The American Released From North Korea

Authorities arrested Jeffrey Fowle at an airport while he attempted to leave the country. His crime: leaving a bible in his hotel.

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The CDC Is Not Messing Around With Its New Rules for Protective Ebola Gear

The agency has a new, extensive process for donning protective wear in U.S. hospitals.

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Here Are Some Robots We Could Use To Fight Ebola in Africa

Defense One

A robotic helping hand could fight Ebola from a safe distance. By Patrick Tucker

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An Ebola treatment center in Libera.

CDC To Award $1.8 Million to Fight Ebola

Money will go to nonprofit network of public health organizations in Africa.

VA Moves to Prevent Veteran Violence Over Disability Claims

To curtail confusion, the department wants to change when veterans can view the results of their disability exam online.

Hart campaigned for Kerry in 2004.

The Gary Hart Renaissance

John Kerry is sending his fellow would-be president to Northern Ireland as an envoy in the latest round of peace talks.


VA Introduces 'Google-like' Medical Record Search Functions

The new user interface includes patient “newsfeed."

A Coast Guard employee working with CBP's Office of Field Operations checks the temperature of a traveler at Dulles airport who has recently been to Guinea, Sierra Leone or Liberia.

Why the New Ebola Airport Screenings Won't Work

Tighter travel restrictions were announced Tuesday, but the power of these preventive measures is limited.

Pentagon Delays Until April Changes to Autism Coverage for Military Kids

Department is holding off on cutting reimbursement rates for one-on-one therapy after families complained.

$7 Billion Bid to Wean Afghanistan From Opium Trade Is a Bust

Special inspector general reports poppy farming levels are at an all-time high.

Sen. Marco Rubio suggested temporarily banning the U.S. from issuing new visas to citizens of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

An Ebola Visa Ban Isn't Perfect. But It's Better Than a Full Travel Ban.

State Department is still wary of a proposal to ban visas from Ebola-stricken nations.


The Number of Industries Getting Classified Cyberthreat Tips from DHS Has Doubled Since July

The banking, chemical, water, information technology and transportation sectors all recently joined.

Leon Panetta and Hillary Clinton: It's Complicated

Reporters have focused on how the former defense secretary's memoir praises her and criticizes the president. The book itself tells a different story.