Why I Failed to Advocate for Women: Confessions of an Ignorant Man

In Hollywood, Judd Apatow was known as the King of Bromance. He made his name producing comedies like Anchorman, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Superbad, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. But then he made a radical shift. He championed a script that was written by two women, starring six women. ... Read & React

Every challenge holds your next promotion—face it. Every challenge contains a hidden treasure—find it. Every challenge has the power to make you a leader—embrace it. Miguel Joey Aviles, Defense Civilian Emerging Leader Program

Snow Days: When Government Resorts to Naming and Shaming

The winter of 2015 has set records in Massachusetts. Snow records. Over eight and a half feet have already fallen in Boston. In February alone, over five feet. With snow come all sorts of ... Read & React

Americans are Less Productive and Better Compensated Than We Thought

The Bureau of Labor Statistics revised its fourth-quarter figuresfor productivity—economic output divided by hours worked—indicating Americans weren’t as productive as they looked at first blush. In fact, the numbers were a letdown versus the initial estimates for the entire second half of 2014. ... Read & React

Do the Same Rules Apply to You?

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

If you’re following the news this week, you’ve seen the headlines about Hillary Clinton using a private email account supported by her own private email server during the four years she served as secretary of State. As far as this blog is concerned, I’m not really interested in speculating on her ... Read & React

Study: The Gender Gap at Work Starts as Early as Age 15

It starts in the teenage years.
by Sonali Kohli

Teenage boys prepare for their futures with internships and job shadowing. Teenage girls, on the other hand, tend to prepare by researching online. That’s according to data released today by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. During international testing in 2012, ... Read & React

Buried in the Budget: Ways to Rev Up Performance

by John Kamensky Senior Fellow, IBM Center for the Business of Government

The administration’s fiscal 2016 budget proposal shows that it is committed to creating capacity and sustainability for performance-and-results based government. Beyond the dollars in the president’s budget, there are some details buried in congressional justifications that are worth examining. ... Read & React

It's a Data Request, Not a Fire Drill

by Lindsey Backhaus

We all know that email. The one with the red exclamation point of doom and the dreaded words “due in two hours.” That’s right, it’s the “fire drill” data call email. The one where you stop everything you’re doing because someone important needs an answer now. Organizations can put a stop to the ... Read & React

A Lesson for DHS: Engagement Happens at the Local Level

Three years ago, the workplace environment at the Homeland Security Department looked bleak, ranking among the lowest federal agencies for employee satisfaction. Despite leadership attention, attempts at creating change continue to prove ineffectual. As The Washington Post reports, DHS has spent ... Read & React

Are Organizations With Drug Tests Weeding Out Great Candidates?

The FBI's jobs page makes it pretty clear how the agency feels about marijuana: "You can easily determine whether you meet the FBI's illegal drug policy by answering the following questions." The list's first question: "Have you used marijuana at all within the last three years?" Government ... Read & React

IQs Are Higher Because We’re Better at Taking Tests

by Sonali Kohli

If the trajectory of IQ tests is to be believed, then intelligence is increasing across the world. But the real story is more complicated, as researchers at King’s College in London found in a study to be published in the journal Intelligence that examined the steady rise in IQ scores ... Read & React

Study: Three to Five Cups of Coffee a Day is Good For the Arteries

by Cassie Werber

More good news for coffee drinkers. Scientists in Korea have found (pdf) that drinking between one and five cups of coffee every day is good for the arteries. It’s the latest piece in a growing body of research suggesting that coffee may have beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, the ... Read & React