When Fatigue Boosts Creativity

by Olga Khazan

Most people know, instinctively, whether they are morning people or evening people. Some are hit with a wave of dread whenever they hear a stranger’s iPhone clanging out the same ringtone as their morning alarm. Others can be found yawning into their second beer at 10 p.m. on a Friday. (For ... Read & React

10 Ways to Lead Bigger

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

As I wrote here a few months ago, the biggest development opportunity for many of the rising leaders I work with as an executive coach is to play a bigger game. Once a leader achieves a level of mastery in leading his or her functional team, the next step is to play a bigger leadership role ... Read & React

Government That Works: Making It Safe to Report Bad Results

Few stories about government failure have been more egregious than the 2014 story about 40 veterans who reportedly died while waiting to get an appointment at the Veteran’s Affairs Department facility in Phoenix. Following the scandal, an internal VA audit found a pattern of pressure in the agency ... Read & React

Influence: The Ultimate Power Tool

In business today, effective influence is essential. Want your ideas implemented? You must influence others to act on them. Want more advancement or responsibility? You must influence executives to see the value you offer. And to be an effective leader you must be able to influence others. In all ... Read & React

Learning From Mistakes Can Catapult Your Career

Ray Dalio is the founder of Bridgewater Associates, one of the largest hedge funds in the world. He has been considered one of the most influential people in the world by various lists, and, with a net worth of $15.2 billion in October 2014, he is the 30th richest person in America. By any ... Read & React

What is a Stakeholder? 6 Things You Should Know

by Alan Pentz Partner, Corner Alliance

The word stakeholder is used to mean many different things in government, the nonprofit sector and in business. It’s a broad and confusing term that takes in everyone who has any interest in what an organization does. They have a “stake” or interest in the decisions and fate of your organization. ... Read & React

Building Inclusive Diversity: More Than Numbers

by Katherine Archuleta Director of the Office of Personnel Management

My passion for building a federal workforce that looks like the America we serve is not just about numbers. It is about the American people benefiting from the talent, the wisdom, the experience, and the insights of people from every community in this great country. We need that diversity at every ... Read & React

You Are Almost Certainly Starting Salary Negotiations Wrong

Asking for a raise is one of the most fraught parts of a working life, a process maniacally Googled and agonized over with friends. Advice is often conflicting. Don’t give your number first, or always do. Start with a number you don’t really expect to get, or ask for nothing at all. A frequent ... Read & React

​Five Ways to Avoid GAO’s High-Risk List

In February, the Government Accountability Office welcomed the incoming Congress with its 2015 high-risk list of poor performing federal programs—an unlimited gift card for some, a messy glitter bomb for others. I read the report. Well, OK, I skimmed it and focused on the sections of most interest. ... Read & React

The Steps to Happiness: One Less, One More

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

We’ve all heard the phrase less is more. Perhaps it’s also true that more is less. I think that’s where Robbie Vorhaus is coming from with his recent book, One Less. One More. Follow Your Heart. Be Happy. Change Slowly. Vorhaus is a well respected crisis expert and communications strategist with ... Read & React