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President Obama speaks at DHS headquarters on the day he released his fiscal 2016 budget. The president has warned of the damage a partial shutdown would do to security.

The Homeland Security Department Is Starting Shutdown Prep

More than 85 percent of the department’s employees would have to report to work without pay, based on 2013 plans.

Who Would Be Forced to Work During a DHS Shutdown?

A look at which parts of the department would have the most employees still on the job, based on 2013 plans.

Many Service Members' Feb. 27 Paychecks Will Be Smaller

A processing error at the Defense payroll agency affected retirement deductions related to Roth accounts.

The Coast Guard is the only agency that has moved to the new location so far.

Scaled-Back DHS Headquarters Plan Would Squeeze 3,000 More People Into the Same Space

Flexible workplace strategies would help accommodate 17,000 employees in an area originally planned for 14,000.

Most Americans Now Back Ground Troops Against ISIS

The Islamic State's brutality has dramatically shifted public opinion in the United States.

Watchdog: Pentagon Could Learn from HHS on Curbing Medical Claims Fraud

Health and Human Services has a better system than Defense does for identifying improper payments, GAO says.

White House Struggles with the Language of Terrorism

"We must never accept the premise that they put forward, because it is a lie," Obama says. "They are not religious leaders. They're terrorists."

Why Obama Won't Talk About Islamic Terrorism

The president didn't label the Paris attacks "random" because he wished to avoid identifying the victims, but rather, because he wished to avoid identifying the motives of their perpetrators.

The parade grounds at West Point.

Pentagon: Sexual Assaults Are Down on Military College Campuses

Defense Department estimates there were 200 fewer victims among academy students in 2014 than in 2012.

Could the Pentagon Take a Cue From Britain on Public-Private Partnerships?

Expanding the use of P3s could ease DOD’s budget pressures.