Could the Pentagon Take a Cue From Britain on Public-Private Partnerships?

by Nicholas Greenwood

Public-private partnerships, or P3s, have nearly a quarter-century track record of delivering infrastructure and services for public sector agencies worldwide. Traditionally, P3 projects have been nondefense-related, such as construction of roads, bridges, schools, hospitals and prisons. But some ... Read & React

No One Ever Really Fits a Job Description, So Let Applicants Write Their Own

As anyone who has been on the job market knows, reading the flat, convoluted prose of corporate job listings can be an intimidating and demoralizing experience. Postings often don’t describe an organization’s actual needs, but rather a generically perfect candidate—one that companies don’t actually ... Read & React

The Attention Machine

by Taylor Beck

Human attention isn’t stable, ever, and it costs us: lives lost when drivers space out, billions of dollars wasted on inefficient work, and mental disorders that hijack focus. Much of the time, people don’t realize they’ve stopped paying attention until it’s too late. This “flight of the mind,” as ... Read & React

Degrees Don’t Matter Anymore, Skills Do

by Miles Kimball

If I were to make a nomination for the most destructive belief in our culture, it would be the belief that some people are born smart and others are born dumb. This belief is not only badly off target as a shorthand description of reality, it is the source of many social pathologies and lost ... Read & React

Computers Aren’t Making Us Better Workers Like They Used To

The last decade’s IT-driven productivity gains have largely fallen off, according to a new paper that the San Francisco Fed put up Monday (Feb. 9). Researchers John Fernald and Bing Wang focused on industries that intensively used or created information technology, and they found that the great ... Read & React

The Hidden Cost of a Flexible Job

It's freezing and snowy. It's a million degrees and humid. Your kids are sick. The repairman is coming. You have a doctor's appointment. Whatever the reason, many workers are lucky enough to be able to take advantage of workplaces that offer a bit of flexibility as to when and where they work. But ... Read & React

What Would Happen If You Let Go?

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

When I wrote my first book, The Next Level, my goal was to make clear the high but usually unspoken expectations of rising executives. A standard formulation in my field for providing behavioral guidance is keep doing, start doing, stop doing. I suppose that approach would have worked for The Next ... Read & React

Three Tips for Building a Data-Based Strategy

In a recent article titled “Can Transparency by Legislated?” Paul Eder of the Center for Organizational Excellence makes the case that the availability of data in government is not enough to ensure transparency. Eder writes, “One can draw any potential number of conclusions from data in its raw ... Read & React

Standing Desks Are Good, But Would a Standing Office Be Even Better?

Out-of-whack upper and lower vertebrae. Higher risks for certain cancers. Increased incidence of obesity (especially for minority women). Unsightlyvaricose veins and worse, even early death. Sitting is so bad for people that not even exercise can counteract the toll that it takes on our bodies. Yet ... Read & React

Frozen's Idina Menzel Is Over Perfectionism. You Should Be Too.

If you have ever fought against the negative aspects of perfectionism in your work life—you'll appreciate the drama surrounding Idina Menzel's New Year's Eve performance of "Let it Go,” from the hit movie Frozen. (Yes, she did miss a key note or two. So what?) We've all given a less than stellar ... Read & React