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A technician performs post-flight checks on a Royal Canadian Air Force CF-188 Hornet in 2013.

What If Canada's New Government Doesn’t Buy the F-35?

The F/A-18 Super Hornet could be the RCAF’s next top fighter if the new Liberal government keeps its vow to jettison the Joint Strike Fighter.

Webb Drops Out of 2016 Democratic Race But Leaves Independent Bid Open

The presidential hopeful with the most military experience is now out of his party’s race for the White House.

An Updated Air Force One Could Withstand the Electromagnetic Pulse of a Nuclear Explosion

It will also be hardened against the electromagnetic pulse of a nuclear explosion.

DARPA Wants to Make Self-destructing Delivery Drones

DARPA says it wants to imitate that “material transience,” but with “more uplifting endings.”

Navy Shows Progress Toward Clean Books

GAO and independent accountant largely validate military pay controls.

White House: We Are Not Disappointed in Afghanistan Troop Announcement

Press secretary Josh Earnest pushed back on reporters’ suggestions that President Obama must be disheartened by his decision to keep troops in the country.

Obama Expected to Announce U.S. Troops Will Remain in Afghanistan

Move comes as the Taliban continues to grow in strength, al-Qaeda remains in pockets and the Islamic State gains ground in Afghanistan.

Stars cannot be hacked.

The Navy is Reinstating the Ancient Art of Celestial Navigation

Satellites and GPS are vulnerable to cyber attack. The tools of yesteryear are not.