AI Is Already Learning How To Discriminate

What happens when robots take our jobs, or take on military roles, or drive our vehicles? When we ask these questions about the rapidly-expanding role of AI, there are others we’re often overlooking—like the subject of a WEF paper released this week: how do we prevent discrimination and ... Read & React

Government’s technology problems are as complex and difficult to address as any in the world. Agencies need to be able to hire the best. Howard Risher

Say Goodbye To The Information Age: It’s All About Reputation Now

There is an underappreciated paradox of knowledge that plays a pivotal role in our advanced hyper-connected liberal democracies: the greater the amount of information that circulates, the more we ... Read & React

7 Requirements for Successfully Managing Government Reform

The Trump administration is expected to unveil a plan in the coming weeks to reorganize governmental functions and eliminate unnecessary agencies. The goal, as expressed in a memorandum to agencies from Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney in April 2017, is to create a leaner, ... Read & React

Why The Typical Performance Review Is Overwhelmingly Biased

The traditional performance review is a confidential, closed-door meeting between no more than two people. Research suggests it is also totally misguided. Though we may think we’re making accurate, objective assessments during a performance review, the social and brain sciences have shown that ... Read & React

Could The Open Government Movement Shut The Door On Freedom of Information?

by Suzanne J. Piotrowski, Alex Ingrams and Daniel Berliner

For democracy to work, citizens need to know what their government is doing. Then they can hold government officials and institutions accountable. Over the last 50 years, Freedom of Information – or FOI – laws have been one of the most useful methods for citizens to learn what government is ... Read & React

How to Win When You’re Under Attack in a Meeting

“When we are stressed, our brain downshifts.” —systems scientist Peter Senge As you climb the ladder in your career, you inevitably encounter situations where a colleague disagrees with your ideas or approaches. For high-stakes topics involving strategy and investments, you’re in competition ... Read & React

Managing Government as a Talent Driven Organization

by Howard Risher Workforce Management Consultant

Two books published this month directly relate to the goal of improving performance. Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Martin Dempsey co-authored with Ori Brafman, Radical Inclusion: What the Post-9/11 World Should Have Taught Us About Leadership. Three prominent consultants drafted ... Read & React

How to Stop Selling Your Ideas and Start Enrolling People in Them

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

Think about the last time you made a big purchase like a car, a major appliance or a mattress. With the possible exception of the car, there’s a pretty good chance you bought the product online after reading a lot of customer reviews. Why was that the case? Of course, one reason is that Amazon ... Read & React

The Liberating Power of Accountability

Liberating is an odd word to associate with the idea of accountability in the workplace. At least it is until you’ve worked in an environment where accountability is enforced like patronage jobs in Chicago are dispensed—unfairly, unevenly, and directly related to the powerful people you know. ... Read & React

A Former Google Engineer Explains How Creative Freedom Can Turn People Into Entitled Jerks

by Sarah Todd

For a certain type of worker, Google sounds like paradise. The company offers on-site gyms, generous 401(k) matches, cafeteria trolleys stocked with chai tea and mango lassis, and even high-tech Japanese toilets. But its most attractive benefit may be the gift of personal autonomy. As one former ... Read & React

Are You Ready For Pay For Performance?

by Alan Pentz Partner, Corner Alliance

The Administration has recently emphasized its intention to implement pay for performance across the federal workforce. You can agree or disagree with the idea, and in my view the evidence is mixed, but that doesn't change the fact that government leaders will have to have a strategy to deal ... Read & React