Trump and Obama Have One Surprising Thing in Common – The Words They Use

Six months have passed since Donald Trump entered the Oval Office. His administration remains deeply understaffed. His legislative agenda is stymied. He has been active in issuing executive orders, but many are toothless, others are only in the early stages of undoing Obama policies and some are ... Read & React

Government’s technology problems are as complex and difficult to address as any in the world. Agencies need to be able to hire the best. Howard Risher

Managing Your Career in the Trump Era

With every new administration, federal employees should take stock of their careers and decide if they need to make adjustments. Perhaps your organization is going to shrink; maybe you don’t like ... Read & React

How to Deal with an Employee Who Is Making You Ill

The names change, but the behaviors are the same. Anyone who has managed a staff for any length of time has likely encountered the toxic employee who makes everyone he or she meets miserable, particularly the manager. Most managers are unprepared and frequently under-supported by their bosses ... Read & React

How Setting 'Anti-Goals' Can Keep Work From Being Miserable

by Oliver Staley

If you’re lucky, you have a job you love. But even if you do—and particularly if you do not—there will be elements about it you hate. Be it awful bosses, obnoxious coworkers, or brutal commutes, almost everyone’s workday has elements they can do without. One strategy for improving the work ... Read & React

State Department Relied on Bad Data for Considering Clearance Times, Cost

The State Department’s inspector general recently released an evaluation of the department’s security clearance process. The verdict? Officials can only loosely estimate the time it takes to process clearances, and they don’t track the costs. State has been reporting its processing times to the ... Read & React

How Guilt Can Hold Back Good Employees

by Julie Riggott

People with a tendency to feel guilty for disappointing their coworkers are among the most ethical and hard-working people to work with. However, these highly guilt-prone people may be the most reticent to enter into partnerships. By understanding this phenomenon, managers can make the best ... Read & React

Why Do Women Bully Each Other at Work?

by Olga Khazan

The bitches, as Shannon saw it, came in three varieties. She categorized them on her personal blog, in a post titled “Beware the Female BigLaw Partner.” First was the “aggressive bitch”—a certain kind of high-ranking woman at the firm where she worked who didn’t think twice about “verbally ... Read & React

When Amazon Meets Government

by Tim Cooke

Imagine simply flipping open your laptop, firing up your desktop computer or popping open an app on your mobile phone to order office supplies, equipment, or even contract services Amazon-style, two-day delivery included. That day may not be too far off if a provision in the House version of the ... Read & React

The Latest RAND Survey Paints A Disturbing Portrait of the American Workplace

by Sarah Kessler

American jobs are grueling, according to a newly published RAND survey. For the first time in 2015, the nonprofit think tank asked its nationally representative survey panel about their attitudes toward the workplace. “The portrait that emerges is of a workplace that is taxing on a lot of ... Read & React

A Bad Boss Can Make the Whole Team Mean

Bosses who are abusive to one employee can actually cause conflict among the whole team, which hurts productivity, according to new research. The study is one of the first attempts to examine the effect of bad bosses in employee teams. Teams are increasingly popular in the business world. Lead ... Read & React

Completing This 30-Minute Exercise Makes Teams Less Anxious And More Productive

by Leah Fessler

Here’s a funny thing about work: We spend more time with our colleagues than with our friends and family. Yet more often than not, we don’t really understand our co-workers—because being honest with one another is scary. When a teammate’s lack of organization annoys us, we vent to others. When a ... Read & React