Good Managers Give Constructive Criticism — But Truly Masterful Leaders Offer Constructive Praise

Getting feedback from your coworkers is scary. A leader at one of my previous jobs once said that my emotional stability fell somewhere between that of a squalling infant and pubescent teen. (Cool, cool.) Now research shows that not only are most managers bad at giving constructive ... Read & React

I often say that leaders control the weather. However they show up is predictive of how everyone around them will show up. That’s especially true in times of chaos and fluidity. Scott Eblin

The Top 10 Challenges for New Managers

Some jobs are harder than others. Navigating the waters of your first-time manager position ranks high on the list. The initial few weeks (years) are what I term the early-awkward phase. Mastery ... Read & React

Power Causes Brain Damage

by Jerry Useem

If power were a prescription drug, it would come with a long list of known side effects. It can intoxicate. It can corrupt. It can even make Henry Kissinger believe that he’s sexually magnetic. But can it cause brain damage? When various lawmakers lit into John Stumpf at a congressional ... Read & React

What VA Really Needs

by Debra D'Agostino

Congress recently passed the bipartisan Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act after its last try at reforming the VA’s civil service system, the Choice Act, was deemed unconstitutional. This new effort appears not to violate the Constitution—a low threshold—but it also ... Read & React

Beyond Buyouts and RIFs: A More Effective Approach to Workforce Management

by Bill Valdez

On April 12, the Office of Management and Budget issued a memorandum requiring agencies to develop plans to reduce their workforces. This has led many agencies to search in their talent management toolkit for help. The usual tools employed—reductions in force, Voluntary Early Retirement ... Read & React

The Essential Guide To Staying In Shape On Your Next Business Trip

Among the lies I tell myself before business trips are two old favorites: “I’ll stick to seltzer and lime at cocktail hour” and “I’m going to wake up at 5:30 a.m. to exercise.” Typically, neither happens (my most consistent travel workout is lugging my exercise gear through the airport). But ... Read & React

Can Employees Embrace Government Restructuring?

by Howard Risher Workforce Management Consultant

A comment from a reader of a recent column highlighted for me a reality that could undermine President Trump’s plan to restructure government. The reader underscored the deeply entrenched cultural resistance to change in government and noted that employees (specifically in his former agency) are ... Read & React

Waking Up Early For Work Could Quite Literally Be Killing You

by Jonathan Johnston Reader in Chronobiology and Integrative Physiology, University of Surrey

Around one in five people in Western countries could be putting their health at risk simply by going to work. This is because working shifts outside of the rest of the population’s normal hours has been linked to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and even declines in brain function. ... Read & React

Three Psychological Strategies Women Can Use To Combat Manterruptions At Work

In the past few weeks, California senator Kamala Harris has emerged as a prominent voice in US Senate Intelligence Committee hearings. But if repeated interruptions from her male colleagues are any indication, some would prefer to keep her from using her voice quite so often. Unfortunately, many ... Read & React

What the U.S. Can Learn From India’s Government Reform Efforts

by John Kamensky Senior Fellow, IBM Center for the Business of Government

I was in India recently, along with IBM Center Executive Director Dan Chenok, to participate in a forum entitled “The Business of Government: Learnings from Global Experiences,” which was co-sponsored by the IBM Center for The Business of Government along with the National Institution for ... Read & React

How the Army Recruits and Retains Millennials

The popular image of a “millennial” employee is an app-obsessed, T-shirt clad Googler. So perhaps it is not surprising that many conversations about how to recruit and lead millennials focus narrowly on young college graduates and the tech companies that hire them. But some employers must ... Read & React