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Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Dan Ward says too many people mistake complexity for sophistication.

To Advance the Mission, More Feds Should Consider Doing Less

Managers often mistake complexity for sophistication, and the result is bad for everyone, a former military acquisition executive argues.

3 Ways to Make Government a Smarter Shopper

Focusing on the low bid can ultimately be more costly for agencies.

A F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter prepares to make a vertical landing in Arizona in 2013.

Pentagon Procurement Could See Dramatic Changes

McCain plan would make specific people responsible for cost overruns.

GSA Invites Vendors to Bid on Agile BPA

Price is significantly less important than technical approach, the request for quotes says.

Can We Focus on What Works?

Evidence-based program management has to be better than this constant triage of failures.

Agencies Looking for Internal Data Turn to

Advocates say the DATA Act is changing the way government works.

White House Wants to Build Digital-Savvy Contracting Corps

The new team will be modeled on the U.S. Digital Service, but will be staffed by existing agency contracting officers who undergo specialized training.

Contractors Want Guidance from Feds on OPM Hack

It’s like waiting to find the black box after an airline crash, one industry representative says.

4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Procurement

The pressure is on to collaborate across government to address common needs and gaps.