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Navy secretary says shipbuilders need long-term focus

Agency plans to build its fleet by more than 30 ships over the next three decades.

Investigators call cargo security program unreliable

Customs and Border Protection bureau lacks evidence that program targeting high-risk containers is effective, GAO says.

Legislators concerned by potential shortfalls in base closure funding

The Army and the Air Force could come up short billions of dollars by the 2011 cutoff for carrying out BRAC recommendations.

TSA official says airport security is too predictable

Agency is working on a program to train screeners in behavior recognition techniques.

GAO finds poor management puts Army program at risk

Costs for Future Combat Systems program -- initially estimated at $92 billion -- could reach $200 billion.

Forward Observer: Rumsfeld's Potted Plants

Critics say military chiefs are failing to speak their minds on issues including troop levels, despite a 1986 law encouraging them to do so.

University denied federal funds to replace hospitals damaged by Katrina

FEMA is only permitted to pay for repairs, but in some cases, starting over from scratch could be a better investment.

Justice official to launch privacy panel

Department’s first chief privacy officer says her primary responsibility is protecting Americans’ freedom.

Hong Kong firm's cargo screening deal questioned

Container-scanning contract being awarded on a no-bid basis should be receiving more attention, former Homeland Security IG says.

DHS moves to deploy transportation ID cards

House committee's port security bill would require TSA to begin issuing cards by June 2007.