The Salary Increase You Can Expect From a Graduate Degree, By Major

In the immediate aftermath of the financial crisis, things were truly dicey for America’s freshly minted college graduates. Many had a tough time finding employment of any kind, let alone in their chosen field of study. A few years makes a big difference, though. Unemployment is falling for recent ... Read & React

How Diverse Should Your Team Be?

From business to academia to sports, how to build effective teams is a crucial question. What organizing principles best enhance individuals’ performance and are most conducive to creativity? One popular theory holds that diversity is key. Assemble a heterogeneous group of people, and, as Ned Smith ... Read & React

What Would You Say in Your Acceptance Speech?

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

So imagine this. You’re an Academy Awards nominee and you’ve just won a coveted Oscar. (Maybe even a super cool Lego Oscar like Oprah got.) You’ve got around 60 seconds at the podium to say what’s on your heart before the orchestra cranks it up and starts playing you off the stage. What would you ... Read & React

5 Ways to Make Your Management Consultants More Effective

by Steve Goodrich

The world of management consulting has evolved over the years. There is actually less pure consulting or advisory services and more technical services being provided to customers. Technical service is provided when an outside firm develops or implements a solution for an agency that is already ... Read & React

Love Coffee? You Should Probably Be Drinking Even More

Unless you’re drinking at least three cups of coffee a day, you should consider upping your java habit. The US dietary guidelines advisory committee, which makes recommendations to the Food and Drug Administration and other federal agencies, released a report this week that points to the health ... Read & React

Why Good Managers Sometimes Make Bad Crisis Leaders

You are the manager of a big organization and you know your business. Each day, you make important decisions regarding money, policy and strategy. You’re in total control. Without warning, you are confronted with a major crisis: an earthquake, a fire or a reputational risk. Now you find yourself ... Read & React

Escaping Groundhog Day: 5 Tips for Innovation

This month we observe Groundhog Day, and like the Bill Murray movie of the same name, many government and nonprofit leaders suffer from experiencing the same day, problem or meeting over and over. This cycle can lead to frustration, declining morale and ultimately burnout, and it can be hard to ... Read & React

American Millennials Are Behind Most of Their Counterparts in Some Basic Skills

Americans should study harder for their math tests.
by Sonali Kohli

American millennials are lagging behind their counterparts in other wealthy countries, according to a new report from the Educational Testing Service (ETS), a nonprofit that researches, develops, and administers tests. The ETS analyzed test results from the OECD’s adult skills assessment to ... Read & React

Developing Managers Versus Leaders

by John Kamensky Senior Fellow, IBM Center for the Business of Government

The distinction between management and leadership is important because they serve different roles in an organization—and they require different approaches in how they are developed. The Government Accountability Office has released its updated list of high risk areas across the federal government. ... Read & React

Speaking While Female

Years ago, while producing the hit TV series The Shield, Glen Mazzara noticed that two young female writers were quiet during story meetings. He pulled them aside and encouraged them to speak up more. Watch what happens when we do, they replied. Almost every time they started to speak, they were ... Read & React