Your 'Gut Feeling' Can Literally Control What Happens in Your Brain

by Akshat Rathi

The brain’s powers are a little overrated. To keep your body going, you don’t need a functioning brain, but you do need something to provide energy. Enter the gut. We may not give it much thought—because, literally, it happens without conscious thought—but the process of extracting energy from food ... Read & React

Why We Hide From Feedback

We needn’t debate the power of feedback. However, regardless of its potential to enhance both work and career—its full benefit is not always realized. One obvious reason? Individual differences. Some of us are naturally more receptive to feedback—others—not quite as much. I’ve worked with clients ... Read & React

Just Tell It to Me Like I’m Stupid

"So I said, 'Think of me as a professional moron,' " I told my friend. "That's how you want to be remembered by them?" she said. "Oh, goodness. Now moron is your brand." For a time I thought it somehow daring to insult myself. But then I witnessed people far, far more senior than myself doing ... Read & React

4 Ways to Boost Employee Performance and Job Satisfaction

Kevin Wilson was a great leader, but his team was not producing the results he knew they were capable of. One day he arranged a meeting with Jim Hefner, a recently retired executive who had built and led a team that shattered every single company performance record. “Jim, how’d you build such an ... Read & React

Preparing HR for an Expanded Role

This is the last article in a two-part series on the future of human resources in government. Stewart Liff The perception of human resources in government has never been completely favorable, and HR officials have struggled to keep pace with evolving business issues. For example: Government ... Read & React

In General, Modern Offices Aren't Designed for Women

by Jessica Leigh Hester

On Monday, the Internet went wild over a new study about ice-cold office temperatures. After all, what desk jockey can’t relate to the sensation of shivering indoors when it’s a solid 40 degrees hotter outside? The study, published Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change, reported that ... Read & React

What’s the ROI on Your Leadership Capital?

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

The science of economics is often described as being about the division and allocation of scarce resources. Any leader has been through a corporate budgeting or capital allocation process has experienced this firsthand. A lot of time and attention gets spent on the division and allocation of ... Read & React

How Managers Can Help Employees Hit By the OPM Breach

by Christopher Jones-Cruise

Many of your employees and contractors, as well as their families and friends, are probably upset to the point of distraction at the news that their personal information was stolen by hackers who breached databases at the Office of Personnel Management. They feel vulnerable, as they should. You can ... Read & React

The Internet of Things: Is Your Agency Program Ready?

by Alan Pentz Partner, Corner Alliance

The Internet of Things is a phenomenon that will radically reshape our world. BI Intelligence estimates the number of smart devices connected to the Internet will triple within just a few years. As sensors and other devices are placed in everything from thermostats to watches to combine harvesters, ... Read & React

Men Are Freezing Women Coworkers Out of the Workplace – Literally

It may be the dead of summer in the northern hemisphere right now, but the must-have clothing item for white collar women isn’t a breezy blouse and matching culottes. It’s a desk blanket. Female office workers around the world brace for hot weather by bundling up—even as their male colleagues type ... Read & React