A Crisis Is a Horrible Thing to Waste

When things break bad (even momentarily) in an organization, a number of predictable reflexes kick in. Expenses are cut. Operations reviews evolve into extended, public proctology exams with everyone taking a long look searching for answers and blame. Time horizons shrink, the collective field of ... Read & React

Fidgeting at Work May Be Good For Your Health

Good news, fidgeters, leg shakers and foot tappers: Your inability to sit still may help you live longer. New research suggests that fidgeting may stave off the dangers of sitting, which reports have tied to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even death. A study of more than 12,000 UK women over ... Read & React

Why Do Women Think About the Downsides of Promotions More Than Men Do?

A new study by researchers at the Harvard Business School found that women and men see job promotions as equally attainable, but women are more likely to anticipate negative outcomes as a result of moving up in the workplace. The researchers had hypothesized that the difference in male and female ... Read & React

Can Public Policy Survive Without Government?

(This article originally appeared in the South China Morning Post) Many governments around the world have chosen instruments other than the state bureaucracy to deliver public policy. In my country, the United States, you can find whole service systems in areas like mental health policy entirely ... Read & React

The Top 10 Women Cyber Guardians You Should Know About

by Aliya Sternstein Senior Correspondent

(This article originally appeared on Nextgov) The paucity of women in math and science extends to the data security realm. Women make up 14 percent of federal government cyber personnel, according to a May (ISC)2 global information security workforce study. The number was even lower in the private ... Read & React

This Is the Most Important Employee Benefit Coming to American Workplaces Since 401(k)s

by Shelly Banjo

When Credit Suisse sought to figure out why employees weren’t socking away enough money in their employer-sponsored retirement accounts, it found many were diverting their savings to cover student loan payments. So, as part of a bigger overhaul of its benefit plans, the bank struck a deal with ... Read & React

More Proof That When It Comes to Hiring, It’s Who You Know

by Alice Truong

There are a number of reason why white men dominate the technology industry, including the fact they tend to invest in or hire others that look like them. Paul Graham, the venture capitalist who founded tech accelerator Y Combinator, received his share of backlash in 2013 when he told the New York ... Read & React

The Other One Percent

by Stan Soloway President/CEO, Professional Services Council

The Obama administration has now issued its 13th executive order primarily aimed at government contractors. This one, which was released on Labor Day, would require government contractors to provide seven days of paid sick leave per year. But when you get into the specifics of the order, it becomes ... Read & React

The Guide to Structuring Your Perfect Work Day

by Rachel Feltman

Optimizing your work day to maximize your productivity and happiness admittedly isn’t a hard science. Differences in body chemistry, sleep routine, personality, profession, and office culture mean that one person’s ideal day is another’s productivity nightmare. But there are some evidence-based ... Read & React

Overcoming Obstacles to Creating a Culture of Learning

Every organization needs to develop its own, unique culture of learning in order to best meet its business goals and address employee needs in order to survive in today’s competitive business landscape. However, the reality is that there are often tangible organizational obstacles to establishing ... Read & React