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Inside the Tech Team Fixing the Obamacare Website

Time article provides rich insight into the intersection of Silicon Valley and Washington culture.

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The Era of Security Clearance Self-Review Could Be Permanently Over

Lawmakers introduce bill that would prohibit contractors from conducting final background checks of federal job candidates.

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Workers Exposed to Radiation at Nuclear Weapons Waste Dump

Thirteen employees tested positive after Feb. 14 leak at the New Mexico site.

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House-Passed IT Reform Bill Expands Single CIO Mandate to DoD

The revised bill also pares back a proposal for a governmentwide contract consulting center.

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House Republicans Would Raise Small-Business Contract Goals

Bill comes as GAO calls agency performance data inadequate.

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GSA Advances Services Contracts with Small Business

Long-awaited set-aside is aimed at reducing duplication across agencies.

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IT Reform Bill Passes House

A similar bill is pending in the Senate.

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Army Cancels High-Tech Combat Vehicle Project

Hagel chops buy of Littoral Combat Ships, questions survivability.

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Let’s Charge Wireless Bandwidth Hogs Extra

House of Cards binges should involve a wired Internet connection.

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Drones Are Finally Driving the U-2 Spy Plane out of Business

The U.S. military is becoming more digital, specialized, and automated—just like the rest of the world.

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