More American Millennials Are Working Than Any Other Generation

Young Americans get a bad rap: they’re often considered entitled,selfish, and behind the curve academically. But apparently, one thing they have in their favor compared to other generations is they’re working. The Pew Research Center, in a report released this morning, noted that workers born after ... Read & React

Another Fed Survey? Don't Ask If You're Not Ready to Fix the Problems

The Office of Personnel Management recently released its Senior Executive Service Exit Survey Results, which prompted this headline in The Washington Post: “Uncle Sam Had Better Start Treating His Employees Right.” This month, of course, is when OPM encourages employees to respond to the annual ... Read & React

3 Simple Ways to Be More Aware This Week

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

If you’ve been reading my posts, articles or books for awhile, you know I do my best to keep things simple. Most of us have too much on our plates to make life any more complex than it already is. Hence, my emphasis on simplicity. For instance, the definition of leadership presence I introduced ... Read & React

In Their Own Words, Kids Honor Their Federal Hero: Mom

From the Environmental Protection Agency worker who might rather be picking up her children from school than working late to the U.S. Postal Service mom who delivers mail on Christmas Eve, some federal employees have one of the most challenging jobs—juggling work and family obligations. For this ... Read & React

In an Era of Cuts, the Path Forward for Conservation Is ‘Emphasis Areas’

History repeats itself and I have lived long enough to see a few reenactments with my own eyes.  As regional director of the Fish and Wildlife Service’s Southwest Region I am charged with a large responsibility to steer conservation of myriad species in a multitude of ecosystems. The challenge ... Read & React

5 Ways to Avoid Annoying Everyone in Your Co-Working Space

by Jessica Leigh Hester

Nomadic workers are on the rise. (Some estimates predict that within the decade, these office-less employees will comprise a full 40 percent of the workforce.) Untethered to cubicles, freelancers, contract employees, and solo business owners are seeking out alternative desk arrangements. After all, ... Read & React

How Not to Micromanage: 5 Strategies

If you've ever been micromanaged, you fully understand the aggravating confidence-busting results that can occur. (Frustration, decreased motivation and possibly disengagement from work, to name a few.) When your supervisor doesn't seem to understand the negative consequences that micromanaging ... Read & React

Data Can Make for Cutthroat Coworkers

The introduction of data to the workplace has been hailed as a revolution as often as it has been assailed as a digital Big Brother. Just last month, The Wall Street Journal deemed data "the new middle manager"—a way for start-ups to transparently take cost-cutting measures that are backed up by ... Read & React

‘Recognition’ Is the Operative Word as We Salute Public Service

While Government Executive’s recent article on why senior executives leave government highlights pay insufficiencies in the executive federal workforce, it is also important to look at the other factors leading to employee departures—including the lack of acknowledgment for achievements. For 30 ... Read & React

Hear What Federal Employees Have to Say to ‘I Wish the Public Knew . . .’

by Michael F. Belcher

Third-grade teacher Kyle Schwartz wanted to better understand her students many of whom came from impoverished homes. So she asked.  She requested her students complete the sentence “I wish my teacher knew . . .” The colorful, hand-written responses ranged from heartwarming to heartwrenching. The ... Read & React