Summer Makes You More Productive

by Katherine Ellen Foley

It might seem like when the warm weather and long days of summer arrive, people start ignoring their work responsibilities. In part, that’s true. But managers need not fear: because it’s easier to come by fun in the summer, people are actually better at getting things done. Summer lightens the ... Read & React

Sitting Near a High-Performer Can Make You Better at Your Job

“Spillover” from certain coworkers can boost our productivity—or jeopardize our employment. The people we sit near at work inevitably impact our day. They may brighten our mood or drive us crazy. What’s more, our work neighbors can actually change how well we do our own jobs. Researchers looked ... Read & React

The Uncertain Future of Federal Sustainability Programs

by John Kamensky Senior Fellow, IBM Center for the Business of Government

Long-time federal employees can remember a time when they were encouraged to wear short sleeve shirts in the summer. It was the 1970s, and the energy crisis was in full swing. To conserve resources, federal buildings ran warm in the summer and cool in the winter. Space heaters were banned in the ... Read & React

The Trump Budget’s Assault on Federal Workers

GPO worker Christina McGier straightens pages during a production run of President Donald Trump's fiscal 2018 federal budget on May 19.
by Sen. Ben Cardin

A budget is supposed to reflect the president’s priorities and the values our country holds dear. Unfortunately, the budget President Trump recently sent to Congress shows how much disdain he has for federal employees and the taxpayers they help and support every day. Civil servants perform ... Read & React

The Tough-Love Approach to Career Guidance

by Elisha Brown

Internships are often touted as a key to future career success. But working internships can be made infinitely more difficult for students whose parents can’t afford to supplement their living expenses while they build their resume. That’s because many internships remain unpaid. In ... Read & React

Keeping Employees Engaged During Periods of Uncertainty

by Allison Abbe

Federal employee engagement on the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey shows signs of recovery since the 2013 sequestration, but the current external climate may make further improvements more challenging. Federal employees face several sources of uncertainty and change, including the recent ... Read & React

I’m a Former Federal Manager And I Voted For Trump

I voted for Donald Trump. It was not an enthusiastic vote. I’m probably as apprehensive of big change as the next fellow and some of his statements put me on edge. But I had grown very disappointed in the Obama administration. I came to see many of President Obama’s policies as mostly divisive ... Read & React

'Personal Kanban:' A Life-Changing Time-Management System That Explodes the Myth of Multitasking

by Lila MacLellan

Multitasking is probably the single most overrated skill in modern life. It drains your brain of oxygenated glucose that could be put toward paying more focused attention, makes it difficult for a person to switch between tasks, and is generally an illusion anyway. Only 3% of the population are ... Read & React

Politics is Distracting American Workers and May Be Killing U.S. Productivity

America’s national obsession with White House revelations tumbling out on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis appears to be sapping productivity. We’ve had survey data for a while to suggest a hit on US productivity was coming. A February survey commissioned by goal-tracking software BetterWorks ... Read & React

Congress is Sending Mixed Messages on Defense Procurement

by Stan Soloway President/CEO, Celero Strategies, LLC

Think Bold. That’s the slogan of the so-called "Section 809 Panel," a special commission created by Congress to review the full spate of federal (and defense-unique) acquisition laws, rules and practices. The goal is to provide lawmakers with a set of recommendations for legislative or ... Read & React