What Any Leader Can Learn from Common Executive Succession Planning Mistakes

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

Ever wonder how smart people make bad decisions? That can happen in lots of situations including conversations around the board of directors table about who the next CEO is going to be. In a recent conversation with Scott Saslow of the Institute of Executive Development, I got an inside look at ... Read & React

3 Ways to Build an Agile Workforce

Federal employees are facing unprecedented changes at every turn. This has leaders asking: “How can I equip my teams to adapt quickly and successfully to change?” Or, more simply: “How do I build a more agile workforce?” Agility is a word we hear frequently in conversations with federal leaders, ... Read & React

10 Lessons From My Time as Assistant to the Big Boss

by Matthew F. Ferraro

It's graduation season, and many of the nation’s brightest college graduates will soon leave leafy college campuses to work on the often less leafy campuses of the national security agencies that dot the national capital region. Some of these grads will take jobs as assistants to high-level ... Read & React

The Best Way to Organize Your Business Communications Is Not to Organize Them at All

Slack, a chat app from former game studio Tiny Speck, has become extremely popular in the short time since its release in February, particularly among web developers and in media. Early adopters include teams at Adobe, Medium, and Rdio. Slack is often touted as an email killer, promising to ... Read & React

How Not to Introduce a Speaker

by Adam Grant Professor, Wharton Business School

When I attend a presentation, the first thing that captures my attention isn’t the speaker or the material. It’s the person who introduces the speaker. After giving a few hundred speeches in the past year, I’ve been struck by the variety of ways that different people introduce the same speaker. ... Read & React

Damn the Org Chart

by Henry Romero

When federal workers change jobs from one agency to another, the overall structure of their new home is often familiar. Although business unit titles might be different, the basic organizational design is usually comparable to that of their former agency.  This is because government agencies ... Read & React

Got Big Data? First Define Your Big Question

Big Data is big. Really BIG. Indeed, the definition from the McKinsey Global Institute, which coined the phrase “big data,” is “data sets whose size is beyond the ability of typical database software tools to capture, manage and analyze.” Big Data is so big that your organization (almost by ... Read & React

How to Get What You Really Want

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

Before we go any further, let me clarify what I mean by the title of this post. When I write “How to Get What You Really Want,” I’m not talking about a bigger house, a nicer car or a more important job. There are ways to do all of those things, of course. But, if you think about it, are any of ... Read & React

Are You a Dictator?

by Sarah Agan Director, Corner Alliance Inc.

Are you a leader who is frustrated that members of your team aren't doing what you want them to do? Perhaps it’s time to take a look in the mirror to see whether you might be the problem. Merriam-Webster lists among the synonyms for “leader” the words channel, conduit, duct, pipe, line, penstock, ... Read & React

The Biggest Productivity Killer Is That There’s an App for That … and That … and That, too

by Ryan Kalember

Have you ever tried using a mobile app to get work done outside the office, only to realize you needed to use another app to actually complete the task? What started as a quick to-do ends up taking far longer than you expected. There are thousands of solutions on the market today, but a glance at ... Read & React