Your Hotshot Coworker Would Be a Terrible Boss, And Research Proves It

In the classic 1969 business book parody The Peter Principle, the Canadian educator Laurence J. Peter took aim at an “ever-present, pestiferous nuisance” found in industries of all sorts: managerial incompetence. The explanation for it, Peter wrote, was his titular principle—that any employee in ... Read & React

Government’s technology problems are as complex and difficult to address as any in the world. Agencies need to be able to hire the best. Howard Risher

How Agencies Can Improve Grant Management

by Jeff Myers, Jenata Spencer and Shelly Slebrch

In late January, grants experts from around the country came together to analyze the results of the 2017 Annual Grants Management Survey, sponsored by The George Washington University, the ... Read & React

Five Skills Everybody Will Need For The Jobs of The Future

Work—the very meaning of the word—is undergoing metamorphosis. In a few years’ time, traditional office employees all over will find themselves suddenly working for themselves, working freelance, or perhaps out of work entirely and seeking a new path forward. What’s a person to do? To answer ... Read & React

A Single Question Can Cut Useless Meetings From Your Schedule Forever

by Corinne Purtill

Meetings are a serious drain on an organization’s time and resources, consuming up to 17% of the workweek and an estimated $37 billion per year. Some confabs are inarguably essential to business operations, and others . . . aren’t. Vague or nonexistent agendas, rooms full of people who aren’t ... Read & React

Colleagues Who Say 'Don't Worry, I'm Not Contagious' Don't Understand How Flu Works

by Lila MacLellan

Recovering from the flu can feel euphoric. After days of misery and feverish dreams, there comes a surge of energy, an awakening to floral notes in the honey on your morning toast, and, often, an eagerness to return to the land of the living—your workplace. But that’s a step too far, according ... Read & React

How to Tackle Unpleasant Tasks

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

What do you notice about your thought process when you’re about to start something that’s difficult or intimidating? Is your inner monologue helpful or hurtful? Here’s a hint: Your self-talk is highly predictive of the result you’re going to get. There’s a simple mental shift you can make that ... Read & React

Leadership is about Hard Decisions

by Alan Pentz Partner, Corner Alliance

I've become increasingly convinced that good organizational leadership is relatively simple but not easy. In other words, unless you work at NASA, good leadership and management isn't rocket science. You can argue around the edges but most gurus preach that leaders should: Know their customer ... Read & React

Performance Management is Not a Contest

by Howard Risher Workforce Management Consultant

The management of employee performance is not a contest to select the fastest or the prettiest. For better or worse, our society places a lot of emphasis on competitive situations and on winning. My Philadelphia Eagles just proved they are the best among the 32 NFL teams. Philadelphia went ... Read & React

Trump’s Proposed Military Parade Already Needs an Audit

Troops march across the Memorial Bridge towards the Pentagon during 1991 National Victory Celebration Parade in Washington. It was the largest U.S. military parade since World War II.
by Demian Brady

President Trump has proposed organizing a special military parade to honor members of the armed forces. It would be the first such parade since the 1991 National Victory Celebration marking the end of the Gulf War. With the deficit ballooning, the idea has raised concerns about it costs. The ... Read & React

Go to Sleep: Why All-Nighters Don't Work

by Leah Burrows

Want to ace that test tomorrow? Here’s a tip: put down the coffee and hit the sack. Scientists have long known that sleep, memory, and learning are deeply connected. Most animals, from flies to humans, have trouble remembering when sleep deprived, and studies have shown that sleep is critical in ... Read & React

Going With Your Gut May Mean Harsher Moral Judgments

by Jeff Sossamon

Going with your intuition could make you judge others’ moral transgressions more harshly and keep you from changing your mind, even after considering all the facts, a new study suggests. The findings show that people who strongly rely on intuition automatically condemn actions they perceive to ... Read & React