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Infographic: What Defense Personnel Really Think About the Acquisition Process

Many believe the Pentagon is failing to deliver the weapons and equipment troops really need.

Pentagon acquisition chief Frank Kendall says the military is in danger of losing its technological edge.

How the Defense Department's Procurement Problems Are Hurting National Security

The Pentagon spends too much time and money buying weapons that don't deliver.

Pentagon Told to Improve Management of Cost-Plus Contracts

FAR rules not followed on 411 projects valued at $31.7 billion.

Contractors Should Expect Good Things from a GOP Congress

A new leader could repair ‘damage’ done by current House oversight chairman Darrell Issa, analyst says.

Pentagon’s Buying Managers Resist IG’s Call for Central Oversight Office

Watchdog recommends the new office as a way to reduce delays and cost overruns.

Biological analysis: Ted Ognibene analyzes data at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on his desktop computer.

Why Did This Federal Lab Pay 42 Different Prices for the Same Computer?

Energy Department has attempted to standardize equipment buys, but IT purchasing remains problematic.

Procurement Chief Vows to Simplify Federal Contracting

Rung says key to curbing complexity is collaboration between agencies, industry.

Annual Defense Bill Likely To Slip in Cyber Clampdown on Contractors

More China bashing, ill-constructed wording or what?

What to Expect From Procurement in 2015

Streamlining agency purchasing systems can unearth surprising savings.

Health workers carry the body of a old man from his house as he is suspected of dying from the Ebola virus in the Siah Town area on the outskirts of Monrovia, Liberia.

Exclusive: AFRICOM Plans High-Speed Circuits to Liberia

U.S. military plans to lease a 622 megabit terrestrial circuit from Europe to Liberia.