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What It Will Take to Move the Needle on Reform

For each step forward on acquisition, rules or inaction stall progress.

The Iran Deal Trips Up Clinton’s Delicate Foreign Policy Dance

The agreement is forcing the Clinton campaign to figure out how to tout her tenure as Obama’s first secretary of state while keeping the president’s mixed national-security record at arm’s length.

Head Air Marshal to Congress: We've Still Got This

The "last line of defense" in the sky is persevering despite several challenges.

Police officers enter the Armed Forces Career Center through a bullet-riddled door after the shooting Thursday.

Four U.S. Marines Killed in Attack at Tennessee Military Recruitment Office

The gunman was identified as 24-year-old Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez.

Vice President Joe Biden

Joe Biden's New Mission: Selling the Iran Deal

President Obama has dispatched his favorite Hill ambassador to persuade Democrats to back the nuclear agreement.

Obama: Argument for Rejecting Iran Deal 'Defies Logic'

The Iran deal debate is hardly over. And the president knows it.

Q&A: The Case for Crowdsourcing War Games

Washington-based consulting firm WikiStrat is polling its a network of 2,000 experts for war game simulations.

A counter improvised explosive device warfare instructor at Combat Center Range 800, gives instruction to Marines in 2013 during a training exercise.

The Defense Department's IED Office Reinvents Itself For a New Era

JIEDDO is now JIDA, with a permanent place in the bureaucracy and license to target more than roadside bombs

The Stunning ISIS-Related Allegations Against the Son of a Boston Cop

DOJ alleges the 23-year-old was planning an attack in the style of 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

The True Story of the Soviet Engineer Who Became a Spy and Saved the Federal Government $1 Billion

HUMINT remains the hardest, most dangerous, least scientific but also most powerful intelligence discipline of them all.