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A depiction of what a 20 Kiloton bomb would do to Washington, DC

Military Eyes New Mini-Nukes for 21st-Century Deterrence

The Joint Chiefs’ vice chair says smaller-yield weapons are needed to deter the use of same.

The Feud Between the Trump Organization and the Secret Service

The security detail at Trump Tower has moved into a nearby trailer after a lease dispute with the president’s company.

Donald Trump is shown in an official White House handout image meeting with his National Security team.

Analysis: Can This National Security Council Handle a Real Crisis?

The people in the Situation Room inevitably neglect basics that will keep them, and the rest of us, alive. In this White House, the risks are especially high.

Soldiers assigned to the 10th Mountain Division walk on a dismounted patrol outside of Camp Fenty, Afghanistan in 2016.

Is Trump Right About Afghanistan?

The country is still dangerous nearly 17 years after the U.S.-led ouster of the Taliban regime.

President Donald Trump waves as he walks with National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster from the Oval Office to Marine One in June.

An NSC Staffer Is Forced Out Over a Controversial Memo

The document charges that globalists, Islamists, and other forces within and outside the government are subverting President Trump’s agenda.

Rex Tillerson briefs reporters on Aug. 1.

Tillerson Acknowledges 'Differences' With Trump on Iran Deal

But the secretary of state said he was “comfortable” sharing his views with the president.

The monument of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in Pyongyang in 2012.

New U.S. Rules Would Ban Most Travel to North Korea

The decision was prompted by Otto Warmbier’s death in June.

Pentagon Now Offering Top Officials Classified Tablets

The Defense Department's pilot program allows access to materials up to secret level.

Trump Awards Medal of Honor to Army Medic

71-year-old James McCloughan is the award’s first recipient under the Trump administration.

George Selim speaks during an event in Aspen in 2016.

The U.S. Government's Fight Against Violent Extremism Loses Its Leader

The resignation of George Selim, a key Homeland Security official, may signal a shift away from treating the American Muslim community as partners in the struggle against radicalization.