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House approves 2.7 percent military raise

Federal employee advocates reiterate calls for military-civilian pay parity.

House subcommittee adds $1.8 billion for homeland security

Spending bill withholds $1.3 billion until DHS provides strategic plans, financial information for several programs and operations.

House might offer help with contractor security clearances

Defense Security Service late last month stopped advancing clearance applications for financial reasons.

Pentagon tests new acquisition review process

The Enterprise Risk Assessment Model will be used to conduct 48-day reviews of major business IT systems.

Legislator seeks details on DHS limousine service contract

Federal investigators are looking into firm’s possible provision of prostitutes to public officials.

House Republicans push competing FEMA bills

One measure would make the agency independent of the Homeland Security Department; other would not.

More personnel sought for post-Katrina fraud investigations

Multidepartmental effort nets tips, initiates probes and leads to convictions, investigators testify.

Senator upbraids colleagues for dodging Iraq timeline

Democrats should offer a stronger voice of dissent on national security issues, Wisconsin legislator says Monday.

Navy shipbuilder defends subsidy for post-Katrina repairs

Failure to approve the money could delay ship production and drive up costs by as much as $500 million, company argues.

Continuing flaws in anthrax programs cited

GAO says formal plan for testing, sample collection needed; schedule for contract to develop vaccine is too stringent.