Here’s How Quickly Interviewers Decide Whether or Not to Hire Someone

There’s a common belief that interviewers tend to make hiring decisions within a few minutes of meeting someone, often based on little more than a couple of inane details. That assumption is supported by research, but the studies were small and they were conducted in labs. So a team of researchers ... Read & React

Amid All the Pomp, Where Are the Public Management Degrees?

This is the season for graduations. My son finally made it, graduating from Penn State with a degree in political science. (He did well.) In perusing the commencement receptions for each major, I thought there might be faculty in attendance who share my professional interests. That prompted me to ... Read & React

The Financial Perks of Being Tall

It's good to be tall.
by Joe Pinsker

In the 1960s and 70s, Thomas Gregor, an anthropologist at Vanderbilt, traveled to central Brazil to see if height was prized by people beyond the developed world. For years, he observed the Mehinaku, a group that lived in the tropical forest and was so thoroughly unmodern that they had never seen ... Read & React

Pope Francis' Nine Rules for Happy Living

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

In case you haven’t been paying attention, it turns out that Pope Francis is one of the most popular people in the world. A recent Pew Research Center survey found that he has a 90 percent favorability rating among U.S. Catholics and a 70 percent favorability rating among all Americans. Another Pew ... Read & React

Colliding With the Third Rail

It is the classic dilemma of a corporate mouthpiece: The client doesn't want to talk: Crisis? "Let's wait for the lawyers." Bad news? "It'll blow over." Gossip? "Just ignore that." The underlying assumption is always the same, too: "If you give them any attention, you're only legitimizing their ... Read & React

Why Your Routine Is Killing Your Creativity

I’ve always considered human beings to be creatures of habit. Throughout our lives, it seems as though we’re constantly jumping from one schedule to the next. From preschool to the workplace, we’ve been conditioned to follow an agenda and have learned that straying from it can create room for ... Read & React

5 Critical Mistakes That Blunt Leadership Effectiveness

Since 2000, according to numerous national surveys, less than one-third of workers in the United States are engaged in their work as measured by their involvement, enthusiasm and commitment. If you simply reflect on your most recent encounter as a consumer at your local retail store, restaurant or ... Read & React

4 Reasons to Take the Survey

by Katherine Archuleta Director of the Office of Personnel Management

Real change in the workplace comes from the bottom up. Each employee has important feedback to give and now is the time for your voice to be heard. The Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey provides senior leaders and managers with data that shows what works well and what needs to be improved within ... Read & React

The Weakening Definition of 'Diversity'

by Gillian B. White

What qualifies as a “diverse” workplace? Does it mean that employees are of a variety of different races and genders? Or does it mean they’ve had a variety of life experiences? Millennials seem to be tilting toward that latter, more easily attainable vision. Arecent study from Deloitte and the ... Read & React

Smart Hiring: The Quality Imperative

With the emergence of several job sourcing sites like USAJobs, there are more candidates applying for more positions in the federal government than ever before. Each year, agencies post thousands of job vacancy announcements, resulting in many more thousands of applicants. This seems like great ... Read & React