For More Workplace Diversity, Should Algorithms Make Hiring Decisions?

Humans are biased decision makers. One well-known and troubling example of this is the tendency for interviewers to hire candidates who remind them of themselves, resulting in workplace homogeneity. In the tech sector, this homogeneity has been particularly extreme: Google’s first ever diversity ... Read & React

What I Learned About My Emotions From Pixar’s 'Inside Out'

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

Last Friday night was movie night for our family and I got to pick. The fact that I chose the new Disney/Pixar movie, Inside Out, instead of Jurassic World probably tells you all you need to know about me. In case you’re not familiar with the premise, Inside Out is an animated tour through the mind ... Read & React

Driving Results in Cities Could Influence Federal Performance Efforts

Federal efforts to increase the use of data in performance management and evaluation may soon cross paths with a parallel effort at the city level. What Works Cities, a new $42 million, three-year initiative launched by Bloomberg Philanthropies in April, will be helping 100 mid-sized cities build ... Read & React

When Your Team Is Silent

You’re leading team meetings regularly and you’re frustrated. Even though you consider yourself a collaborative leader, you’ve noticed that when you invite your team to participate in discussions you’re often met with silence. They stare back at you. Not much is coming out of their mouths’ that’s ... Read & React

3 Ways to Make Government a Smarter Shopper

It is time to rethink federal acquisition, particularly as we move into a new era of governing—one that is focused on delivering public service for the future. There is a groundswell of energy around making procurement a more efficient and outcomes-driven process. Forward-looking agencies are not ... Read & React

When It Comes to Getting a Job, Americans Believe Skills Trump College

Earn a college degree, and you’ll set yourself up for life: a stable job, salary, and mortgage. That was the old adage for generation after generation, following World War II. Yet, both young and old workers no longer hold the same abiding faith in the power of four-year degree, according to the ... Read & React

Five Ways Leaders Can Make It Easier to Let Go

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

Earlier this month, I wrote a post titled What Makes It So Hard to Let Go? In this recent post I wrote for Fast Company, I outline five proven ways that leaders can make it easier to let go: In my 15 years of executive coaching and running leadership development programs, I’ve worked with thousands ... Read & React

Where in the World You’re Most Likely to Be Working Too Much — Or Napping

There’s huge variation in work and leisure culture around the world, often as the result of legally prescribed or enabled policies. Depending on where you are, working 50-plus hours a week might make you a huge outlier, or comparatively normal, according to the OECD’s updatedBetter Life Index, ... Read & React

What Federal Recruiters Can Learn From the NBA Draft

This is the time of year when NBA teams take stock of their personnel and figure out how to leverage the talent of the incoming draft class. Ultimately, the draft is about the improvement of teams through the acquisition of new personnel. And, in this sense, federal agencies and pro basketball ... Read & React

Even Smart Leaders Make These Mistakes

by Adam Grant Professor, Wharton Business School

Recently, I had the pleasure of hosting Jack and Suzy Welch for a lively conversation about their new book, The Real-Life MBA. Based on decades of experience leading and writing about companies, they highlighted six common leadership blunders—all of which are backed by evidence: 1. They don’t ... Read & React