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President Trump waves from the steps of Air Force One as he leaves for Mar-a-Lago earlier this month.

The Air Force One Deal May Be Less Rosy Than Claimed

The White House’s “fixed-price deal” may still leave the taxpayer on the hook.

Expect China’s air-to-air combat capabilities to get a boost in the next 12 months when the PL-15, an extended-range air-to-air missile, comes online.

New Report Notes Erosion of Pentagon’s Technological Advantage

The evidence ranges from a new long-range Chinese missile to ramped-up European defense spending, an annual assessment of the world’s militaries finds.

Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., sent a letter seeking concrete commitments for using the new audit in light of an embarrassing report this month on poor tracking of millions of dollars by the Defense Logistics Agency.

Senator Trained as Accountant Presses Pentagon on Pricey Audit

Budget chairman Enzi asks Mattis for timeline after report exposing flaws.

Kim Yo Jong, sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, right, and North Korea's nominal head of state Kim Yong Nam, wait for the start of the preliminary round of the women's hockey game between Switzerland and the combined Koreas at the Winter Olympics.

North Korea Is Upping Its Offensive Cyber Operations

As Pyongyang runs out of money for missile tests, expect more hacking.

How to Grow the Military Without Buying More Ships, Planes, Tanks

Pentagon leaders want to shorten the time spent on overhauls, keeping the weapons more available to fight.

Passengers from international flights pass through a TSA checkpoint at Los Angeles International Airport.

TSA's Facial Recognition Pilot Program May Make Travel Worse for Ethnic Minorities

Program could make travel simpler for some, but more complicated for others.

Here’s What Invisible Brain Weapons Did to U.S. Diplomatic Workers in Cuba

The long-awaited report names no culprits and fails even to determine how the damage was done. But it documents real, long-lasting damage.

White House Threatens ‘Consequences’ for 2017 Russian Cyberattack

In an unusual public statement, the White House fingered Russia and said it would respond with unspecified “international consequences" to NotPetya.

The scene outside Stoneman Douglas High School  in Parkland, Fla., on Wednesday, following a mass shooting that killed 17 students and staff.

1990s Law Limits CDC's Ability to Research Gun Violence As a Public Health Issue

Law was intended to prevent gun control advocacy, but has ended up preventing the agency from studying gun-related deaths.

Rays from the setting sun shine on the facade of the United States Embassy, in Havana in October.

The Case of the Sick Americans in Cuba Gets Stranger

The suspects include Cubans, Russians, cicadas, and psychology.