How Much Sleep Do Americans Trade for Work?

Among my Type A, career-minded friends, I've heard two opposing types of personal mantras for the amount of sleep a person should get. The first: 8 hours of sleep will help you be more awake and aware, and then you can work harder. The second: Sleep is for losers. The American Time Use Survey(ATUS) ... Read & React

The 10 Tell-Tale Signs Your Boss Doesn’t Like You

by Bernard Marr

Does your boss really like you? While it’s true that you don’t have to be bosom buddies with your boss in order to do your job, it certainly makes things a lot more difficult if there’s some personal dislike between you and your superiors. But how can you tell if you’re really disliked, or if ... Read & React

First Reflect, Then Project

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

We’re very close to the time of year when people start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. There’s just something about that blank calendar (or at least more blank than your end of 2014 calendar) that makes hope spring forth that the coming year will be different in the ways that matter most. ... Read & React

Bringing Out the Best in the Executive Ranks

Last week, President Obama and several agency heads spoke at a meeting of senior executives in Washington. The event helped frame why executive leadership remains a critical core of federal workforce productivity and effectiveness, and the president introduced several initiatives intended to ... Read & React

Leaders Behaving Badly

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

You don’t have to look very hard in any given week to find examples of leaders behaving badly. This week had a couple of doozies. First, we had the story of Heather Cho, the vice president of in-flight customer service for Korean Air. She was traveling on her own airline and as her plane from ... Read & React

Avoid Getting Caught in the Quagmire of Key Performance Indicators

Does your organization need some key performance indicators? Do not worry. To your rescue come organizations and books. And do they have KPIs for you. For example, the KPI gurus at Actuate Corp. have created—just for you—a free KPI library containing over 650 KPIs. What more could you ask for? ... Read & React

Why Lefties Make Less

Baseball is one of the few industries where left-handed people make less money.
by Joe Pinsker

There’s a stereotype that left-handed people are clumsier, but that might have something to do with the fact that they live in a world of objects optimized for the right-handed: scissors, the computer mouse, surgical tools, and guns, to name a few. The discrimination against the 12 percent of the ... Read & React

Here is One Simple Trick to End Your Inbox Insanity

by Sidin Vadukut

You’ve tried Google’s new Inbox app and every other bloody “email management” app out there. You’ve tried browser extensions, browser add-ons, the hipster journal, the non-hipster journal, GTD books, mindfulness, lifehacking… nothing ever works—your inbox is a mess. You have thousands of emails ... Read & React

Take This Critical First Step to Boosting Employee Engagement

Is your organization looking for ways to increase employee engagement? If not, it’s time to start prioritizing as new guidelines from the Obama administration require agency leaders to ensure their performance plans include engagement-related strategies and actions. Organizations with engaged ... Read & React

Leading America's Workforce

Yesterday the president honored the incredible innovation, energy and commitment of the senior leaders of America’s federal workforce. These public servants come from all walks of life and from every corner of America to carry on the proud tradition of dedicating their careers to serving others. In ... Read & React