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 Shaye Haver, left, traverses an obstacle during the Ranger Assessment held at Fort Carson in October.

Here Are the Two Women Who Completed Army's Ranger School

Shortly after two women earned their Army Ranger tabs, the Navy's top admiral said SEALs will give women their shot.

Ranger students rest during medical evacuation training in Georgia.

First Women Complete Army's Ranger School

What comes next for the two women is a decision awaiting Ash Carter by year’s end.

Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy

Secret Service Pressing Ahead with Hiring Spree

Details of reported plan to add 1,100 agents and officers not confirmed.

An aerial view of the Tarakhil Power Plant.

Afghanistan Watchdog Goes Another Round with USAID Over $335M Power Plant

SIGAR reiterates assertion that plant near Kabul risks failure.

Jeb Bush Will Not Commit to Torture Ban

The former Florida governor is “not struggling with” undoing Obama’s executive order that codified the ban on enhanced interrogation techniques.

Manning Faces Solitary Confinement For Possessing the Jenner Issue of Vanity Fair

Other disciplinary charges include having a tube of expired toothpaste.

Does the US Need a 'See Something, Say Something" Campaign for Cyber?

Americans lock their doors, install surveillance cameras and call the police to report suspicious activities. But that same level of caution has not transferred into cyberspace.

Outgoing Army Chief of Staff Wades Into GOP War Over Iraq War

Gen. Raymond Odierno recommends recommend embedding American troops on the battlefield.

Let the Great Debate Over the Iraq War Begin -- Again

Forget the primary — it’s gloves off for Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, already beginning to slug it out over who lost Iraq.

TRICARE Enrollees Soon Will Have to Refill Certain Drugs Via Mail or at Military Facilities

Defense says it's too expensive to fill prescriptions at retail pharmacies.