Technology is Destroying the Most Important Asset in Your Life

by Zat Rana

“Money isn’t the most important thing in the world. Your time is.” Parents, teachers, and mentors all around the world have spoken these words to us, in one form of another, throughout our lives. It makes sense, too. Most of us come to realize at some point that money is a means, not an end. It ... Read & React

If You Want to Make Smarter Life Decisions, Avoid These Five Mental Biases

by Zat Rana

Our traditional economic models assume that we act as rational agents. The general belief is that we all behave in a way that will maximize our utility value, and thus enable us to thrive in the world. On the surface, this may not appear to be anything to worth disputing, but it is. As much of ... Read & React

Innovation By and For the Government

by Tim Cooke

In 2001, on its second birthday, the CIA’s venture catalyst, In-Q-Tel, still was a novelty. “It’s like a baby with a beard. Everyone is rushing to see it,” said A.B. “Buzzy” Krongard, then the CIA’s executive director. He wasn’t interested in selling every agency in government on the CIA’s idea ... Read & React

How to Win the Hearts and Minds of Colleagues In Distant Time Zones

by Tripti Lahiri Quartz Asia bureau chief

Today, over 125 years ago, US president Chester A. Arthur called a major global conference to discuss the little matter of time. The US had just ironed out the differences in its railway times—until 1883, American railways had to adhere to dozens of times calculated locally, with some ... Read & React

'You Should Be Outraged:' An Air Force General Gives a Lesson in Leadership After Racist Slurs

by Molly Rubin

Racial slurs were posted on message boards on the doors of five black students at the US Air Force Academy’s preparatory school in Colorado Springs, Colorado earlier this week. In response, superintendent lieutenant general Jay Silveria gathered all the Air Force cadets yesterday and did not ... Read & React

A Therapist’s Guide to Staying Productive When You’re Depressed or Heartbroken

by Megan Bruneau

“We entrepreneurs can’t afford to date,” I half-joked to a friend the other day. “We can’t take sick days when we get our hearts smashed.” I’m a therapist who helps people learn to be resilient in the face of life’s uncertainties. But even I catch myself feeling anxious about how to stay ... Read & React

The Case for Evidence in Government

by Douglas Criscitello

Although the U.S. government presides over what collectively must be one of the world’s largest data repositories, its capacity to use that data to build citizen trust and make informed, evidence-based decisions is severely constrained. As explained in an enlightening report recently issued by ... Read & React

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Advice to Women on How to Use Your Voice to Be Taken Seriously

Tuesday, the towering American news anchor Charlie Rose sat folded into an armchair across from U.S. Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. More than once the interviewer threw out questions rapid-fire, and was met with measured silence from his tiny interlocutor. The two spoke for an hour ... Read & React

Making Trump's Government Reforms Stick

by Fred Panzer and Anna Weldon

Under President Trump’s Executive Order on a Comprehensive Plan for Reorganizing the Executive Branch, all agencies are to submit reform plans by the end of this week. The administration’s aim is to make agencies more efficient, effective and accountable. Unfortunately, many government employees ... Read & React

The Importance of Women Mentoring Other Women

Elizabeth Lund, vice president and general manager of Boeing's 777 program, tours a Boeing plant in August.
by B.R.J. O'Donnell

In April 1994, Boeing unveiled the new 777 aircraft, a twin-engine jet used for long-haul flights such as London to Chicago. It was the first airplane to be designed entirely on computers. Since then, there have been almost 5 million 777 flights, and the aircraft has become one of the most ... Read & React