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“To see two women get their Ranger tab in 2015 is inspiring, but not surprising to many of us who have never doubted that there are women who have the physical and mental strength required to earn a spot in the most elite combat units,” Duckworth said.

Women Veterans in Congress Celebrate First Women Ranger Graduates

Sen. Joni Ernst and Reps. Tammy Duckworth, Tulsi Gabbard, and Martha McSally reflect on how far the military has come since they served.

Angela Merkel prepares in a studio before a television appearance  in July.

Germany Charges Own Spy With Treason for Sharing Intelligence with CIA

The spy, arrested last summer, is accused of being paid more than $100,000 by the CIA to snoop on Germany.

A Marine Corps convoy travels through Afghanistan in May 2014.

Pentagon Brass: Alternative Energy Isn’t Just for Environmentalists

New documentary aims to counter GOP-planned budget cuts.

The Government is Watching the Ashley Madison Hack

Thousands of the site’s affair-seeking users registered from .mil and .gov domains — at least ostensibly.

Drone Manufacturer Has Been Flying Spy Missions For Defense Since Early August

The US military has hired General Atomics to fly some missions — just ISR so far, but what about the future?

SEAL students participate in a 2014 training in California.

Top Admiral Opens the Door to Women Joining the Navy SEALs

Admiral Jonathan Greenert says “there is no reason” why women can’t join the elite unit if they can pass the notoriously difficult training program.

Manning Is In Trouble For Violating Prison Rules for Magazines, Books

The U.S. soldier convicted of leaking classified information has been found guilty of violating rules for permitted reading material.

The Release of Ashley Madison Hack Data Is Embarrassing – And a Major Security Threat

The basic identifying information from the breach of the site can be used access other systems.

 Shaye Haver, left, traverses an obstacle during the Ranger Assessment held at Fort Carson in October.

Here Are the Two Women Who Completed Army's Ranger School

Shortly after two women earned their Army Ranger tabs, the Navy's top admiral said SEALs will give women their shot.

Ranger students rest during medical evacuation training in Georgia.

First Women Complete Army's Ranger School

What comes next for the two women is a decision awaiting Ash Carter by year’s end.