Why Low Unemployment Doesn’t Mean Higher Salaries

Month after month, Department of Labor reports continue to indicate lower unemployment figures. But that may not mean higher salaries. Economic growth and consumer spending are still stagnant, and many Americans continue to experience flat or declining wages. A college graduate in 2017 expects ... Read & React

A TED Speaker Coach’s Trick For More Commanding Presentations Involves Your Toes

by Anne Quito

There’s nothing more distracting than a fidgety presenter. Mindless shifting, swaying and shuffling—it’s a common tick that can undermine hours of preparation. The traditional advice for speakers is to move or gesture to emphasize a point or stand in one spot. But staying put is harder than you ... Read & React

How To Talk To Yourself To Control Emotions

During stressful times, talking to yourself in the third person—silently—could help you control your emotions. This method doesn’t take any more mental effort, say researchers, than talking to yourself in the first person, which is how people normally talk to themselves. The study in Scientific ... Read & React

Is an Unpredictable Leader Good for National Security?

Is unpredictability a virtue or a hindrance in the realm of national security? Since the election of Donald Trump, inquiring minds want to know. Some political commentators view volatility as an asset. This line of argument tends to invoke Richard Nixon’s “madman theory” of international ... Read & React

What To Do Before a Vacation To Make Sure Coming Back To Work Isn’t Pure Agony

by Corinne Purtill

I went on vacation last month. In the final 15 minutes before leaving my desk for a week, I set out-of-office messages on Slack and Gmail, made an Evernote to-do list for my first day back, and closed my laptop, confident I’d return rested, organized, and ready to jump back into work. Vacation ... Read & React

Navigating the Jump From Peer to Boss

Of all of the transitions in your career, the most awkward ones occur when you make the jump from peer to boss. I lived through this several times during my career, and now I work with emerging leaders navigating these important and potentially treacherous steps. These tips will help you survive ... Read & React

Ten Days, Two Months, One Year: How Soon Can You Fire Someone You Know Was a Bad Hire?

Anthony Scaramucci was fired before he officially started his job in the White House.
by Leah Fessler

Consider the brief, wondrous White House career of the Mooch. Ten days after he was hired by US president Donald Trump, Anthony Scaramucci—the bombastic communications director who threatened “to fire everybody” on his team—wound up booted himself. Most bosses won’t have encountered an employee ... Read & React

You’re Probably Asking For Job References From The Wrong Person

by Leah Fessler

According to conventional wisdom, it’s best to use your former bosses for job references. If you don’t, it may look like you’re hiding a sour past. But a new study suggests that if you want to give a potential employer the most thorough possible view of your abilities, manager recommendations ... Read & React

How The FBI Could Get a New Headquarters

The overcrowded and outdated J. Edgar Hoover Building on Pennsylvania Ave. is home to the FBI.
by Eric Cantor

Imagine you live in a dilapidated home your family has outgrown. While you don’t have the cash to remodel and expand, the upside is it is located on a prime piece of real estate. Local homebuilders are willing to make a deal: swap your land for another property and they will help offset some of ... Read & React

Legal Drug Use And Your Security Clearance

A new SF86, the application form used to issue security clearances, is being released this week and will be implemented sometime in August. Many of the changes are procedural and designed to make it easier for individuals to submit complete forms. These changes include updating the options for ... Read & React