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Armed Standoff Over Cattle Grazing on Federal Land Comes to an End

Long-standing dispute escalated last week as BLM officials attempted to seize cattle.

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Why Are So Many Older Veterans Committing Suicide?

Fort Hood shooting shines a spotlight on an overall epidemic, but suicide rates are higher for older generations.

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IGs: Intel Sharing Largely Up to Par in Run-Up to Boston Bombing

Report cites missed opportunity in suspect’s trip to Russia.

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Commentary: Defense Civilian Layoffs Won’t be Pleasant, But They Are Necessary

The 15 percent cut mandated in the REDUCE Act would rebalance the Pentagon’s workforce.

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The Navy Just Turned Seawater Into Jet Fuel

Researchers announce a major breakthrough, but don’t go filling your F-18 with ocean water just yet. By Patrick Tucker

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Republicans Want to Fire Someone to Stop Preventable Veteran Deaths

But VA officials warn against widespread punishment for what they see as a limited problem.

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CIA Used Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs to Torture Terrorism Detainee

This is one of many new details from the soon-to-be-released Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture programs.

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The Psychological Toll of 12 Years of War

How our nation's military has become an experiment in how prolonged conflict affects mental health.

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‘Back to the Future’ Foreign Policy

Defense spending as a share of GDP measures militarization of our society, but that does not necessarily mean strength. By Ben Freeman and Mieke Eoyang

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Could Big Data Have Prevented the Fort Hood Shooting?

Researchers say an experimental software program might have been able to get Army Spec. Ivan Lopez help before he pulled the trigger. Here’s how. By Patrick ...

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