What to Do When Your Team Is Struggling

One of the more powerful leadership learning moments in my career occurred when I was part of project team that was struggling to find traction around an important and complicated strategic initiative. The team was flailing. The first leader, an autocratic, my-way-or-the-highway type, had been ... Read & React

15 Ways Successful People Approach Life Differently

In many ways successful people are just like unsuccessful people. They come from all sorts of backgrounds, all types of demographics, have all levels of education and experience and expertise. In many ways successful people are the same as everyone else. Yet look closely and you'll see that in ... Read & React

How to Build a Next Gen Program That Works

by Alan Pentz Partner, Corner Alliance

Next gen is a big buzzword in government right now. As with any buzzword, it’s been overused and misused, but fundamentally it signifies the pressures and changes that technology is creating for federal programs and agencies. The terms are familiar: cloud computing, ubiquitous mobility, big data, ... Read & React

6 Really Simple Ways to Boost Learning and Development

How do your employees secure the training they require to remain effective? Are needs identified, with content readily available, or do significant lags exist between skill gap identification and supportive training? Does your training directive align with the current path of your organization? Or ... Read & React

Five Tips from Federal Innovation Entrepreneurs

by John Kamensky Senior Fellow, IBM Center for the Business of Government

Using “lightning round” presentations, nearly a dozen presenters shared their stories. Andy Feldman from the Department of Education, who coordinated the event, noted that the goal wasn’t innovation for innovation’s sake, but rather to use innovation as a tool to tackle mission-related performance ... Read & React

You’re Probably Doing Email Introductions Wrong

by Anand Sanwal CEO and co-founder, CB Insights

If you are introducing two people without using a double opt-in intro, you have a high likelihood of being a terrible person. Yup–I said it. First, what’s a single opt-in intro? Very simply, a single opt-in intro is where you are introduced to someone via email without them giving you a heads up ... Read & React

What It Will Take to Move the Needle on Reform

by Stan Soloway President/CEO, Professional Services Council

This is a good year for advocates of acquisition reform. The House and Senate fiscal 2016 defense authorization bills, traditionally the acquisition table setters, contain significant, forward-leaning reforms that are both overdue and essential. The Senate bill in particular contains provisions ... Read & React

The Surprising Benefit of Comparing Yourself to Others

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

Every so often you hear a story that’s the exception that proves the rule. In this case, the rule is don’t compare yourself to others; just do your best and play your own game. The exception is the story that David Duval shared this past weekend at the British Open. Even if you follow golf, you may ... Read & React

Setting Your Own Schedule Actually Makes You Work More

Ah, the freedom of flexible work. Pick your own start and end times, and whether and how much you work at the office. It sounds pretty great in comparison to a regimented shift, or clocking in and out every day. It also indicates a level of trust by an employer. Shift work is obviously necessary in ... Read & React

Why Plugging the Cyber Breach Is the 2nd Biggest Problem at OPM

by Donald F. Kettl Professor, University of Maryland School of Public Policy

Beth Cobert has just walked into the toughest job in Washington. Tens of millions of federal employees and their families have had their personal information stolen. Members of Congress have called into question the competence of the Office of Personnel Management in allowing the cyber breach to ... Read & React