5 Things to Know About Phased Retirement

by Katherine Archuleta Director of the Office of Personnel Management

I’m happy to report that the Office of Personnel Management last month issued its final phased retirement regulations. I know that many agencies and federal employees are eager to take advantage of this new, innovative alternative to traditional retirement. I think that this new policy, once it is ... Read & React

Agoraphobia and the Telecommuter

by Lenika Cruz

Labor experts and industry analysts have written at length about the explosion of telecommuting in the last decade. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s decision to ban workers from telecommuting earlier this year attracted the ire of working moms and other critics who call the work-from-home trend the ... Read & React

Travel Tips for the Mindful Road Warrior

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

My work requires a lot of travel to meet with and present to clients. As the recent news stories about high altitude disputes over reclining seats on airplanes suggest, business travel can be stressful. That stress can eat you alive if you let it. Over the years, I’ve adopted some routines that ... Read & React

Reflections on 9/11 and Excellence in Government

As we paused last week to remember the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001, I am reminded of how that event changed so much of our history—including impacting how government moved forward to manage technology and people who care deeply about serving the American people, and working with our ... Read & React

The Way HR Works Needs to Change

It seems nowadays it is rare to open up an issue of an HR magazine, visit a blog site, or attend an HR show without reading or hearing about big data. Let’s put this in the context of HR and submit a use case where a high-tech company were to open a new HQ location. HR would be tasked to help drive ... Read & React

Guess Where the Government Ranks in Customer Satisfaction?

by Lara Shane VP Research and Communications, Partnership for Public Service

Most Americans agree that the level of customer service they receive from cable companies and the airline industry is less than stellar. Yet, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, citizens gave even lower marks to the federal government. Only Internet service providers received ... Read & React

​Without Users, Performance Measurement Is Useless

Let’s be honest.  A whole lot of people in and around government think performance measurement is an annoyance that needs to get done because it is legally required. Consequently, they measure as minimally as possible to comply. Others think of measurement as a means to motivate by promising reward ... Read & React

The Ultimate Office Perk: Not Having an Office

Tech behemoths and startups alike spend a fortune on creating plush offices with lots of perks. But arguably the biggest perk is allowing employees to work wherever they want, whenever they want. This is something Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg understood a decade ago when he launched the online ... Read & React

Want to Be Happier? Try Walking Even Part of the Way to Work

by Sam Sturgis

Our daily commutes to work can significantly influence our mental state. Taking public transportation may be more beneficial than driving, researchers find. But ultimately an active commute—especially walking or bicycling—is the most beneficial for our emotional well-being, according to an ... Read & React

The NFL Shows That Culture Change (or Lack of It) Starts at the Top

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

In the annals of interesting timing, it doesn’t get much better than an article that ran in theFinancial Times this past Monday morning. It was a piece titled, “The HR Guy Cleaning Up NFL Locker Rooms” and described how the league’s new head of HR is on a mission to get rid of bullying, homophobia ... Read & React