Please Don’t Talk About THAT

Many times, I hear people say things like: "you can talk about this and can talk about that, but please don't talk about that." I remember when I was a little girl and whenever a controversial subject came up my mother used to say "shhh" and her mother used to say "shhh" and my other grandmother ... Read & React

Why Your Strategy Is Failing

You are motivated, you and your team are committed, and you come out of a strategy development process inspired. You put the document together, you do initial outreach and then it inevitably fizzles. Was it the wrong strategy? Were the wrong people involved? Was your team actually never invested in ... Read & React

Gender Inequality Is Costing the World $28 Trillion

by Corinne Purtill

A new report quantifies what enlightened employers have long known: gender parity in the workforce has enormous value. A new study from the McKinsey Global Institute analyzed current and potential economic output in 95 countries around the world, and found that if women and men contributed equally ... Read & React

How Lazy Bosses Avoid Doing Their Jobs

We all overuse certain words and phrases. That's natural. But if you're a boss hoping to communicate effectively -- or be taken seriously -- that's also a real problem. Platitudes aren't just annoying. Resorting to platitudes shows you don't want to listen, don't want to take action . . . in short, ... Read & React

What Any of Us Can Learn From Pope Francis

Pope Francis greeting schoolchildren in Washington last week.
by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

Like a lot of Americans, I spent a lot of last week transfixed by the coverage of Pope Francis’ trip to the United States. I’m not Catholic, but found myself moved by his words and images several times. The pictures were what really got me. The look of joy of people in the crowds as Francis passed ... Read & React

Don’t Hate Mondays — They’re the Best Day to Apply For a Job

The next time you find yourself with “a case of the Mondays” act fast and apply for a job—it’s the best odds you’ll get all week. In the US at least, 30% of Monday job applicants make it to the next stage in the hiring process, according to The least successful application day is ... Read & React

Phishing Scams Aren’t Likely to End Federal Careers Anytime Soon

Love online coupons? Can't get enough gaming from your work PC? Do you click every interesting link that lands in your inbox? The chief information security officer at the Homeland Security Department wants those who fall victim to multiple phishing attacks to lose not just their pride — but their ... Read & React

Expanding the Reach of Precision Medicine

by Dr. Francis Collins Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Readers of the NIH Director’s Blog know how excited I am about the potential of precision medicine for revolutionizing efforts to treat disease and improve human health. So, it stands to reason that I’m delighted by the positive reactions of researchers, health professionals, and the public to a ... Read & React

The Best Job Candidates Don't Always Have College Degrees

Last month, the U.K. office of the accounting firm Ernst & Young announced that, starting next year, it will no longer require new hires to have a college degree. Candidates for jobs at EY’s U.K. office used to have to meet the grade baseline of a B average in college, but will soon be evaluated ... Read & React

Preparing for the 'Silver Tsunami'

While the millennial generation continues to enter the workforce in ever growing numbers, employers are confronted with another workforce challenge from the other end of the employee spectrum: the “silver tsunami” — that wave of maturing associates either preparing to exit the workforce or making ... Read & React