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Iraqi Army soldiers patrol in Baghdad's Adhamiya district, on April 18, 2013.

The One Thing the U.S. Can't Train the Iraqi Army To Do

The U.S. has trained the Iraqi military for years. But there’s one thing you can’t teach an army to do. By Lt. Gen. Robert Gard

Bowe Bergdahl Is Returning to Active Duty

Return follows months of accusations and speculation over whether he deserted the military before being captured.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry waits to meet President Obama on the tarmac in Dallas prior to a meeting, on July 9, 2014.

Rand Paul vs. Rick Perry: The GOP’s Battle for the Future of National Security

The bluster between Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Rand Paul is just smoke for the fire that is the GOP’s identity crisis. By Molly O’Toole

Soldiers with the 30th Infantry, 3rd Division, march through Viele Maisons, France, on June 2, 1918.

Why the Next 'Great War' Won't Happen on China's Doorstep

Today’s rising China is nothing like the threat that rising Germany posed to Europe in 1914. Here's why. By Michael Hunzeker and Mark Christopher

a wheelchair sits outside the Atlanta VA Medical Center in Atlanta.

Brain-Damaged Veterans Kicked Out of Group Homes Thanks to Congressional Inaction

Ten brain-damaged veterans have been discharged from their special therapeutic group homes because Congress has failed to renew their rehabilitation program.

A warning sign stands in a field contaminated with dioxin from Agent Orange near Danang airport.

How to Stop Burn Pits From Becoming the Next Agent Orange

As veterans complain of health impacts from toxic fumes, advocates warn that burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan might come back to haunt the administration.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah,  has discussed the "stand-down order" as if it were fact.

Will Republicans Stand by the Benghazi 'Stand-Down Order' Conspiracy?

The most recent revelations from nine military officers should make it more difficult.

Pentagon’s Plan for Civilian Workforce Falls Short, GAO Finds

Notably, the Defense Department hasn’t figured out the right mix of civilian, military and contractor staff.

A U.S. Coast Guard Ice Cutter, Polar Star.

What Happened to America's Most Important Arctic Ships?

The nation’s fleet of ice-cutting ships is getting older, and congressional action to modernize it isn’t moving at breakneck speed.

Iraqi police officers and new recruits march at a recruiting office in Baghdad, Iraq, on July 5, 2014.

A Chance to Drive a Wedge Between Jihadists and Sunnis

ISIL’s overreach into Iraq is Washington’s opportunity to shift Sunni allegiances for good. By Dave Miller