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Defense Plans Secret Global Social Media Data Mining Project Based in Europe

Project aims to 'identify violent extremist influences.'

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Marines May Ditch DISA for Private Cloud to Host Combat Support System

Service also wants a single systems integrator for 15 personnel systems.

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What Obama's New Cyber Standards Mean for Federal Contractors

The guidelines will likely be mandatory to win agency business.

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TSA Wants Machines to Scan Through Your Coat, Shoes and Belt

Desired technology could automatically screen 250 airplane passengers an hour.

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House Panel Faults Local Police Departments, Contractor in Navy Yard Shooting

Two reports blame localities and U.S. Investigations Services for failing to properly vet Aaron Alexis.

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HP Gets Another $138 Million to Keep the Old Navy Network Operational

Boost reflects delay in transition to new network.

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Defense Mulls Location-Specific Health Record Licenses

The department wants to buy discounted software on an enterprise basis.

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Officials Seek Industry Input on How to Comply With Obama's NSA Reforms

Could a contractor store all that metadata or is that an inherently governmental function?

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DARPA Launches Project to Revolutionize Web Search

Memex system, inspired by a 1945 article in The Atlantic, will focus on topical searches and plumb ‘deep Web.’

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TechAmerica's Lawsuit Against the IT Industry Council Heads to Mediation, Proceeds With Discovery

TechAmerica sued ITI for allegedly poaching employees who passed along proprietary information.

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