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VanRoekel: Don't Let Sunk Costs Sink Innovation

Big spending doesn't always mean big improvement -- sometimes it just means waste.

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OPM: Only Federal Employees Will Do Final Review of Background Checks

The move is in response to fraud charges against outside contractor that vetted NSA whistleblower and Navy Yard shooter.

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Army Needs More Uniformed Personnel to Maintain Tactical Network Gear

The service is becoming too dependent on civilian techs.

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Failures Beset Navy’s New Aircraft Carrier and Patrol Planes

Software problems render attack sub sonar ineffective.

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75 Percent of Pentagon Contractors Adjusted Security After Snowden Leaks

Companies are on high alert for deviant network behavior.

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Just a Bunch of Autonomous Convoys Driving Around an Army Base

A glimpse at the military's future: Fewer soldiers, more autonomous vehicles.

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Obamacare Enrollment Company Fumbles Client Data

The private broker mistakenly released about 300 client email addresses.

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Army, Air Force Tap Goodwill Industries to Scan and Send Records to VA

Faster transfer of treatment records will help VA speed up claims processing.

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Army Commanders Nix Key Satellite Communications System

Gear takes too long to set up, test report says.

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