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Report sheds light on hurricane fraud investigations

Agency inspectors general detail errors uncovered, including accounting mistake that cost FEMA more than $3 million.

California governor concerned about changes to DHS grant program

Schwarzenegger asks Homeland Security to recalculate security risks for Sacramento and San Diego.

Coast Guard modernization program could move faster, contractor says

Acceleration of the 25-year Deepwater project depends on funding, executive notes.

Hurricane relief oversight leads to indictments, convictions

Latest progress report shows 65 indictments and 11 convictions in last two months.

Administration to expand foreign language program

Defense, Education and State departments, along with the national intelligence director, to develop plan to expand foreign-language learning efforts.

Nuclear detection office starts new round of domestic tests

Studies will examine performance of portable devices in detecting radiation sources.

Vaccine treatment centers for military personnel partially funded

Lawmakers granted $3 million of $6 million requested for the healthcare facilities, leaving the military services to make up the difference.

Pentagon in for a fight over expected National Guard cuts

Senior Defense official says Army will recommend reducing the Guard’s end-strength by 17,000 for fiscal 2007.

DHS seeks to outsource identification system

Plans could prompt criticism from privacy rights advocates and some lawmakers.

GAO: Army system for tracking repair shipments substandard

Poor inventory controls place shipped items at risk of loss or theft, report says.