have found that a decade of shifts at odd hours ages the brain by six and a half years. This is in addition to some of the well-known physiological effects of disrupting circadian rhythms, ... Read & React

Fixing the Useless Federal Program Inventory

by John Kamensky Senior Fellow, IBM Center for the Business of Government

Sen. Tom Coburn is retiring in a few weeks, but leaves behind a legislative legacy of attempting to create more coherency and transparency about what the federal government does. Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., has long campaigned against the seeming incomprehensibility of the federal government’s many ... Read & React

Why Do Workers Feel So Unhappy?

Being unhappy at work is such a cliché, and unfortunately for companies it also looks like an expensive one. Research on worker happiness has linked it to 12 percent more productivity, and businesses with happy employees beat their peers by 3.8 percent in the stock market. A Gallup report tallies ... Read & React