H.R. McMaster and Donald Trump: A Partnership That Was Never Meant To Be

The qualities that worked for McMaster so well in the military proved less than ideal in a Trump White House.

Read more March 19, 2018 Leave a comment Susan Walsh/AP

The Pentagon Wants AI To Reveal Adversaries’ True Intentions

The U.S. military is looking to enlist game theory and artificial intelligence to fight tomorrow’s unconventional warfare tactics.

How Trump Can Avoid The Setbacks That Doomed North Korean Nuclear Talks in The Past

A former U.S. Department of Defense and State Department official explains why a hard-line approach on North Korea will likely fail, as it did with Iran.


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What's Next for Trump's Border Wall?

This week, the president inspected eight prototypes, but his administration still has a long way to go before bringing his campaign pledge to fruition.

The stage podium and chairs are seen set up before the start of CIA Director John Brennan's news conference at CIA headquarters in 2014.

Analysis: Telling the Truth About CIA Torture

Trump’s nominee to lead the agency should answer a number of tough questions about her role in its now-defunct “enhanced interrogation” program.

CIA headquarters in Virginia

What Happened at the Thailand 'Black Site' Run By Trump's CIA Pick

The Senate's 2014 report on torture details what "enhanced interrogation" really entailed.

An Atlas V rocket launches with the X-37B spacecraft.

Trump Calls for a Space Force, a Concept His Pentagon Opposes

The president’s words could reanimate a legislative proposal that the defense secretary and others thought they had killed.

The New Secretary of State Is a North Korea Hawk

Mike Pompeo’s skepticism about negotiating with Kim Jong-Un could change the course of nuclear talks.

Here’s What the Services Want from Congress This Year

After lawmakers pass the budget promised by February’s bipartisan deal, the three secretaries have other priorities for legislative action.

James Mattis Has Somehow Stayed on Trump's Good Side

While the president has railed against other Cabinet officials, the defense secretary has avoided his wrath—so far.

A Controversial Record of Torture, But Maybe Not a Deal-Breaker for Democrats

Deputy CIA Director Gina Haspel oversaw one of the agency’s infamous “black sites” over a decade ago and has been harshly criticized for it. Now, she may be Democrats’ best option.

An ICE Spokesman Quit Over the Trump Administration’s 'Misleading Facts'

The controversy around raids in Northern California underscores how political immigration enforcement has become, on both sides.

The CIA's New Nominee Director Gina Haspel Once Ran a Torture Site and Destroyed Evidence

"She had one man waterboarded 83 times in a single month in a Thai "black site"