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President of Major Contractors Group Steps Down

Stan Soloway led the Professional Services Council for 15 years.

Obama’s Latest Executive Order Requires Sick Leave for Contractors

Labor Day signing combined with attack on Republican economics.

Arx Pax will be working with NASA on the technology.

NASA is Researching Technology to Make a Tractor Beam Out of Hoverboards

In the future, astronauts may be pulled around in space like something straight out of "Star Wars."

GSA Ponders Slashing 2-Year Experience Requirement for IT Contractors

The agency is also considering eliminating a requirement for a spot on the Schedule 70 that potential contractors must have at least two years' corporate experience.

Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez hosts a panel discussion highlighting the Americans with Disabilities Act in July.

Obama Plan to Curb Unfair Labor Practices Draws Industry Fire

Contractors warn of “blacklisting” while transparency group hails improved practices.

Why Federal Agencies Should Buy Local

Choosing regional contractors can improve the odds of better service and lower costs.

Watchdog: Pentagon Should Integrate Military Services' Efforts at 'Better Buying Power'

Programs are often redundant while affordability studies get ignored due to fragmented governance, GAO finds.

18F Awards 16 Firms Spots on Agile BPA

This is the result of a six-month effort by GSA's tech consulting group.

Why Federal CIO Tony Scott Hates the End-of-Year IT Spending Spree

"That's just a really bad way to run IT,” says one of the Obama administration's top techies.

Energy Report: Solyndra Knowingly Ripped Off Government

The Energy Department’s internal watchdog says the failed solar company that took half a billion dollars in taxpayer money may have knowingly misled federal officials.