5 Things About Work You Have to Get Used to

1. It's not supposed to be "fun." In fact, work is the opposite of "fun." That's because somebody else is paying you to do it. If you were paying yourself, you would make it fun — of course. But you aren't the boss. So deal with it.  2. Nobody has to help you. When you go to work, it is your job to ... Read & React

A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader, a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves Eleanor Roosevelt

Everyone Could Benefit From Paid Parental Leave

by Gillian B. White

While women have made significant headway when it comes professional equality, a shift of a similar magnitude hasn’t happened on the home front: Traditional gender roles persist at home, despite many ... Read & React

Are Millennials Bad Employees?

by Gillian B. White

Yes, many Millennials are still crashing on their parent’s couches. And there’s data to support the claim that they generally want more perks but less face time, and that they hope to rise quickly but don’t stick around for very long. Millennials have also been pretty vocal about their desire to ... Read & React

The Never-Ending Appeals Process at VA Hurts All Vets

One of the deepest questions philosophers have considered over the centuries is the sometimes conflict between the rights and needs of society, and the rights and needs of each individual member of that society. The latest point in the debate over fixing the Veterans Affairs Department is a ... Read & React

Thrown Into the Deep End

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

This is the time of year when it’s natural to look back on the year that’s ending and look ahead to the year that’s coming up. You may find yourself focused on tallying up wins, losses and what’s too soon to call. If you’re charged with leading a team, you may be thinking through what you need to ... Read & React

Algorithms Make Better Hiring Decisions Than Humans

Managers might like to believe that they have better hiring judgment than a computer, but a recent working paper (paywall) from the National Bureau of Economic Research suggests otherwise. The researchers looked at the employment record of 300,000 low-skill service sector workers across 15 ... Read & React

Congress Weighs In on Defense Procurement Gaps

by Stan Soloway President/CEO, Professional Services Council

There is still a significant schizophrenia within the government generally, and particularly in the Defense Department, over the use of commercial items and services. As arcane as this issue might sound, it is actually one of the core lynchpins to the government's ability to drive innovation and ... Read & React

Brain Connections Predict How Well You Can Pay Attention

During a 1959 television appearance, Jack Kerouac was asked how long it took him to write his novel On the Road. His response – three weeks – amazed the interviewer and ignited an enduring myth that the book was composed in a marathon of nonstop typing. Like the Kerouac of legend, some people ... Read & React

How to Get More Dads to Take Paternity Leave: Pay Them

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, announced last week (on Facebook, of course) that he is planning to take two months of paternity leave when his daughter is born. In his post, Zuckerberg noted that studies have found better outcomes when parents take time off from work to be with their ... Read & React

Jane’s World: The Daunting Role of a Middle Manager

Jane is a middle manager in the federal government. Jane is responsible for translating broad objectives established by her leadership into manageable activities for her and her employees. Jane also performs technical work because her office is significantly understaffed. She also develops her ... Read & React

Why Poor FITARA Grades Are a Good Start

You wouldn’t think a report card full of Ds and Fs would make anybody happy. And you wouldn’t think it would provide an opportunity for repairing an ailing institution. But the awful grades federal agencies earned in the first round of rankings under the Federal Information Technology Acquisition ... Read & React