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Appropriators criticize Bush's homeland security plan

Senate appropriators Tuesday sharply criticized language in the Bush administration's plan for a new Homeland Security Department that would allow the department's secretary to shift funds among programs without congressional approval.

Lawmakers challenge streamlined visa service

A State Department service that lets foreign visa applicants apply for entry to the United States without being interviewed by consular officers should be canceled, two lawmakers told Secretary of State Colin Powell in a letter Tuesday.

Contract overpayments continue to plague Defense Department

Defense Department contractors returned $488 million in overpayments to the agency in fiscal 2001, despite the agency’s efforts to prevent improper payments, according to a new General Accounting Office report.

Pressure to create new agency by Sept. 11 pits politics vs. policy

By agreeing to move swiftly on legislation to create a Department of Homeland Security, members of Congress have left themselves little time to alter the Bush administration's proposal.

Pentagon cracks down on charge card abuse

Defense Department Comptroller Dov Zakheim Thursday announced a series of measures, including greater penalties, intended to rein in the abuse of government-issued travel and purchase cards.