Neurotic? Then Nothing is More Stressful Than Peace and Quiet, Research Shows

When you’re incredibly stressed and have a million things to sort out there can be nothing more annoying than zen yoga and deep breathing and people who tell you to chill. A paper published earlier this year in the Journal of Consumer Psychology suggest that such irritation isn’t simply irrational, ... Read & React

The recognition of exemplary individual performance is central to high organizational performance. And the psychological value is far more important than the money. Howard Risher

Don’t Let a Toxic Employee Define You

Every person who has spent any significant amount of time in a management role has encountered at least one employee from that warm place, and I am not talking about Phoenix. The best of the worst ... Read & React

How To Attract Millennials to the Public Sector

by Jerry Greenwell

Currently, 60 percent of federal employees are over the age of 45, and nearly one-third of state and federal employees will be eligible to retire within four years. This large exodus of the workforce is referred to by some as the “silver tsunami.” With these baby boomers reaching retirement age and ... Read & React

What I Learned From My 360-Degree Assessment

by Shawn Schuldt

It was finally complete and I was unexplainably anxious. I’d received my first annual review, which was extremely complementary. I was rated in the top 5 percent of my peers, but this next report had me nervous. What had me so worked up was my 360-degree feedback, where my peers, my direct reports, ... Read & React

A Data Scientist’s Guide to Ending the Wage Gap

Fans stand behind a large sign for equal pay for the women's soccer team during an international friendly soccer match between the United States and Colombia in April.
by Jessica Kirkpatrick Lead product data scientist, Hired

More than 20 years that have passed since the National Committee on Pay Equity first called for action on the gender wage gap. But not much has changed. Women continue to earn less than men, and research shows that women often have less successful salary negotiations, sacrificing tens of thousands ... Read & React

The Secret to Staying Off the High-Risk List

by John Kamensky Senior Fellow, IBM Center for the Business of Government

Some say getting placed on the Government Accountability Office’s high-risk list is like the 1977 Eagles’ hit, “Hotel California,” where “you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.” But in fact, over a third of agency programs once placed on the list have been removed. What’s the ... Read & React

How to Stay True To Your Values at Work

by Jennifer Miller Jennifer V. Miller

When you’re clear on what you stand for, it’s easier to weather a sea of distractions. Most people are fairly clear about their personal values, but sometimes it’s difficult to stay true to those values, especially at work. When I interviewed Hyrum W. Smith for his latest book The 3 Gaps ... Read & React

For the Future Success of Space Exploration, We Need More Female Astronauts

NASA astronaut Sunita Williams participated in three spacewalks.
by Áine Pennello

Even in the final frontier of outer space, where the indignities and injustices of daily life would seem to float away before the vastness of the universe, women are bumping into a glass ceiling. Out of more than 500 space travelers over the past century, women make up only about 10 percent, ... Read & React

What Everyone Gets Wrong About Grit

Grit is the combination of perseverance and passion, a term made popular by psychologist Angela Duckworth whose new book on the topic was published earlier this month (May 3). Numerous stories on the book link the quality to success: “What quality do the most successful people share? True grit” “Is ... Read & React

Why Clutter Hurts Your Leadership and What You Can Do About It

by Barbara Hemphill

It’s a fact: Clutter is postponed decisions. Many entrepreneurs and managers have cluttered offices—unless they have an organized assistant. If you don’t believe it, just start looking around you. Begin in your own organization, and then look in places like the manager’s office of your local retail ... Read & React

The One Thing That Will Always Get in the Way of Success

In his book The Happiness Industry, political economist Williams Davies writes that CEOs have now become “psychologists-in-chiefs,”managing the well-being of employees as much as business operations. The term “psychologist-in-chief” may have been tongue-in-cheek, but the pace of innovation depends ... Read & React