If You Want Your Employees to Be More Productive, Get Rid of Their Chairs

If you’re looking for a simple way to be more productive at work, just stand up. Productivity among employees with desks that allow them to stand or sit is 46% higher than that of their perennially seated peers, according to a study of call-center workers conducted by Texas A&M Health Science ... Read & React

The recognition of exemplary individual performance is central to high organizational performance. And the psychological value is far more important than the money. Howard Risher

Your Social Media Habits Could Soon Affect Your Security Clearance

A memo released by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper paves the way for agencies to conduct social media checks in the course of doing security clearance background investigations. Any ... Read & React

Casual Friday and the ‘End of the Office Dress Code’

The New York Times ran a story Wednesday announcing “The End of the Office Dress Code.” The suit and its varied strains, the article argues—corporate uniforms that celebrate, well, corporate uniformity—are giving way to more individualized interpretations of “office attire.” As the writer Vanessa ... Read & React

How to Sound Charismatic

by Olga Khazan

At a February 23 rally in Sparks, Nevada, Donald Trump pandered, as politicians are wont to do. He mentioned how “nobody loves the Bible more than I do,” and that “we have to change our system, folks,” and other things he believes to be pleasing to the median caucus-goer’s ear. But if you listen ... Read & React

Avoiding a Government of Lawyers and Former Congressional Staffers

The two presumptive presidential candidates are now vetting vice presidential candidates. Putting together an entire administration is not too far off. Based on our experience over the last seven years in interviewing 65 top level political executives in the Obama Administration, we gained insights ... Read & React

Mad Max or Shining City on a Hill: Where Are We Headed?

What happens when an auspicious group of current and former Cabinet and federal agency heads, senior Office of Management and Budget and Government Accountability Office officials, academics and think tank leaders try to look into the future in order to tell the next presidential administration ... Read & React

More Executives Aren't Going to Solve Government’s Performance Problem

by Howard Risher Workforce Management Consultant

A bill now working through Congress, The Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act (S. 1550), would require agencies to designate staff responsible for bolstering and documenting performance of this vital bureaucratic function. It will no doubt benefit government but the idea that it is ... Read & React

Stop Pretending Your Colleagues Are Your Family

by Dannielle Blumenthal Federal communicator and co-founder, All Things Brand

"It's a funny thing at this agency," she said. "You've got to be reaaaallllly careful who you talk to. Those people you see every day at work, they have friends you don't see. You catch my drift?" "No." I felt completely stupid. Was she talking about the Mafia? My friend shook her head. "Let me ... Read & React

Neurotic? Then Nothing is More Stressful Than Peace and Quiet, Research Shows

When you’re incredibly stressed and have a million things to sort out there can be nothing more annoying than zen yoga and deep breathing and people who tell you to chill. A paper published earlier this year in the Journal of Consumer Psychology suggest that such irritation isn’t simply irrational, ... Read & React

Don’t Let a Toxic Employee Define You

Every person who has spent any significant amount of time in a management role has encountered at least one employee from that warm place, and I am not talking about Phoenix. The best of the worst are master manipulators who work within the system confounding attempts to discipline or dismiss them ... Read & React

How To Attract Millennials to the Public Sector

by Jerry Greenwell

Currently, 60 percent of federal employees are over the age of 45, and nearly one-third of state and federal employees will be eligible to retire within four years. This large exodus of the workforce is referred to by some as the “silver tsunami.” With these baby boomers reaching retirement age and ... Read & React