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The White House May Be Coming Around to the Senate Iran Deal

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was vaguely optimistic on Tuesday about the president’s thoughts on the latest version of the bill.

Two EA-18G Growlers from the Cougars of Electronic Attack Squadron conduct a flight test in November.

New Technology Will Allow Navy To Target with Jamming Pods

Faster datalinks will allow the Navy’s EA-18 Growler to pinpoint insurgents with weapons-quality accuracy.

Post's "choice of words had the effect of attempting to prevent some [A-10 backers] from lawfully communicating with Congress," the IG found.

Air Force Removes General Who Accused Pilot Lobbyists of Treason

James Post apologizes for asserting that A-10 backers shouldn't speak out.

Secretary of State John Kerry heads through the Capitol to a briefing with House members on Iran negotiations.

White House Mounts Massive Lobbying Campaign on Iran Deal

The administration is racing to prevent a veto-proof majority for a bill that would give Congress the power to block a nuclear deal.

A ground level view of Utah's NSA Data Center in Bluffdale, Utah.

NSA’s Grand Plan to Snowden-Proof Its Data Using the Cloud

No one in the intelligence community wants to face another leak. With NSA’s widespread adoption of cloud computing, the spy agency may not have to.

Pentagon Strives for Even Better Buying Power

Upgrade to acquisition strategy stresses long-range R&D, cybersecurity and commercial sourcing.

Immigration Activists Won't 'Coronate' Hillary Clinton As Their Candidate

At least not until she explains what immigration policy would look like in her White House.

Members of U.S. Navy SEAL Team One move down Bassac River in a SEAL Team assault boat, November 19, 1967.

Reenacting War to Make Sense of It

A new documentary follows a group restaging battles from Vietnam, including enthusiasts hoping to emulate the reality of conflict, and veterans trying to better understand it.

Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is depicted in a courtroom sketch sitting in federal court in Boston Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014.

Boston Marathon Bomber Found Guilty

A jury will decide if he will spend life in prison or get the death penalty.