When to Switch Jobs to Get the Biggest Salary Increase

by Oliver Staley

For job hoppers, knowing when to move on is a fraught question. Leaving too soon may appear flighty; staying too long can lead to calcification. ADP, the payroll processing company, analyzed salary information for 24 million private-sector workers, including those who switched employers, in the ... Read & React

Stop Complaining About Your Indecisive Boss

by Dannielle Blumenthal Federal communicator and co-founder, All Things Brand

It is one of the biggest frustrations people have with the government, with the workplace, with their loved ones, significant others and even with themselves—the inability to simply make a decision: "I do not understand how they can sit and sit and sit on that legislation." "I wrote that article ... Read & React

An Excess of Multiple-Award Contracts Is Creating New Problems for Government

For the better part of the past decade, procurement shops throughout the federal government couldn’t seem to stop themselves from creating new contract vehicles. There’s something alluring about seeding and cultivating a multiple-award contract, with dozens of companies clamoring to participate and ... Read & React

The Hard Work of Leading Is All In Your Mind

The hardest work of leading you’ll ever do is not the coaching, problem-solving, communicating and other externally focused activities that occupy your days. Rather, the heavy lifting of creating success as a leader goes on in the space between your ears. It’s choosing right versus wrong; thinking ... Read & React

People Over 40 Are More Productive When They Work Part-Time

After a relaxing four-day weekend, you might find that you’re more productive at work than usual. You’re not the only one. Researchers have evidence that aging brains function best when they work part-time. For employees over the age of 40, the sweet spot for the best productivity is around three ... Read & React

Obama Administration’s New Performance Grade: Improved, But Work Remains

The Obama administration has made substantial progress in measuring federal program effectiveness, but more needs to be done to shift federal funding to programs that work, according to a scorecard released Monday by Results for America, a bipartisan advocacy organization that supports greater ... Read & React

150 Years Ago, a Renowned Philosopher Called Busyness the Sign of an Unhappy Person

If you’re reading this on your phone, rushing to the subway while hunting for your headphones, then you need to stop. At least, that’s what Søren Kierkegaard, the Danish philosopher who lived at the beginning of the 19th century, would advise. Last week, brainpickings pointed out just how relevant ... Read & React

How Poor Communication Fosters Distrust in Government

by Dannielle Blumenthal Federal communicator and co-founder, All Things Brand

People nowadays don't trust the government. Maybe you think they shouldn't trust the government. Frankly, sometimes I don't trust the government. And sometimes, unfortunately, that mistrust is well-placed. (Just pick up any newspaper.) Most of the time, though, we government employees are a pretty ... Read & React

Benchmarking: A Practical Guide for Federal Agencies

by Sukumar Dwarkanath

Mission-support functions are integral to an agency’s operations. These administrative or back-office functions—acquisition, financial management, human capital, information technology and real property—are normally managed as cost centers. Managed well, using advanced technologies and analytics, ... Read & React

The Science of Keeping Your Cool Around Co-Workers Causing You Stress

by Caroline Webb

One Sunday afternoon, Nancy, an executive in the tech industry, got a call from an irate colleague. She’d made a business decision that he didn’t approve of, and his response was to shout and curse at her over the phone: “You’re so stupid. What an idiotic thing to do. You stupid ****.” He plowed on ... Read & React