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Putting Veterans on a Path to Careers

Public-private coalitions provide certification programs in skilled trades.

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Sexual Assault in a Bureaucracy: How Universities and the Military Fail Victims

Senator notes women face similar hurdles in reporting incidents on campus and in the military.

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The FBI Allegedly Used the No-Fly List to Coerce Muslims to be Informants

Four men filed a complaint in federal court in New York on Tuesday.

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Budget Cuts Bring 11 Percent Decline in Contract Spending for 2013

Annual Bloomberg study shows rising awards from three departments despite the overall downward trend.

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GSA Has a New Plan for Cloud Providers Navigating Changing Security Standards

Transition plan provides specific FedRAMP guidance to CSPs at varying stages.

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Army Denies It Will Lay Off 3,000 Officers to Meet Force Reduction Goals

Service could instead rely on retirements and fewer enlistments.

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Pentagon Sending 600 U.S. Troops to Eastern Europe

Soldiers from the 173rd Airborne are heading to Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia for month-long military exercises. By Ben Watson

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Obama Tries Once Again to Pivot Toward Asia

President Obama has begun a weeklong trip to Asia, attempting to continue an effort to step up the United States' presence in the region.

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U.S. Forces in Afghanistan May Be Significantly Reduced

Officials have said that the troop count in Afghanistan could “drop well below 10,000.”

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China Is Setting up Covert Spy Networks in US and Australian Universities

The ever-rising droves of Chinese people studying abroad is generally considered an all-around win, especially for China's Communist Party.

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