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DISA Issues Pentagon-Friendly Cloud Computing Guide

The guide is aimed at DOD “mission owners” planning to move an existing information system from a physical environment to a virtualized cloud environment.

Can One Single Service Control All Military Drones?

Ten years ago, the Air Force lost its bid to control the Pentagon’s nascent UAV fleets. Some say it should try again

Frank Kendall, DOD undersecretary for acquisition, technology and logistics.

Pentagon Debunks DOD-VA Interoperability Myth

“There is not a big interoperability problem with the VA and DOD today,” according to Frank Kendall, DOD undersecretary for acquisition, technology and logistics.

Why Defense Can’t Buy Cyber Stuff Fast Enough

Agile reforms won’t work until the culture changes.

What Does the Constitution Say About the War on ISIS?

The legislature refuses to discharge its constitutionally assigned responsibilities. What happens now?

SIGAR John Sopko

USAID and Watchdog Continue Sparring Over Afghan Health Clinics

Dispute centers on best way to map sites to gauge reach of $210 million program.

Ranger students from Charlie Company, 5th Ranger Training Battalion do pull-ups before breakfast at "Mountain Phase" in 2014.

Here's What It Takes to Become an Army Ranger

The training soldiers must complete to receive the coveted black-and-yellow tab is difficult and grueling.

“To see two women get their Ranger tab in 2015 is inspiring, but not surprising to many of us who have never doubted that there are women who have the physical and mental strength required to earn a spot in the most elite combat units,” Duckworth said.

Women Veterans in Congress Celebrate First Women Ranger Graduates

Sen. Joni Ernst and Reps. Tammy Duckworth, Tulsi Gabbard, and Martha McSally reflect on how far the military has come since they served.

Angela Merkel prepares in a studio before a television appearance  in July.

Germany Charges Own Spy With Treason for Sharing Intelligence with CIA

The spy, arrested last summer, is accused of being paid more than $100,000 by the CIA to snoop on Germany.

A Marine Corps convoy travels through Afghanistan in May 2014.

Pentagon Brass: Alternative Energy Isn’t Just for Environmentalists

New documentary aims to counter GOP-planned budget cuts.