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Justice Department to get a national security chief

Patriot Act reauthorization would create a division to oversee counter-terrorism, counter-espionage and FISA-warrant-seeking shop.

GAO: Feds lack data on emergency response grants

Investment justifications now required for urban area security grants provide more information on state spending, official says.

Supplemental aid request could be a tough sell on Capitol Hill

Delays and apparent lack of attention from the Bush administration worry lawmakers reviewing the $92.2 billion request for military operations, foreign aid and hurricane relief.

Homeland Security gets half of IT boost in Bush budget

Administration’s fiscal 2007 request would increase technology funding for DHS by 21 percent.

White House: Agencies remain unprepared for disasters

Report avoids blaming specific officials for Katrina failures, backs decision to strip FEMA of preparedness activities.

Controversial counter-terror program lives on

Total Information Awareness, which lawmakers halted more than two years ago, was stopped in name only, National Journal has learned.

Report: Plan for border surveillance system posed too many risks

GAO backs Homeland Security Department’s decision to re-evaluate program to install sensors, cameras and databases along the borders.

Battle looms over Pentagon plan to cut B-52 bomber force

Air Force wants to put money saved into upgrades for remaining bombers.

Administration officials say port takeover underwent rigorous review

Deputy Defense secretary says more U.S. warships reside in the United Arab Emirates than anywhere in the world outside of the United States.

Intelligence CIO seeks product certification overhaul

Process for validating new technologies should be standardized across agencies, Dale Meyerrose says.