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More Border Patrol agents to be deployed to southern border

Homeland Security says move is part of a comprehensive strategy to curb illegal immigration.

FEMA officials: Military delayed Superdome evacuation

Agency official in New Orleans said he constantly had to "rein in" Defense officials who wanted to take control of relief operations.

House panel sets up border security floor vote next week

Bill likely to pass full House, but unlikely to gain traction in Senate; Democrats decry lack of guest worker program.

Congress settles dispute over Snow's Secret Service detail

Treasury Department -- accustomed to free protection for its secretary-- will now need to pick up the tab.

Federal offices in New Orleans area gradually open doors

Half of government facilities in the region are estimated to be up and running.

Army project illustrates promise, shortcomings of data mining

Maverick analysts in 2000 turned up names of some 9/11 hijackers, but methods called into question.

Panel proposes wider use of private baggage screeners

Bill would give airport owners a way around cap on federal screeners.

Forward Observer: Homeward Bound?

A withdrawal from Iraq would leave Bush with the challenge of securing adequate funding to back Iraqi forces.

Army poised to cut guard troops to protect core program

Cuts could affect 10,500 troops and save $154 in annual payroll costs, but are likely to generate significant political opposition.

House Republicans sidestep White House request for guest worker program

Immigration and border security measure likely to reach the House floor next week, minus language establishing the work program.