The Guide to Structuring Your Perfect Work Day

by Rachel Feltman

Optimizing your work day to maximize your productivity and happiness admittedly isn’t a hard science. Differences in body chemistry, sleep routine, personality, profession, and office culture mean that one person’s ideal day is another’s productivity nightmare. But there are some evidence-based ... Read & React

Overcoming Obstacles to Creating a Culture of Learning

Every organization needs to develop its own, unique culture of learning in order to best meet its business goals and address employee needs in order to survive in today’s competitive business landscape. However, the reality is that there are often tangible organizational obstacles to establishing ... Read & React

There is No Such Thing As Having it All — No Workplace Can Change That

by Jenny Anderson

I get about two hours with my daughters a day: one hour in the morning when we have breakfast and I take them to school, and after when I get home after work. When I don’t get back in time, I feel disconcerted and they get grumpy. Author and academic Anne-Marie Slaughter might say my workplace was ... Read & React

Enterprise Government: Don’t Go It Alone!

by Robert Shea Principal, Global Public Sector

One of the things I was hoping to hear from the Republican presidential debate, but knew I wouldn’t, was how the candidates would actually get done what they were promising to get done. The subject sure won’t get anyone noticed, especially with Donald Trump on stage. It probably won’t get mentioned ... Read & React

Study: Drivers Have More Stressful Commutes Than Transit Riders or Walkers Do

There’s nothing quite like the unpredictability of traffic when it comes to commuter stress. So says a research trio that’s analyzed commuter survey results of people who walked, rode transit, or drove to work or school in Montreal. The survey measured the various objective (e.g. travel time ... Read & React

‘Appalling’ Is the Right Word for the Civil Service System

by Howard Risher Workforce Management Consultant

“Appalling” is a good choice of words to describe the plight of civilian employees at the Defense Department. Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s comments on Title 5, which governs the federal personnel system, confirm that the Pentagon wants to tackle the problem of workforce management. Government’s ... Read & React

Swedish Experiment Shows the Benefits of a Shorter Work Day

Most Western employees are used to spending more time with their colleagues than with their family. In the US, employees spend anaverage 47 hours per week at the office in a desperate bid to impress the boss and prove their work ethic before heading home, exhausted. But a Swedish city has ... Read & React

What Do Fashion Design and Government Have in Common?

by John Kamensky Senior Fellow, IBM Center for the Business of Government

When most people hear about “design thinking,” they immediately conjure up an image of fashion design, or a sleek, new tech toy like the Nest thermostat. But design thinking is so much more than a physical product. It is a way of thinking. If you were asked to design a new vase, for example, you ... Read & React

Courage Is a Muscle. Exercise It.

It’s easy to deceive yourself that your ability to be courageous isn’t an issue for you. In your rational mind, you may avoid stepping into conflict, decisions and speaking truth with (what you believe to be) logic. When self-deception happens, you can miss opportunities to make a difference in ... Read & React

How Coffee Can Screw Up Your Sleep Cycle

by Jessica Leigh Hester

You’ve surely heard that it’s not a good idea to chug a mug of coffee right before putting your pajamas on, or to watch Hulu on your cell phone as you drift off to sleep. But the precise mechanisms by which caffeine and bright light—partners in sleep-defying crime—disrupt circadian rhythms remained ... Read & React