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Report: Plan for border surveillance system posed too many risks

GAO backs Homeland Security Department’s decision to re-evaluate program to install sensors, cameras and databases along the borders.

Battle looms over Pentagon plan to cut B-52 bomber force

Air Force wants to put money saved into upgrades for remaining bombers.

Administration officials say port takeover underwent rigorous review

Deputy Defense secretary says more U.S. warships reside in the United Arab Emirates than anywhere in the world outside of the United States.

Intelligence CIO seeks product certification overhaul

Process for validating new technologies should be standardized across agencies, Dale Meyerrose says.

Senate leader could produce own border security bill

Aide says Majority Leader Bill Frist is poised to write separate legislation depending on what kind of bill emerges from Judiciary Committee.

Congress to look at agencies' efforts to fight avian flu

Panel examining whether DHS, HHS initiatives are integrated.

Lawmakers demand information on sale of U.S. port operations

Process that would allow a state-owned Dubai company to operate ports comes under scrutiny.

State Department unveils trial of electronic passports

Privacy advocates say that despite modifications, new documents remain vulnerable.

Senator changes position on reducing Navy's aircraft carrier fleet

Quadrennial Defense Review influences key senator’s newfound support for plans to cut aircraft carriers in favor of expanding overall fleet.

TSA told not to count on increased passenger fees

Chair of appropriations subcommittee accuses agency’s director of submitting an unrealistic budget plan.