Email Lets Other People Schedule Your Life—Here’s How to Stop It

The following is adapted from Phil Simon‘s Message Not Received: Why Business Communication Is Broken and How to Fix It. If you feel like you’re playing Whac-a-mole with your inbox, you’re not alone. Somewhere along the line, email became the default means of communication in corporate America. The ... Read & React

How Not to Be a Rotten Co-Worker

I've worked with rotten people. I'm sure you've had your share of negative experiences, as well. Although it is well known that we leave jobs because of our managers—the support of our co-workers also plays a key role in work-related outcomes. With the advent of flatter organizations and increased ... Read & React

What Do Data Analytics Have to Do With the Way You Play the Game?

I’m not an NBA fan, but a recent rant from former NBA MVP and current TNT talking head Charles Barkley certainly caught my attention. In discussing the Houston Rockets, Charles said, “They are awful defensively.” To which Inside the NBA host Ernie Johnson replied, “If you look at the metrics they ... Read & React

The Best or Worst: Government Has a Choice

Last week, Fortune magazine published the 2015 “100 Best Companies to Work For.” This year’s list includes 13 health care providers. Ironically on the same day, the Veterans Affairs Department, which operates more than 1,700 health care facilities nationwide, was described in a congressional ... Read & React

The Power of 'Good Enough'

by Olga Khazan

Over a decade ago, psychologist Barry Schwartz published what might be the ultimate psychological life-hacking tome, The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less.​ In it, Schwartz argues that the modern world's smorgasbord of options—Brawny or Bounty? Coke Zero or Diet? Major in sociology or ... Read & React

How Public-Private Partnerships Can Pave Career Paths for Veterans

I’ll always remember the day I joined the armed forces. I was drawn to the Marine Corps by its mission and a desire for personal and professional development. Serving for 33 years taught me that these same reasons drive many men and women to volunteer to serve. It’s a personal decision driven by ... Read & React

The Newest Productivity Hack: Meditation

by Joe Pinsker

Since I started meditating two years ago, my practice has been shamefully sporadic. When I do manage to stop what I’m doing and sit down, device-free, I find following my breath to be a relief from—and a contrast to—what happens at work. But as David Gelles observes in his new book, that contrast ... Read & React

Three Good Reasons to Embarrass Yourself in Public

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

Can you imagine what it would be like to stand up in front of a roomful of strangers and read selections from the journal or diary you kept as a teenager? If you find yourself in Denver on the right evening, you could have the opportunity to find out. There’s a great story in the Wall Street ... Read & React

​Are Your Managers Bottlenecks in Your Improvement Process?

For managers, time is a scarce commodity. Actually, it’s equally scarce for everyone, but I start off this way to show that I know how tough it is to be a manager. When I meet managers of various kind—CEOs, division managers, middle managers, indeed all sorts of managers—I take their lack of time ... Read & React

Lessons in Leadership From Doing the Hardest Job in Sports

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers claps as his team celebrates a goal.
by Kabir Chibber

Being a manager in the English Premier League is hard. With the huge amounts of money at the top of the table and the threat of relegation to the lower leagues at the bottom, it is almost impossible to stay a manager in England’s soccer top flight for too long—unless you’re acertified footballing ... Read & React