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NASA Is Paying Russia $71 Million for a Ride to Space

NASA agreed last April to pay Russia a total of $424 million for six space tickets through 2017.

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The FBI Has Built a Better Terrorist Watchlist

But inspector general’s review recommends clarifying interagency information sharing.

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Convicted General Could Still Get Big Pension

Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair, who was reprimanded and fined for adultery and improper relationships, is seeking to be allowed to retire as a general.

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Software Continues to Plague $397 Billion F-35 Project, GAO Finds

Marines may not meet July 2015 operational target.

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Computer Security Problems at VA More Than Doubled in the Past Six Years

Department still lags in network security after 16 years of warnings.

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Obama and Lawmakers Plan to End Mass Surveillance

The White House and the House Intelligence Committee plan to soon unveil their proposals to reform NSA spying.

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The Myth Behind the Hollow Force

The disconnect lies in the difference between a smaller force and a hollow force. By Russell Rumbaugh

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GAO Questions Affordability of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

Total acquisition cost of $390 billion “may not be achievable,” watchdog warns.

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Opinion: The Feud Between the CIA and the Senate Is Not a Problem -- It's a Glimmer of Hope

Our adversarial, Madisonian system may be alive after all.

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Think the Pentagon Isn’t Serious About Asia? Think Again

Next month, Hagel hosts a 3-day summit of 10 defense ministers from ASEAN and beyond, and that’s something. By Brian Harding

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