4 Reasons Leaders Invest Too Much Time in the Wrong People

One of the recurring warnings in my writing for leaders is the very sobering encouragement to beware spending too much time with the wrong people. While the notion of giving up on someone sounds very unleader-like, this trap is one that I see well-intended professionals, from CEOs to front-line ... Read & React

Every challenge holds your next promotion—face it. Every challenge contains a hidden treasure—find it. Every challenge has the power to make you a leader—embrace it. Miguel Joey Aviles, Defense Civilian Emerging Leader Program

Can Your Job Help Your Brain Age More Gracefully?

For the most part, I've never felt self-conscious about my memory skills until I heard of the world of memory championships. With intense training and special techniques, memory champions can ... Read & React

Is Chocolate a Superior Memory Food?

by James Hamblin, MD

A contentious finding made news last week: People who eat a lot of food that contains trans fats have poorer memories than people who don't. At Scientific Sessions 2014, a meeting of the American Heart Association in sunny Chicago, doctors announced results of a study that found the link between ... Read & React

A Public-Private Innovation Classroom

by Michael F. Belcher

On Jan. 14, 2010, President Obama welcomed 50 corporate chief executive officers, government Cabinet deputy secretaries, and labor union leaders to the White House for the Forum on Modernizing Government.  In his opening comments, the president praised the federal workforce, saying “I can say ... Read & React

Consider the People You're Grateful For

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

As we approach Thanksgiving Day in the United States, I’m coming off an experience this past weekend that reminded me of what I’m most grateful for. It’s the people and the experiences I’ve been blessed with in my life. In the middle of doing a bunch of chores on Saturday, I got an email from ... Read & React

How to Stop Annoying Behaviors and Handle Offensive People

by Adam Grant Professor, Wharton Business School

With Festivus coming up next month, I’m starting my list of grievances. The woman who touched my baby’s face at the grocery store. What a giver—she shared her germs without asking for anything in return. And the guy who parked in a space reserved for expecting mothers. Dude, a beer belly does not ... Read & React

Half of Americans Think Climate Change Is a Sign of the Apocalypse

Snowmageddon, snowpocalypse, snowzilla, just snow. Superstorm Sandy, receding shorelines, and more. Hurricanes Isaac, Ivan, and Irene, with cousins Rammasun, Bopha, and Haiyan. The parade of geological changes and extreme weather events around the world since 2011 has been stunning. Perhaps that's ... Read & React

Your Automatic Self Versus Your Aware Self

Bethany, a leader in a Fortune company, knew she had an issue with expressing quick and deadly (metaphorically speaking) anger. It would come out of nowhere in a flash that silenced her stakeholders. Dirk, the CEO of a nonprofit, interrupted people. He cut them off or talked over them to get the ... Read & React

The Economic Case Against Majoring in Fun Things

by Gillian B. White

For many, the reality of student debt doesn’t hit home until you make your first payment. Though you may have read your paperwork and done the math on how much monthly debt repayment will cost, in practice, paying the piper can come as a shock. The impact is, unsurprisingly, more acute for new ... Read & React

An Incredibly Simple Way to Defuse Political Fights

by Robert Wright

“It’s Official,” said the headline on a Bloomberg News article from last month, “Partisan Rancor Worst in Over a Century.” The good news is that this headline is slightly misleading. According to therancor index that the story cited—which is based on the frequency of newspaper reports of ... Read & React

Which Matters Most? Ambition or Talent?

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

One of my favorite Saturday routines is spending an hour or so browsing through the weekend edition of the Financial Times on my iPad. There are often fascinating long interviews with newsmakers in a feature called Lunch with the FT and usually some interesting reviews of books I won’t read but am ... Read & React