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Here’s How the Secret Service Is Trying to Clean Up Its Act

Director Julia Pierson is instituting a number of changes to the agency.

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One Marine Is Dead After a Shooting at a North Carolina Base

The incident has been declared "no longer active" by authorities.

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Army, National Guard Fight Over Apache Helicopters

The plan to give the National Guard’s Apache helicopters to the Army isn’t sitting well with Guard Chief Gen. Frank Grass. By Ben Watson

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New Piloting System for Drone Cargo Helicopters Passes Test Flight

A new piloting program that can fly drone supply helicopters with an app just passed a key test flight. By Patrick Tucker

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Eliminating Double Standards in the Marine Corps

Gen. Amos was right to change the policy prohibiting women from taking the Infantry Officer Course twice. By Rep. Duncan Hunter

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Public or Private Cloud? The Decision Comes Down to Risk, DISA CIO Says

‘You have to understand risk and the data you’re dealing with,’ David Bennett says.

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How to Tap Military Experience for Executive Jobs

Free program helps veterans transition to civilian careers.

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Army Establishes Fort Hood Timeline, Still Has No Clear Motive

Shooter may have been frustrated over a leave of absence he had requested.

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Senator Dismisses Claim Her 'Emotional' Views Compromised a Report on Torture

Intelligence Committee chairwoman calls the accusation 'nonsense.'

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A Formula for Success with Iran

As P5+1 talks resume Tuesday in Vienna, U.S. officials and experts are already expecting a nuclear deal by this summer. Here’s how. By Joseph Cirincione

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