What's on Your De-Stress Checklist?

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

In a meeting with a group of CEO’s last week, we were talking about how to show up at your best under conditions of high stress. One of the group shared a checklist of that a wellness expert had given him. It was a list of activities you could do either indoors or outdoors that would lower your ... Read & React

Monty Python’s John Cleese on The Secret of Success

by Jeff Slate

“Carl Jung said that if in the second half of your life you try to develop the things that were undeveloped in the first half, you get much more out of life than if you go on doing the same things,” John Cleese, the icon of British comedy group Monty Python and author of a new memoir, tells me as ... Read & React

Management and the Art of Future Thinking

“Leaders aren’t born.  Just like anything else, they are made through hard work. That is the price we must pay to achieve our goals.”—Vince Lombardi Warren Bennis, who died in July at age 89, pioneered leadership as a business discipline. He said managers seek to do things right, while leaders ... Read & React

The Power of Being Vulnerable

Vulnerable: Emotionally open to attack, harm, or damage. —Merriam-Webster.com We were young and old, male and female, leaders and coaches, sitting in a circle at the retreat center that houses a profound learning experience called Presence-Based Coaching. We were learning to learn from each other. ... Read & React

Amid Stagnant Incomes, Work and Family Are Increasingly at Odds

It's a question that has fixated philosophers for generations: what are the ingredients of a successful life? It's also a question that Patrice H. wrestles with in far grittier terms every day in the small Alabama town where she lives. Patrice, 42, works for an auto parts dealer building headlamps, ... Read & React

5 Tips for Developing Infographics to Communicate Your Value

by Arleta Cobb

It seems like everyone is talking about data visualization and infographics. Some may say infographics are an easy way out of providing detail in a report or memo. I’ve found the opposite to be true. Infographics are an effective way to distill large amounts of data into smaller pieces that are ... Read & React

Bilinguals Have Stronger, Faster Brains Than The Rest of Us

"Salida" means "exit" in Spanish.
by Sonali Kohli

Learning another language is touted as a cure-all for all manner of things: dementia, distraction, over-parenting, to name a few. Now, thanks to two recent studies, there is evidence that language-learning actually sharpens your brain by changing its mechanics. One of the studies, published in the ... Read & React

7 Things Leaders Can Learn from Bill Clinton About Connecting With People

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

Delivering his monologue after the midterm elections last week, David Letterman was talking about President Obama’s low approval ratings and landed a great line: “Take a look at this: gas under $3 a gallon -- under $3 a gallon. Unemployment under 6 percent, whoever thought? Stock market breaking ... Read & React

The Complete Guide to Networking For Introverts

Most people find networking to be a somewhat uncomfortable endeavor. But the task of meeting and greeting strangers en masse—and ultimately asking them for business—can be far more painful for introverts, according to research. Extroverts, who tend to excel at building contacts outside their ... Read & React

The Most Influential Books of the Past Decade

by Adam Grant Professor, Wharton Business School

Every once in a while, we read a book that doesn’t just transform the way we see the world, it also changes how we live our lives. For the past 10 years, I’ve been asking business leaders and students which book has most influenced their actions. I give them one rule: it must include rigorous ... Read & React