What to Expect From Procurement in 2015

Government procurement accounts for $7 trillion in spending, annually. In light of this, it’s no wonder taxpayers are demanding better services and more insight into where all their money is going. But what does this look like, and what can procurement officials do about it? When it comes to ... Read & React

Every challenge holds your next promotion—face it. Every challenge contains a hidden treasure—find it. Every challenge has the power to make you a leader—embrace it. Miguel Joey Aviles, Defense Civilian Emerging Leader Program

7 Workplace Vampires That Can Suck the Life Out of You

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cites recent reports finding that workplace stress is on the rise. In one study, 40 percent of workers said their jobs were "very or extremely ... Read & React

Just Looking at Cash Makes People Selfish and Less Social

by Joe Pinsker

When it comes to money, people aren’t pursuing stacks of green paper or a collection of copper disks—they’re interested in what those objects represent. The pull of money, the economy and most behavioral research agree, is symbolic. But what if the medium of exchange—cash itself—can change the way ... Read & React

How Low Would You Go to Get Ahead?

It was a couple of years ago (OK, maybe a couple of decades ago), when my wife and I took our son, then a high school student, on the pre-college tour. We visited a variety of campuses from coast to coast (and in Canada, too). At the beginning of the fall semester, we ended up in Baltimore at Johns ... Read & React

Creative Minds: Tackling Chemotherapy Resistance

by Dr. Francis Collins Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

For many young scientists, nothing can equal the chance to have a lab of one’s own. Still, it often takes considerable time to get there. To help creative minds cut to the chase sooner, the NIH Director’s Early Independence Awards this year will enable 17 outstanding young researchers to skip ... Read & React

7 Tips for Accommodating Your Older Staffers

Mary loved her job as a recreational therapist in a skilled nursing facility. Her co-workers marveled at her ability to assess the needs of residents and propose exactly the right activity for a patient recovering from a brain injury, stroke or other trauma. Her 30-plus years of experience in all ... Read & React

Take the Time to Focus In

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

When people ask me, as they often do, why my wife Diane and I moved from the Washington, D.C., suburbs to Los Angeles, I tell them the truth. When Diane, who grew up outside Philadelphia, was eight, her parents took her to Disneyland and she never got over it.  She’s wanted to live in Southern ... Read & React

Creating Innovation Offices That Work

by Gadi Ben-Yehuda Director of Innovation and Social Media

Innovation offices are being established by many governments—including cities (Austin, Philadelphia and Chicago), states (Maryland, Colorado and Pennsylvania) and federal agencies (the National Archives and Records Administration and the departments of Health and Human Services and State). But not ... Read & React

3 Tips for Keeping Your R&D Budget Healthy

by Alan Pentz Partner, Corner Alliance

The last five years have been uncertain and tough ones for federal research and development spending. In the wake of the Recovery Act and constant budget battles, many programs experienced cuts or at least flat spending. Only in the last year have things been looking at all better. No matter what ... Read & React

How Retirement Was Invented

by Sarah Laskow

In 1881 Otto von Bismarck, the conservative minister president of Prussia, presented a radical idea to the Reichstag: government-run financial support for older members of society. In other words, retirement. The idea was radical because back then, people simply did not retire. If you were alive, ... Read & React

Leon Panetta’s Hard Lessons in Leadership

A host of memoirs by former Obama administration Cabinet chiefs have been arriving in bookstores, offering valuable management lessons for political appointees and career civil servants. This is the last in a series on the experiences of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (Stress Test), Defense ... Read & React