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Federal responders witness unprecedented carnage in Katrina's aftermath

In the third of a series of reports from New Orleans, Chris Strohm describes how agencies sent counselors and trauma units to the Gulf Coast region to help personnel cope.

House Armed Services to launch own Defense review

Analysis will overlook budget constraints, committee chairman says.

Senate bid fails to hike emergency responders funding

Senate Budget chairman says the federal government has spent $2 billion to fix the communication problem among first responders.

Senator sees possible Katrina impact on troop and base closure decisions

Armed Services chief says Katrina might require some "rethinking" of base closure commission's recommendations.

Chertoff will proceed with DHS reorganization

Homeland Security secretary says hurricane response effort won't impede effort to rearrange department by Oct. 1.

Washington think tank calls for limited federal response to Katrina

A Heritage Foundation report says the federal government should only help where state and local authorities cannot.

Problems remain in screening for terrorists, Shays says

Security gaps exist in visa application process at overseas embassies and consulates, GAO says.

Democrats seek funds for responder communications

Hurricane Katrina highlighter problems with first responder communications.

In hurricane's aftermath, agencies made up missions as they went along

In the second of a series of reports from New Orleans, Chris Strohm details how agencies grabbed the reins in the absence of direction from FEMA.

Bush backs effort to reassess federal role in disaster response

Says Congress should examine the relationship between federal, state, local officials in aftermath of catastrophes.