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Lawmakers plot retaliation for cuts in anti-terror grants

Grant allocations announced Wednesday represent a 40 percent reduction in urban security funds for New York and Washington.

DHS awards 32 percent less than last year in state, local grants

State Homeland Security Grant program takes the biggest hit, with a 49 percent reduction.

Lacking needed funds, Army begins to cut back spending

If supplemental spending bill isn't finished by early July, promotions could be postponed and recruitment efforts suspended.

Provisions in DHS spending bill would benefit pet projects

Bill includes nearly $175 million not requested by the White House.

Consortium helping emergency responders would benefit from DHS bill

House spending measure allots $45.6 million more than the Bush administration requested to the consortium.

Slowdown in Defense spending could rein in procurements

Last month, department reported that 25 major programs had surpassed original cost estimates by 50 percent.

Investigators denied clearances for probe of eavesdropping program

Attorney General has argued that sharing too many details about NSA surveillance program could diminish its usefulness.

DHS personnel system funding takes another hit

Language passed by House would shift $15 million away from the office implementing the pay-for-performance system.

Senate confirms Hayden as CIA director

Ex-NSA chief approved by wide margin.

Troubled satellite program has more delays, higher costs

Air Force program is more than three years behind schedule and will cost $500 million more than originally estimated, GAO says.