The Countries Where People Are the Most Emotionally Complex

A crowd of Japanese people walk near a Buddhist temple in Tokyo in 2012.
by Julie Beck

Think of the last piece of big news you got. How did you feel about it? Happy? Sad? Angry? Worried? Excited? Grateful? A little bit of all of the above? Experiencing multiple emotions at once may make it seem like you don’t actually know just how you feel about something—that you’re ambivalent, or ... Read & React

In Order to Change Habits, You Need to Change How You Think About Yourself

Every January, there are a slew of articles about how to commit to New Year’s resolutions. But many of these stories simply scratch the surface when it comes to habit formation, focusing on performance, appearance, and external motivation. In her latest book, Better Than Before, author and ... Read & React

Managers Are Baffled About How to Handle Their Robot Underlings

by Bruno Berthon

A lot of people today are worrying about robots taking over our jobs. But the more pressing question is actually how we will manage our robot employees. Many industries are already incorporating artificial intelligence into their daily operations. The financial industry uses robo-analysts to offer ... Read & React

Boost Your Team’s Performance by ‘People Planning’

When “getting ahead” on your job means finding ways to strengthen team performance, having a strategy to find ideas to do so is like gold. That was the discussion when Judy met Dan for coffee recently, and the conversation soon focused on where they were with their respective companies and what it ... Read & React

One Solid Way to Fail, But Not Fall, in 2016

by Dannielle Blumenthal Federal communicator and co-founder, All Things Brand

I was thinking about the pressure we're all under walking back into the office after New Year's. Vacation is over, the resolutions are made and it feels like there are just so many of them: "Eat clean," "learn to construct a computer," "get my college degree," even "work hard and get that ... Read & React

Germany is, By One Ranking, the World's Best Country

There are a million ways to rank countries, but most measure only one thing—the strength of the economy, students’ test scores, goat ownership, and so on. Can’t we just cut to the chase? Which is the bestcountry? The answer, apparently, is Germany. Take that, Canada! This is based on new ... Read & React

3 Steps for Bridging the Generation Gap With New Hires

“Did you see what she wore to work today? What was she thinking? This is a corporation, not a club! How does he not know to bring a notebook and a pen to a meeting? Do I have to tell him everything? What would make her think it was okay to party with the clients until three in the morning? Does ... Read & React

An Absurd Number of Jobs Around the World Are Going Unfilled

There’s an abundance of job seekers around the globe right now, eager to land steady employment. Yet job vacancies in dozens of countries are also plentiful: In the US, for instance, there were 5.4 million open jobsin 2015—the highest in 15 years. Other countries like Germany and Canada are also ... Read & React

Big Trends in Federal Contracting for 2016

The coming year in the federal contracting market highlights an interesting tension between the opportunities that new technology and big data bring, and the challenges of budget uncertainty and industry consolidation. Big data and cybersecurity are fundamentally changing the way both agencies and ... Read & React

Your Weekly Perspective Check

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

Last year, I spent some time talking with the colleagues for a new senior executive I was coaching. The point of the conversations was to incorporate their perspective into the coaching agenda for my client. The good news was that he appeared to be off to a strong start in his new role. Like a lot ... Read & React