Optimism Is the Enemy of Action

by Magdalena Puniewska

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when positive thinking became the star of the self-help industry. The idea of optimism is older than America itself (some accounts date it back to ancient Greece), and positive psychology has been validating its benefits since long before Oprah and Deepak Chopra. ... Read & React

Job Requirements: 'Good Feet, Eyesight, and a Trim Figure'

Telephone operators work in Seattle in 1952.
by Olga Khazan

One reason the gender wage gap persists is that well-paying, male-dominated jobs are, frankly, so bro-ish. Last year, researchers at the University of Waterloo and Duke University found that there's still a fair amount of subtle gender bias in job descriptions. Listings for highly remunerative jobs ... Read & React

How to Think Strategically as a Leader

by Jackson Nickerson Associate Dean, Brookings Executive Education

What is strategic thinking and how can I get better at it?—Anonymous In our rapidly changing world, strategic thinking is a tent pole of leadership. Good strategic thinking can help resolve challenges. But bad strategic thinking almost always makes the situation worse. Outside of dictionary ... Read & React

Morale Problems? What Would Your Employees Do?

The White House intruder should be a wake-up call across government. When morale declines, so does performance. The Secret Service fiasco is one case in point. Employees become less attentive, easily distracted, unwilling to exert more than the minimum effort, and a few will act out. There is no ... Read & React

Americans Prefer Male Bosses, Even though Women are Better for Business

by Sonali Kohli

A new Gallup poll found that American men and women prefer a male boss to a female one. Though the popularity of women bosses has improved since the 1950s, it hasn’t changed much in this century. Instead, the number of people who say they prefer men has decreased, and “no preference” has increased ... Read & React

Drinking Coffee, for Your Health

In college, when I worked part-time as a barista at a local coffee shop, I would often serve the same customers day in and day out. To the point that, before they’d even say anything, I would know what certain people wanted to order: large skim mocha, medium iced latté (light on the milk), black ... Read & React

Data Is Driving STEM Recruitment

by Katherine Archuleta Director of the Office of Personnel Management

Last week, the Indian Treaty Room at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building became a showcase for the Office of Personnel Management’s initiative to attract the best talent in science, technology engineering and math to federal service. This “Datapalooza” was part of a celebration of the ... Read & React

Bad Meetings Aren't Just Boring

Most meetings don’t manage to accomplish much more than serving as a lengthy update on what people are up to—and as an interruption to their work. According to Nest CEO Tony Fadell, such meetings also come at a substantial cost. He put a very high dollar value on it at a Fast Company conference: ... Read & React

Let’s Give Federal Leaders the Digital Toolkit They Need

by Alan Pentz Partner, Corner Alliance

Data analytics, content marketing (blogging, video, white papers, etc.), social media engagement and tracking, and many other buzzwords are the keys to successful marketing in the private sector. The capabilities associated with these terms are increasingly the lifeblood of the way companies ... Read & React

7 Ways to Succeed at Something You Know Nothing About

I often find myself landing jobs and opportunities for which I am not entirely qualified, based solely on experience. I don’t lie on my résumé, or claim to have experience I don’t, but I’m constantly being offered opportunities that sometimes have me thinking, “Who, me? Are you sure?” I then ... Read & React