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Obama Discusses Syria, Russia Policy on '60 Minutes'

In a confrontational interview on 60 Minutes, the president defended his Middle East policy after Russian involvement in Syria.

A portion of a border fence near San Ysidro, California is seen in 2012. The United States is on the left with Mexico

Here's What it Would Take to Build The Border Fence Donald Trump Wants

Stretching the existing fence to cover the whole border would cost billions of dollars.

Army Secretary John McHugh said it is critical to get beyond budget caps, continuing resolutions and the resulting uncertainty.

The Army's Biggest Concern Right Now Is Congress

The Army, like the rest of the military, says its top worry is trying to prepare soldiers to fight when Congress can’t even give them a budget.

During World War II, Sex Was a National-Security Threat

The government detained and quarantined so-called “patriotutes” to protect soldiers from sexually transmitted diseases.

U.S. Marines observe training maneuvers in Jordan in 2013.

White House Cancels Syrian Train-and-Equip Program

The Pentagon now plans to focus on training just key Syrian leaders and sending more arms — and air cover — to fighters already on the ground.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said: “I believe this world-class facility is a beautiful addition to the community.”

Intel Community Opens Campus in Suburban Maryland

Clapper dedicates site for 3,000 set in motion under BRAC.

“We want to give the military the ability to plan ahead, rather than having to lurch from one year to another and from one [continuing resolution] to another,” said McCain.

Defense Authorization Bill Heads to Obama, Who Readies Veto Pen

The 2016 NDAA would give the Pentagon all the money the White House requested — but without resolving four-year-old budget caps.

Afghan security forces inspect a portion of the airstrike site.

Obama Apologizes for Afghan Hospital Bombing

He called the president of Doctors Without Borders on Wednesday to send his condolences.

Marines set up perimeter security during a fast rope exercise at Auxiliary Airfield 2, Yuma, Ariz.

Senate Moves Defense Policy Bill One Step Closer to Obama’s Veto Pen

But enough Democrats got on board to give Republicans the votes to override it in the Senate.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest spoke to reporters Monday.

White House: Doctors Without Borders Incident Is a 'Tragedy'

There will be three investigations into the incident, the White House press secretary said Monday.