Be Prepared: Disruption Is Coming

by Alan Pentz Partner, Corner Alliance

We see a lot of headlines in the commercial sector about the consequences of technology disruption. Barnes and Noble disrupted the local book store and then Amazon disrupted Barnes and Noble. Apple disrupted music and the personal camera market, which had already been through a disruption as film ... Read & React

How to Master Situational Leadership

by Fred Schmalz

There is a saying repeated often in the U.S. Army: “Where you stand is where you sit.” It means, in essence, that your perspective depends on the position you occupy in an organization. When 19th century general Braxton Bragg was serving simultaneously as a company commander and company ... Read & React

New Research Shows the Very Human Heart of When, Why and How We Fail

by Cassie Werber

As a species, we are not very good at coping with failure. Most of us hate the very idea of it—even if the failing-fast mantras of startup culture, which have now spread well beyond Silicon Valley, pressure us to profess otherwise. We tell ourselves all the time that we have to try, and try, and ... Read & React

Pay for Success Can Stretch Agency Budgets, and Already Has

With authorizing legislation that would extend the concept now stalled in Congress, the Obama administration appears to be following an alternate path to supporting the small but growing model of performance-based government called pay for success. Like performance-based contracting, ... Read & React

How a Generational Shift is Putting New Demands on Managers

As aging Baby Boomers exit the workforce, they will take with them a great deal of skill, knowledge, wisdom, institutional memory, relationships, and the last vestiges of the old-fashioned work ethic. Organizations with significant “age bubbles” in their employee demographics will need to dedicate ... Read & React

Do Workers Slack Off More When the Economy's Better?

There’s something that nearly every manager worries about and no employee can honestly deny doing at least a little bit: not working at work. According to the American Time Use Survey, U.S. workers spend nearly 9 hoursat work each weekday, but even by their own admission, not all that time is spent ... Read & React

Are You Turning Off Your New Employees on Day One?

During my 32-year federal career, I encountered hundreds of new employees who were enthusiastic about the promise of a great government career and the opportunity to make a difference. But after a brief period, far too many of these bright-eyed, bushy-tailed people were turned off and, in some ... Read & React

OMB, Agencies Need to Read the Fine Print in 2016 Budget

by John Kamensky Senior Fellow, IBM Center for the Business of Government

Buried deep in the 2016 consolidated appropriations bill passed by Congress late last year to avert another government shutdown there are a number of obscure provisions that have important implications for the Office of Management and Budget and federal agencies. Like a trail of bread crumbs left ... Read & React

Powerful People are Terrible at Making Decisions Together

by Corinne Purtill

Corporate boards, the US Congress, and global gatherings like the just-wrapped World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, are all built on a simple theory of problem solving: Get enough smart and powerful people in a room and they’ll figure it out. This may be misguided. The very traits that ... Read & React

A Life-Changing Decision to Feel and Perform Better

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

What if there were an inexpensive pill with no side effects that would cure many of your aches and pains, spark weight loss, give you more energy, leave you in a better mood, increase your mental focus, help you get more done and extend and improve your life? You’d line up for that, right? So, ... Read & React