A Professor Tested Whether Cliché Career Advice Actually Works

by Morten T. Hansen Professor, University of California, Berkeley

We’ve all heard advice about how to perform better on the job. Follow your passion. Break down the silos. Think outside the box. Synergize. Move the needle. The customer is king. Network. Manage up. Empower others. A few years ago, I compiled a list of these clichés and wound up with over 100 ... Read & React

You Can’t Fire Your Way to Success

by Donald F. Kettl Professor, University of Maryland School of Public Policy

It was just a short remark in President Trump’s State of the Union speech, but nonetheless, the president made an emphatic call “to empower every cabinet secretary with the authority to reward good workers—and to remove federal employees who undermine the public trust or fail the American ... Read & React

You Won't Be a Great Leader Until You Conquer This Fear

Does the thought of giving negative feedback to an employee make you want to call in sick? If so, a fear of confrontation may getting in your way. But you’re not doing anyone a favor by avoiding conflict. When problems go unaddressed or are swept under the rug, everyone suffers—including you. ... Read & React

Eliminating Layers of Management In Government Is Overdue

by Howard Risher Workforce Management Consultant

February 12 promises to be a significant day for federal employees. It’s the day the White House releases its 2019 budget request, along with its plans to restructure agencies, improve workforce management and performance, increase accountability, and reduce costs. One recommended change—the ... Read & React

Managing Yourself, 2018-Style

Every year I read Peter Drucker’s classic article, “Managing Oneself” as part of my personal-professional navigation process. His “simply powerful” questions help me reorient on my true north and rethink my priorities. If you are a subscriber to Harvard Business Review’s online library, read the ... Read & React

Next Steps in Improving Government Performance

by John Kamensky Senior Fellow, IBM Center for the Business of Government

Have government reformers been putting the chicken before the egg? For years, their attention has been on improving performance by focusing on program results.  But a new study released today by the National Academy of Public Administration says a key step has been missing in that approach. The ... Read & React

Proactive Behavior Will Make You Better at Your Job

Imagine you’re speeding along on a highway. Suddenly, the traffic ahead of you slows, forcing you to hit the breaks. Eventually you arrive at the source of the bottleneck: a mattress lying in the right lane. One by one, your fellow motorists simply crept around it. No one stopped to move it off ... Read & React

Intelligence Community Whistleblowers Are On Thin Ice

by Debra D'Agostino

Late last year, Intelligence Community officials placed Dan Meyer, Director of the Intelligence Community Whistleblowing and Source Protection Program and an avid supporter of whistleblowers, on administrative leave with no explanation. It was chilling news to those who follow such matters. Sen. ... Read & React

Planning Is More Important than Plans

by Alan Pentz Partner, Corner Alliance

I've never heard anyone complain about how short government documents are. In fact it’s the opposite. You often have to wade through dozens if not hundreds of pages of text to decipher the gist of a document. Most people just don't have the time. Most people don't even read short blogs much less ... Read & React

The Biggest Career Mistake Is Getting Too Comfortable

by Bruno Michel IBM Researcher

Looking back at my 35-year career, I recently tracked my patent production (160+) and my peer reviewed publications (250+) and noticed an interesting trend. Due to market dynamics and technology trends out of my control, I’ve had to reinvent my career six times. I started as a watchmaker, ... Read & React