How To Network At Conferences Even If You're Not a Natural

by Ben Waber

Years ago I was at a conference where the CEO of a Fortune 100 technology company was going to speak about his view of the future. I’d never seen him speak in person before, and I was excited. This guy led one of the most successful companies in the world. Surely he’d have a mind-blowing vision ... Read & React

How To Digital Detox Without Totally Ditching Your Phone

by Jan Bruce CEO and co-founder, meQuilibrium

My phone is my command central. It alerts me to email, to calls, to news, to everything going on around me. Until recently, it filled me with confidence that I was not missing out. That changed when I realized that I had slipped into full mobile dependency: I had stopped looking at everything ... Read & React

The Concept of Productive Procrastination Is a Myth

by Lila MacLellan

Procrastination may be the world’s oldest occupational hazard. Scholars say it was first identified—as a crafty demon—in Iranian texts that defined Zoroastrianism, an early world religion dating to the 2nd millennium BC. Lately the habit has gained some buoyancy: A handful of psychologists ... Read & React

Changing The Language In Job Ads Could Help Bring More Women Into Tech

by Lianna Brinded

Over 90 companies, including HP, Accenture, Cisco, and Dell, have signed up to a collective Tech Talent Charter, which aims to promote greater gender diversity in the UK’s tech workforce. The charter, which has also received funding from the British government, pledges to bring companies ... Read & React

‘Beyond Snowden’ Book Argues For U.S. Surveillance Reform

by Gillian Kiley Writer for the Humanities, Brown University

A new book describes reform efforts within America’s growing surveillance state—and advocates for further change to protect citizens’ privacy while maintaining security. Before serving as an intelligence official in the Bush and Obama administrations, Timothy H. Edgar—a senior fellow at the ... Read & React

What Can Insomniacs Learn From Sleep Crises of Centuries Past? Eat Onions.

by Sasha Handley Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History, University of Manchester

Most developed societies in the West are currently plagued by endemic sleep loss, falling well short of the eight hours recommended by the World Health Organisation. In particular, many children and young people are currently suffering from sleeping problems. A recent BBC documentary went so far ... Read & React

Coaching Is About More Than Asking Questions

I’ve seen a lot written about how important it is for managers to coach the people around them. Often, the enthusiasm about coaching is anchored in leaders asking more questions rather than telling others what to do. Asking, not telling, is an admirable way to lead others, and is an important ... Read & React

How Agility Is Driving Government Transformation

by John Kamensky Senior Fellow, IBM Center for the Business of Government

Government has a notoriously difficult time adapting to rapid advances in technology and the shifting expectations of citizens. But agency leaders can tap an approach from the field of software development—agile method—to improve program management and achieve better mission outcomes. Agility ... Read & React

The Reality New Managers Can’t Avoid

One of the common reactions to the content I present in my online workshops “Succeeding as a First-Time Manager,” is: “This is hard work.” I agree. Kind of. In a recent article, “Leadership is Common Sense in Action,” I make the case that we over complicate it a great deal. I stand behind this ... Read & React

How to Improve Government Customer Experience

by Kathy Conrad and Eric Keller

The private sector sets a high bar for customer experience as companies continue to innovate and exceed expectations in many realms, leaving federal organizations in catch-up mode. According to Forrester’s 2017 Federal Customer Experience Index, 80 percent of federal agencies measured have ... Read & React