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Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple and the FBI Break the Fourth Wall

In their ongoing clash, the two notoriously secret organizations are fighting for Americans' hearts and minds.

A civilian contractor works with Iraqi soldiers in 2015.

Military Contractors Return in Numbers to Iraq

Behind the president’s directive to ‘accelerate’ the counter-ISIS campaign came a surge in the number of contractors assisting in the campaign against ISIS.

James Comey Defends the Bureau's Position in Its Battle With Apple

The bureau’s director says the litigation with the tech company isn’t about trying to set a precedent, but about justice for the victims of the San Bernardino attack.

Libyan policemen stand guard at a checkpoint in Sabratha, Libya, in February 2015. U.S. airstrikes on Friday targeted an ISIS facility in the town.

U.S. Airstrikes in Libya Reportedly Targets a Tunisian ISIS Leader

The strike reportedly targeted a militant who masterminded two major attacks in Tunisia last year.

Military’s Paid Maternity Leave Now 12 Weeks; Feds Still At Zero

The Defense secretary has broad discretion to determine paid maternity leave for female service members.

Donald Trump's Claims About Torture Are False

Why does the Republican candidate say it’s a useful tactic when all evidence suggests otherwise?

See Something Suspicious Online? Homeland Security Wants to Know About It

DHS is seeking just $1 million and one full-time employee to administer the new program.

Ted Cruz at a Republican presidential debate in New Hampshire on Feb. 6.

Ted Cruz vs. ‘Plush-Bottomed Bureaucrats’

GOP presidential contender takes a shot at the military’s civilian leadership.

 “The implications of the government’s demands are chilling,” Cook wrote.

Apple to Fight Court Order on San Bernardino Attacker’s iPhone

The company says it will fight an order that instructs it to provide “reasonable technical assistance” to unlock an iPhone that belonged to one of the attackers.