Are Smartphones Making Us Less Productive?

by Eshe Nelson

Are we so constantly distracted by our smartphones that it’s making us less productive? This is not an idle thought, but a serious question recently posed by the Bank of England. In a post on the central bank’s blog, Dan Nixon, who works in the bank’s content and strategy department, highlights ... Read & React

Can Withering Public Trust In Government Be Traced Back To the JFK Assassination?

by Ryan Kellus Turner Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice, St. Edward's University

The recent release of the JFK files led to a surge of media coverage about the Kennedy assassination and its aftermath. But it’s not like public interest has ever really abated. On any day of the week, visit Dealey Plaza, the downtown Dallas site of the assassination. You’ll see curious ... Read & React

Study: Three Or Four Cups Of Coffee A Day Does You More Good Than Harm

by Robin Poole Specialist Registrar in Public Health, University of Southampton

Drinking moderate amounts of coffee – about three or four cups a day – is more likely to benefit our health than harm it, our latest research shows. This is important to know because around the world over two billion cups of coffee are consumed every day. Earlier studies have suggested ... Read & React

To Calm Your Emotions, Get 15 Minutes Alone

Being by yourself—even for just 15 minutes—may decrease your strong positive and negative emotions, and instead reduce stress and induce calm, a new study suggests. Lead researcher Thuy-vy Nguyen, a doctoral candidate in clinical and social sciences in psychology at the University of Rochester, ... Read & React

Arrogance Can Be an Underrated Quality In a Boss

by Lila MacLellan

A natural self-assuredness and eagerness to brag made Michael Scott, the awkward manager played by Steve Carrell in the hit 2000s comedy The Office, a deliciously ridiculous character. Somehow, Michael managed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #NationalBossDay #TheOffice — The Office ... Read & React

Federal Managers Should Learn From Denver’s ‘Peak Performance’ Program

It should not have been surprising when the House unanimously passed the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act (H.R. 4174) earlier this month. The goal, as Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., noted in remarks aimed at encouraging the Senate to pass the bill, is “to make sure federal policies ... Read & React

The First Rule Of Public Speaking, According To an Expert On Eloquence

So you’ve been asked to speak publicly. Feel free to sweat profusely, rifle through some $10 vocab words, pick out what you’ll wear, sweat some more. But first: Ask how much time you have to speak. “Organizers usually have an answer,” says linguist David Crystal in his 2016 book, The Gift of the ... Read & React

OPM Can Lead the Transformation of Government

The Office of Personnel Management has a rare opportunity to lead government transformation. For those who would argue that OPM has been overly focused on the transactional elements of traditional human resources management, consider the potential that comes with a new administration focused on ... Read & React

Research Shows Jerks Get Ahead In Spite Of Their Jerkiness, Not Because Of It

Steve Jobs had lots of good qualities—being a jerk wasn’t one of them.
by Christine Porath Professor, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University

Does it really pay to be civil? Or do jerks get ahead? Some point to leaders that seem to succeed even though they behave uncivilly, but after researching the topic for over two decades, I believe those people have succeeded despite their incivility. Studies by Morgan McCall including those with ... Read & React

How To Network At Conferences Even If You're Not a Natural

by Ben Waber

Years ago I was at a conference where the CEO of a Fortune 100 technology company was going to speak about his view of the future. I’d never seen him speak in person before, and I was excited. This guy led one of the most successful companies in the world. Surely he’d have a mind-blowing vision ... Read & React