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Are State Department Contractors Shortchanging Whistleblowers?

Watchdog finds ethics codes that 'may have chilling effect' on reporting waste and fraud.

Three Charts That Explain the ISIS Targets Struck By Coalition Air Forces

The Pentagon’s latest data release finally includes airplanes that were destroyed in fall 2014.

Army Unveils Cloud Strategy

The Army's formal cloud strategy aligns with the Pentagon’s evolving policies.

What Are the Alternatives to Obama's Iran Deal?

Israel’s prime minister says more sanctions will produce a better nuclear agreement. But the evidence suggests otherwise.

Marines patrol in a poppy field in Afghanistan in 2012.

Here Are the Places Where the US Has a Military Presence

Everyone knows about Afghanistan, but is far from the only place with American military bases.

New Poll Shows Cuban-Americans Shift in Favor of Normalizing U.S.-Cuba Relations

A new survey shows a majority of Cuban-Americans supporting President Obama's recent move on Cuba, after opposing it narrowly in December.

Military's Ebola Vaccine Tests Appears to be Safe

Trials bode well for gaining control of the hemorrhagic viral disease.

The Shocking Claims in the Terrorism Indictment of Two New York Women

The women allegedly researched how to produce three varieties of bombs and planned to carry out an attack in the U.S.

Obama delivered the statement Thursday.

Obama on New Iran Agreement: 'It Is a Good Deal'

Negotiators settled on “key parameters” for a future deal on Thursday, three days past a self-imposed deadline.