Society Is Messing With Your Sleep

by Julie Beck

When you go to bed, is it because you’re tired or because you need to get up at a certain time and want to make sure you get enough sleep? Everyone has a chronotype, which is the sleep cycle that their body would naturally prefer, if left to its own devices. But society forces its own chronotypes ... Read & React

A Scheduling Tool Can Tell You How Much That Pointless Meeting Cost Your Organization

Silicon Valley is famously allergic to meetings. Few things say bloated legacy business like the endless, pointless meetings that startups love to mock. Even for successful former startups, however, some meetings are unavoidable. And Phillip Cohen, a Dropbox engineer, thinks he’s figured out a way ... Read & React

How To Stop Overthinking Things and Get Out of Your Own Way

by Jennifer Miller Jennifer V. Miller

Have you been struggling through a dilemma and spinning your wheels? You know the feeling: you’re trying to come to a decision, but you just can’t shake the niggling sense that something is out of place. You’ve made a list of pros and cons, you’ve talked with friends. You’ve searched the Internet ... Read & React

Why Most Training Doesn't Work

by Dannielle Blumenthal Federal communicator and co-founder, All Things Brand

We spend a lot of money on training. Most of the time, that money is wasted. Let's start with the conferences, retreats, and weekends out of town. This includes Ted Talks, SXSW and all that other good stuff. Mostly it's a lot of crap from an actual learning perspective. Because officially approved ... Read & React

What People Get Wrong About Cover Letters

by Quora

This question originally appeared on Quora: What do people frequently get wrong when they write cover letters? Answer by Rebecca Massey, writer. They aren’t properly formatted, and they have spelling and grammar errors This is the most common cover letter problem. I have been a manager or on a ... Read & React

The Key to Happiness at Work Is Not Money -- It's Autonomy

by Belle Beth Cooper

When I was around 10 years old, my stay-at-home dad went back to work. For the next few years, he switched jobs a lot. For a while he took portraits in a photography studio; another time, he managed a bookstore. He told me more than once that he was looking for a job with plenty of autonomy. He was ... Read & React

You Only Have 1,440 Minutes a Day – Stop Wasting Them

by Dan Helfrich

If you work in federal IT, you’ve repeatedly heard the phrase: “Do more with less.” It has evolved into a mantra for the federal government, as budgets and resources tighten while the amount of work increases. Usually the focus is at the macro level: How do we reduce costs and increase ... Read & React

Research Confirms It: Good Managers Make a Difference

by Howard Risher Workforce Management Consultant

A brief column in mid-April on Harvard Business Review’s The Daily Alert website, “Proof That Good Managers Really Do Make a Difference,” triggered widespread attention. The subject of the column is research confirming that organizations in very different sectors and countries all perform better ... Read & React

Federal Employees Deserve the Nation’s Gratitude

Children learn from a Park Service ranger at Rock Creek Park in Washington.
by Tony Reardon

Here’s a quick quiz: Who protects investors from insider trading? Who blocks contraband, drugs and terrorists from entering this country? Who collects 93 percent of all federal revenue and nabs identity thieves and tax cheats? Who cares for America’s great wilderness and cultural treasures? Who ... Read & React

To Deal With Poor Performers, You Need Will and Skill

In my last article, I discussed the merits of VA’s plan to restrict the employee protections of its senior executives. While I don’t support an approach that 1) treats one group of senior executives in government differently from others based on a few cases, and 2) may serve as a disincentive for ... Read & React