The Government Business Council, the research division of Government Executive Media Group, surveyed 814 readers from September 23-30, 2011. Respondents include those holding GS11-15 grade levels and members of the Senior Executive Service in defense and civilian agencies.

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Workforce data from OPM FedSource
June 2011

On November 8, federal managers joined budget expert and "Fiscal Fitness" author Stan Collender for a Government Executive Town Hall event to discuss the super committee and the stalemate budget climate's effects on federal budgets. The infographic below, produced by the Government Business Council, the research arm of Government Executive, features this conversation and recent survey data on government employees' suggestions to streamline processes and reduce waste.

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Discretionary Spending

81%of federal managers think their budgets will be cut in 2013

Numbers below are out of 10.

8.4Managers support contractor reduction

6.8Managers support a limit on the hiring of full time employees

6.8Managers support program cuts

6.7Managers would take a buy out or early out

6.2Managers support increased government revenue or taxes

Moving forward, managers urge agencies to consolidate

Duplicative Contracting Narrow the pay gap between FTEs and contractors, eliminate redundancies
Levels of Bureaucracy Reduce levels of supervisory review and reporting requirements
Training Time Eliminate off-site training travel requirements, utilize telework
Human Resources Revisit application process, streamline administrative procedures
Mission Realignment Reevaluate and abolish processes not in statutory mission
Streamline Oversight Combine duties of auditors and investigative personnel
Duplication of Duties Detect identical functions performed at both federal and state/local levels
Information Technology Modernize IT systems and technology, eliminate wasteful and outdated systems
Website & Databases Consolidate websites and databases
Regional Offices Reduce regional offices and field centers

Budget cuts will affect 2,137,494 federal employees

75% of managers think budget cuts
will affect employee morale75% pie chart

Anyone who thinks their budget will not be affected is not reading the tea leaves correctly. close quote Stan Collender

How supervisors plan to motivate employees

Positive recognition

Flex scheduling

Increase transparency


Assign projects of personal interest

Requirements for you as a manager are going to be more severe going forward...the demand will continue to be there, but you may not be loved. close quote Stan Collender