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Homeland Security gets moving on border project

Department is looking for a contractor to help develop and integrate technology and infrastructure with border personnel.

Air Force chief argues for future cuts in reserve forces

Request comes as governors and National Guard leaders are fighting an Army decision to seek funding for 17,000 fewer Guard troops.

Small union moves to delay election at DHS bureau

Union claims agriculture inspectors wouldn’t be adequately served by either of the two large unions on the ballot.

Coalition shares ideas for implementing standard IDs

By 2008 states will be required to issue cards, such as driver’s licenses, meeting federal specifications.

Controversial language likely to be cut from immigration bill

Provisions in House-passed legislation--such as language that would make it a felony to be in the United States illegally--are all but certain not to become law.

Internet devices threaten NSA’s ability to gather intelligence legally

Bush argues that the 27-year-old law governing domestic eavesdropping doesn’t adequately address Internet-based communications.

Appropriators skeptical of promised secure border initiative

House subcommittee chairman demands strategic plan; program manager says one is on the way by the end of April.

House lawmaker aims to boost money for grants

Member says he will fight Bush’s decision to eliminate funding for grants to help emergency response groups pay for personnel.

Key legislator decries Pentagon budget crunch

House member suggests another base-closure round as one way of remedying the problem.

Pentagon business systems acquisition overhaul due shortly

Revamp, designed to encourage speedier purchases of such systems, will be announced within the next month.