Why Bad Bosses Sabotage Their Teams

Bosses who crave power but fear they might lose it can undermine their teams’ productivity. The dreaded bad boss comes in many varieties. There are the incompetent ones, the lazy or defensive ones, the ones who claim your work as their own, or those who prefer to rule through intimidation. Jon ... Read & React

Every challenge holds your next promotion—face it. Every challenge contains a hidden treasure—find it. Every challenge has the power to make you a leader—embrace it. Miguel Joey Aviles, Defense Civilian Emerging Leader Program

When the Executive Core Qualifications Aren’t Enough

What skills do Senior Executive Service aspirants need to succeed in federal sector management positions? Are they developed to elicit employee engagement? Do the executive core qualifications ... Read & React

Process Improvement: Making the Complicated Simple

by Arleta Cobb

A Google search for “methodology” yields these definitions: “the systematic, theoretical analysis of the methods applied to a field of study” and “a body of methods, rules, and postulates employed by a discipline.” Most of us don’t use the word “postulates” in our everyday work lives, but we all ... Read & React

The Incredibly Simple Trick to Effective Work Email

Let’s face it. In-person workplace communication is fading with the growth of chat programs and remote work environments. That means more and more of our efforts to influence our co-workers and bosses is done virtually. Here’s a simple, quick way to do it a little bit better that was spotlighted in ... Read & React

How to Get It All Done

How we work is as important as what we do. Reflecting back on my week, there were a number of meetings (some great, some not great), a bunch of informal conversations, one very brief review of a management memo followed by oh-so-informed comments, and some sweet time for independent analysis and ... Read & React

CHCOs Can Vastly Improve Their Agencies’ Curb Appeal

With the start of a New Year, federal chief human capital officers should take time to reflect on their goals and resolutions. A number of insightful questions speak to their legacy: Have I made my agency better than it was before I arrived? Am I distinguishing myself as a key contributor of ... Read & React

What’s It Going to Be This Year? Doing or Being?

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

One of the unexpected pleasures of completing a yoga teacher training course a couple of years ago, was that I had to learn a little bit of Sanskrit – the language of the people who first came up with yoga thousands of years ago. And when I say I learned a little bit of Sanskrit, I mean like a ... Read & React

How to Kick-start Your Career

Many talented people feel that they do not have anything new to learn in their chosen field. They believe what got them there is enough. Those who are determined and who work hard often spend a lot of time and effort to learn new skills and maintain their existing ones. They display the most ... Read & React

The Value of Remembering Ordinary Moments

by Cody C. Delistraty

At Christmastime, my brother, my father, and our chocolate Labrador pile into the car to drive across the state of Washington to see my grandparents. We’ve been doing it since I was born. The three of us—before my brother and I put our headphones in to tune everything out—try to have meaningful ... Read & React

Lessons About Government Performance From Latin America

by John Kamensky Senior Fellow, IBM Center for the Business of Government

Harvard’s Bob Behn has written about the spread of the “PerformanceStat” movement across the U.S during the past two decades. Now the creation of “Delivery Units,” which is another name for this phenomenon, has spread across the world ­– even to Latin America. Behn’s recent book on PerformanceStat ... Read & React

5 Strategic Planning Mistakes to Avoid in 2015

by Alan Pentz Partner, Corner Alliance

Now that we are beginning 2015, many nonprofit and government leaders are rethinking their strategies and strategic plans. Just like most New Year’s resolutions, strategic goals are easy to plan but difficult to implement. We have a little advice for leaders trying to get out of that typical cycle. ... Read & React