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British demand better access to fighter jet program

The Pentagon recently decided to make a U.S. company the sole engine developer for the jet, a move feared to drive up costs and cause delays.

Defense business agency meets three-quarters of goals

Transformation agency officials say missed milestones were anticipated and will be addressed by the end of the fiscal year.

Panel approves bill establishing nuclear detection office within DHS

Office would coordinate with Defense, FBI, Energy Department and intelligence agencies on a global detection system.

Lawmakers urge government, industry to partner on emergency communications

Key senator also says government should establish identification standards for all communications officials.

Army overhaul prompts new approach to training

Training cycle has been compressed and exercises have grown more realistic, riskier.

Legislators prepare bill to thwart proposed Tricare fee hike

Measure would require Pentagon to seek congressional consent before adjusting healthcare fees.

Senators differ on plans for overhaul of foreign investment oversight

Broadest proposal would replace committee that approved controversial ports deal with body led by DHS.

House lawmakers introduce port security bill

Legislation would provide about $800 million annually for maritime security and set new requirements for DHS.

GOP senators seek $531 million addition to wartime supplemental bill

Extra money would go toward upgrades for Army’s armored vehicle fleet.

Forward Observer: A Whistleblower's Lament

Ernie Fitzgerald says he has little to show for the decades he spent trying to expose wasteful spending on defense contracts.