For The First Time Ever, a Larger Share of American Women Have College Degrees Than Men

Women have out-enrolled men at the undergraduate level in the USsince the late 1970s, but only in the past year has the percentage of women with a bachelor’s degree in the US surpassed the percentage of men with one. In 2014, 32% of women in the US had attainted a bachelor’s degree or higher ... Read & React

A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader, a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves Eleanor Roosevelt

How to Bridge the Generation Gap

If there is one common challenge facing public sector organizations today, it’s this: A growing crisis in staffing levels due to accelerating retirement rates and continued tight budgets. Two ... Read & React

A Psychologist Explains Why Emotions Are More Persuasive Than Logic

Even if you have all the facts, you may not convince others to agree with your argument. It’s frustrating, but according to Rob Yeung, a chartered psychologist and author of the recently published book How to Stand Out, it happens more than we would like. It turns out that the most effective ... Read & React

Apples, Oranges and Kumquats: Analyzing Federal Pay

by Howard Risher Workforce Management Consultant

News stories about federal pay and benefits are rarely comical, but every now and then they highlight a claim that is so blatantly political that I have to smile. The latest is about a Cato report focusing on the gap between the average wage for federal civilian employees, $84,153, and the average ... Read & React

The Alchemy of Great Leadership

Alchemy, according to Malouin in the Encyclopedia of Diderot, is the chemistry of the subtlest kind which allows one to observe extraordinary chemical operations at a more rapid pace — ones that require a long time for nature to produce. Newsflash, there are no shortcuts to great leadership. Much ... Read & React

Public Officials, Just Remember the Airlines Are Always Worse

“The machine did it,” said the woman at the airline’s boarding desk. In response, I noted that “a human programmed the machine.” This obviously factual statement had no impact. The machine had done it. No human was responsible for causing the problem. Consequently no human was responsible for ... Read & React

Why Hiring Millennials Is So Critical

The federal workforce is aging. Among federal civilian employees, close to half are over the age of 50. Roughly one-third, or 600,000, will be eligible to retire by September 2017. A number of recent articles have discussed the federal government’s inability to bring in and retain young people. ... Read & React

Embracing Negative Feedback

The immediate access to citizen feedback rendered possible by our digital world presents new and faster means for government organizations to improve their services. While the government recognizes the importance of obtaining public feedback and is beginning to encourage more feedback on their ... Read & React

How Quickly Will Your Email Get A Response?

by Julie Beck

In 2013, 183 billion emails were sent every day, according to the technology-research firm Radicati. The firm predicts that by 2017, it will be nearly 207 billion. This is a gold mine of information for communications research, but an overwhelmingly daunting one. Attempting to analyze all of it ... Read & React

How Messaging Can Suck the Life Out of Your Agency's Brand

by Dannielle Blumenthal Federal communicator and co-founder, All Things Brand

When I first started working for the government in 2003, I noticed that the employees around me had many different versions of "the truth."  I noticed that many were bitter. That they frequently greeted new ideas with "we've done all this before, and then some." Some of my colleagues were downright ... Read & React

Study: There is a Downside For Organizations That Allow Working From Home

There’s plenty of research out there on the benefits of remote and flexible work. It’s been shown to lead to increased productivity, and has an undeniable benefit for work-life balance. But what does it do to everyone back at the office? In a 2013 memo to workers explaining why the company was ... Read & React