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House Backs a Bigger Pay Raise for Troops Than the Senate

2.1 percent figure is at odds with the 1.6 percent boost the Senate is on track to support.

Meet the Highest-Ranking Openly Gay Military Official in U.S. History

The U.S. Senate confirmed the nomination of Army Secretary Eric Fanning.

Pentagon Testing Small Robot to Help Hunt Naval Mines

The U.S. military has been looking for an underwater bomb disposal robot for years. It finally has one.

The Military Isn't Fully Documenting Dismissals of Troops Who Claim Sexual Assault

Pentagon IG says only the Air Force is properly recording those with mental conditions.

2.1 Percent Troop Pay Raise Moves Ahead in House

Appropriators on Tuesday approved a military pay increase in the fiscal 2017 Defense spending bill, following the lead of the Armed Services panel.

The Air Force Academy Is Talking More About Diversity Than Most Universities

The school faces the complicated task of increasing the number of minority students while preserving order and tradition.

Can the U.S. and Russia Revive the Syrian Peace Talks?

More than a dozen countries are attempting to reimpose a cease-fire between the Syrian government and rebel groups.

Pentagon Told to Centralize Command of Recruitment Ads

Allowing each service free rein can lead to ethical lapses, GAO finds.

The CIA Only Follows One Non-U.S. Account on Twitter

The spy agency follows its British counterpart now.